Saturday, 19 November 2011

More about me

By the way I realised I forgot t introduce myself. My name is Joanne, not real of course but I can't use my real name here. And my boobs are of size 33C, can't compare to Jess haha though I'm slightly taller than her at almost 170 while she's only 165. This is just a platform for me to share some experiences about being naughty and it is certainly not for any attention-seeking or anything. Just hope that readers will enjoy my posts!

First post

Hi everyone, first ever post here. I happened to chance upon a blog about this girl and her adventures of going around public naked or going commando and it really piqued my interest. Not many chances to actually try out something like that, though.

So two weeks ago I was at Siloso beach at Sentosa with my friends and played volleyball the whole day before everyone else left. Only me and my best friend, Jess stayed behind for a few more drinks into the night. After downing a few cans of beer the whole night, both of us were already a little tipsy and we were the beach was  empty except for the two of us as it was already very late at night. Suddenly, a naughty thought came into my mind as I suggested to Jess that we go skinny dipping since nobody was around!

Jess was rather hesitant at first but I managed to persuade her. She's actually secretly wild deep down :p So we began to take off our clothes and bikinis underneath and jump into the cold seawater. It's actually quite a pleasant experience to feel the cold water flowing all over your naked body. After splashing around, both of us were tired and we went back up. As Jess began to put her bikini back on, another naughty thought struck my mind and I just pulled away her top and ran off, not caring about the fact that I too, was naked! Jess was rather shocked and her first reaction was to give chase, her 36D boobs bouncing as she ran.

Jess caught up with me of course and she snatched back her bikini top and put it back on while we both walked back to our clothes on the deserted pathway. I then suggested to her that we actually stay nude and walk along the beach! Since it was already rather late and the place was really empty, she readily agreed and we hid our clothes is a corner of the beach and walked along it. It was so scary, what if somebody actually found it and took it away!

After about 15mins, we were both sweating because of the hot weather and the excitement, and we decided to walk back to get our clothes before morning began to arrive. Reaching our belongings, perhaps to due to the arousal of being naked for the past few hours or the effects of the alcohol, we both decided to just put on our clothes without any underwear and go shopping at Vivocity. I was wearing a white low cut singlet top and a really short mini skirt, while Jess was wearing a black top and a pair of shorts. As she was actually better covered than me, I told her that to be fair, we had to take of her shorts too, and only wear her black tshirt that was long enough to cover just above her knees. Of course she protested but she went on with it anyway.

On the tram back to Vivocity we were both so nervous as all it seemed like everyone was staring at us, especially me as my nipples were quite visible through my white shirt and erected because of the cold from the aircon. At the shopping centre, Me and Jess were going up the escalator and we could see this guy just staring upwards with his eyes wide open, probably realising that both of us, or at least one of us were without any panties. Then I suddenly just 'accidentally' brushed against Jess's behind and lifted her shirt up haha! The guy's eyes opened even wider than before when he saw her bare butt, and Jess let out a small scream that cause even more people to turn behind. She was blushing so much!

After that I apologised to her and claimed that it was an accident hehe. Of course Jess wouldn't let it go just like that, she had this little hairclip with her, and while I wasn't being aware, she lifted my mini skirt up a little bit and clipped it to my singlet! I didn't even notice all along while I kept getting awkward stares from passers-by who were actually admiring my butt in full view! Jess was trying so hard not to laugh and it took her awhile to tell me because she began to feel bad. I'm so going to get her for this.

After walking around abit more we were both feeling rather tired, and then decided to go home. We had to dress properly in the toilet before that to avoid stares in the crowded MRT. It was a fun trip! Had another outing with Jess the week after but I'll update another day. Looking forward to the next trip!