Monday, 12 November 2012

Getting Drunk

Here to share about more random encounters again.

One of the readers requested that I blog about the pool encounter. I did blog about it in one of my posts in the past but I'm going to share another one! Writing the previous post gave me ideas so last week I wore a loose strap top that showed a lot of cleavage and my whole body could be seen when I bent down just a bit and I didn't wear any bra! For the bottoms I wore the shortest skirt that I could find, which was a really old one which I wore when I was much younger, and much shorter! So it could hardly cover anything when I wore it at waist level. So I pulled it down all the way to my groin just above my vagina and even then, a bit of my butt cheeks were peeking out from the bottom. Although I just shaved, a bit of pubic hair could also be seen from above the skirt.

After that, I went to the nearby condo, where I knew there was a games room that was always booked on weekend nights. Walking to the games room, I saw that a bunch of guys were inside playing pool. Judging by the looks, they were around 17-18 years old. I was older of course but I looked quite young for my age! I knocked on the door and entered, and all of them stared at me and what I was wearing, and I asked if I could join their game of pool and they said yes so I just sat down on the couch to wait for the current turn to end. I purposely sat with my legs wide open and exposed my vagina and the guys were so distracted and kept staring, while I just acted as though I was unaware. When it was my turn to play, each time I bent over to take a shot, they will try to be somehow opposite me and enjoy the full glimpse of my naked upper body and my boobs and nipples! There were also a few shots were I was back facing the couch area and as I bent down to shoot, whoever was sitting at the couch would be able to see my butt and cleanly shaven pussy lips! It was really embarassing at first but after a while I got desensitised and even forgot that I was in such a vulnerable state and I just played without caring about my posture! After a few rounds I thanked them, and made my way home and they were visibly disappointed. The guys sure got an awesome free show that day!

Moving away from me, let's talk about Jess, whose favourite pastimes are getting exposed and getting drunk :p she likes to drink alot, even though she can't really control it so she often ends up drunk and when she's drunk, she does lots of stupid things! There was after we went clubbing and she was so drunk that she could not even walk properly! Luckily for her, I was still conscious and we flagged down a cab. On the cab, Jess started making herself feel at home, literally! She started to undress on the cab and I had to push her to behind the driver's seat so that he could not see what she was doing from his rear mirror! For much of the trip, Jess just lied on my lap naked on the cab! When we reached her house, I had to push her out of the cab and when I looked into her bag for her keys, I could not find them! Turns out she forgot her keys totally so I had to call another cab and brought her to my house to stay over instead. I couldn't possibly leave her naked at her doorstep! When the cab arrived, I was so glad to see that it was a female driver and I explained to her what had happened and she towed the naked Jess up the cab with me and sent us home. I had to drag her all the way to my door and into my room where she slept till the next morning.

Another time, in one of the most epic nights ever. She got really drunk and she told me that she was going to the toilet and I just let her go herself. After 20minutes, she still had not returned and I went to the toilet to check but she wasn't inside! When I came out, there was a commotion outside the guys toilet and out of curiosity, I went and looked what happened and to my shock, I saw a drunk Jess struggling with a bouncer! Then, I realised that her panties were at her ankles and urine was streaming down her legs! I asked a guy nearby and he told me that someone spotted her peeing in the guys toilet with the door open and the bouncer was now trying to drag her out but she keeps insisting on going back in. It was so embarassing! As the bouncer tried to drag her out, she refused to budge and sat on the floor, revealing her vagina to all the onlookers, with urine still flowing out of it! I quickly stepped in and apologised to the bouncer and he helped me to carry her up to a corner of the club. She continued sitting on the floor and refused to move so I sat there with her. Her panties were drenched and I helped her take them off and put them in a plastic bag that I had with me. I even took out my tissue, lifted up her dress to her waist and cleaned her vagina for her!

After cleaning her up, I left her there for a while and went to the toilet to wash my hands. When I came back, she was gone! I looked around and saw her dancing in the dance floor. To my horror, I had forgot to put down her dress before I left and it was still stuck at her waist, exposing her bare bottom as she was grinded by guys in the crowd! It was actually quite amusing and I was laughing really hard at her but after a while I went up and pulled her out from the crowd again and adjusted her dress for her, before letting her back onto the dance floor again and let her be. Eventually, we left the club and I brought Jess back to my home before she could do anything else stupid. The next day, I told her what had happened and she was so embarrassed  We avoided that same club for quite some time after that.

For myself, I rarely get drunk because I can hold my alcohol quite well but there was once where I really lost control! It was during a east coast park bbq at someone's birthday party. After most people left, including the birthday boy's parents, a few of us stayed and started to play drinking games at the beach. My luck was really bad that day and I ended up drinking alot. After that, when we played truth or dare. It was my turn and I chose dare. Someone just joking dared me to strip naked and run around the park. Being really drunk, I actually started stripping! Soon I was fully naked and I started to run away! At first, they just laughed at what I was doing until they realised that I kept running and didn't come back and they started to go around and find me. According to Jess, that night all of them searched everywhere for me but couldn't find me. The next thing I knew, at around early morning, I was woken up by an auntie and I was lying at the stairs of one of the HDBs at Marine Parade! The auntie asked if I was okay and I was really blur and just said yes. Apparently, while drunk, I had wandered off through the underpass to the other side of the expressway into the estate! I made my way back to the bbq pit, luckily not running into anyone, and some of them were sitll there and they quickly passed me my clothes and belongings. It was so embarassing! I'm used to exposing myself in front of strangers but that night, some of my closest guy friends saw me naked!

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Nothing to share this week so I'll just pose you readers a question. What's the worst zaogeng you guys have ever seen or experienced? For me, I have seen and experienced for myself some pretty bad ones!

Let's start with Jess first, who is so sexy that her clothes usually can hardly contain her assets, plus she is really blur so she tends to zaogeng quite alot! There was once when we went clubbing together and you guessed it, she had too much to drink and she gets really really crazy when she's drunk. She was wearing a tube top and a mini skirt that day, without a bra! As she danced, one of her big boobs just somehow popped out of her top. Her mini skirt also kept bouncing up and down, exposing her white panties to everyone in the club. So for the whole night, she actually flashed her boob to the whole club while dancing!

There was also once long ago back in school when we were both in the volleyball team. During one of the competitions, she forgot her FBTs so she had to wear the school's PE shorts, which were not as flexible as FBTs and at one time she made a really big move and did an almost perfect split! As the game proceeded, the audience started getting roused up and from behind her I saw that her PE shorts had actually split from the move! She was flashing her pink panties to everyone in the volleyball court that day! As you all know, her butt is kind of big and the small pair of panties were pathetic and could hardly cover her butt! The whole audience was staring at her sexy butt cheeks as she continued the game without realising! When the coach realised it he quickly subbed her out and she went to the toilet to change out of her shorts! That was one of the most epic days in school and one of her most embarassing. Plus she was quite high-profile in school so the news spread fast. Her boyfriend at that time was part of the audience and he was so pissed with what had happened!

Of course in school zaogeng is really common anyway. You can always see girls in unglam positions and flashing their panties under their school skirts. I myself zaogeng quite a few times too cos I'm actually quite tomboy and always sit very unglamly. Sometimes some of my friends will tell me they can see my panties and then I will then cover up. However, there was once a really bad incident that happened when I was doing a skit presentation to my class with my project group. One of the parts of the script was for my groupmate to pull me towards him by pulling my shirt. I guess my uniform shirt was getting quite old and the buttons were not as secure anymore so when he pulled hard at my shirt, the buttons tore off! I was standing in front of the whole class with my bra exposed! It was so embarassing! I quickly ran to the toilet and changed into a pe shirt that someone got for me. The guy kept apologising afterward but I forgave him since it wasn't his fault actually.

Another time before PE lesson, me and Jess decided to just change into our PE attire in the classroom as it was empty! As we took off our shirts and skirts, one of the class guys walked in, while we were in our underwear! It was so awkward and he quickly said sorry and turned away. Lucky guy! I'm sure that must have been one of his best moments in school.

Oh maybe not, because there was another encounter with the same guy -_- There was once when I was walking towards him when I somehow tripped and fell forward towards him. His natural reaction was to reach out his hands to catch me, which he did, ON MY BOOBS. For the next awkward 5 seconds we just stayed in that position, with his hands grabbing my boobs and not knowing what to do, before we quickly seperated and he apologised. Luckily no one else was there to see what had happened!

For me, my 'finest' moment was during a wedding dinner of one of my cousins. I was wearing a tube dress that showed quite alot of cleavage so I didn't wear a bra that day. The dress was really long and the 'tail' part was trailing on the floor. Some of the kids that day were running around and I think one of them stepped on my dress while I was walking so it got pulled down and my boobs popped out, just when I was approaching a waiter to get a drink during the reception! I was so shocked and quickly covered my boobs with my hands and ran to the toilet to adjust my dress. It was so embarassing to expose my bare boobs to a guy like that! Luckily he didn't serve my table afterward but I'm sure it was a good day for him.

Will share more stories in the future. Meanwhile, you guys can give me ideas on what I can do, or do with Jess, or do TO Jess :) Looking forward!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Trapped outside naked! (Part 2)

Continued from the previous post, I was trapped in the middle of a park naked and had decided to make my way out. I was hoping so much that it would rain heavily so that I would be the only one left in the park! However, it did not and the sun plus my panicking caused me to keep sweating and my whole body was covered in sweat. The path was a very standard kind, with grass patches at both edges. However, there were hardly any trees! I could see two joggers running far away from where I was and I was sure they could see me as well but I'm not sure if they knew that I was fully naked!

I just tried to walk as fast as possible, taking the routes that looked the most empty. In fact, at times I just broke into runs and my boobs were bouncing everywhere which was so annoying! I had to also keep checking back if there was anyone! As I walked down one of the paths, suddenly a dog with a leash on its neck came running towards me and barking! It was quite a big dog and the leash on its neck mean that it had an owner and he or she must be nearby! With that thought I quickly ran and it gave chase! I ran to one of the low bushes in the area and hid behind it and just in time, as I squat down behind, I had a man's voice calling and saw the dog running back! From my view I could see the dog running back to its owner, a man of about 30plus. If he saw me it would have been disaster! Thankfully he just walked along the path and away after that.

The shock and the nervousness gave me a strong urge to pee and I just let go on the spot into the bushes! I felt like an animal at that time, fully naked in public and urinating into a bush. I hastily finished my pee and continued walking. Even though I was already quite used to this, it was still really scary as I never knew when someone might suddenly appear!

Just as I was walking, my phone suddenly rang out! I jumped from the sudden burst of noise and it was Jess! I was so excited to see her call and quickly picked up and told her what happened. After listening, she couldn't stop laughing and my stupidity and then she just hung up! I was so frantic and quickly called her back but she did not pick up! Feeling really angry at her, I continued my long journey out of the park. 5 minutes later, Jess called again and agreed to come and pick me up.

So, I changed direction and made my way to the carpark where Jess would come and pick me up. I was feeling really happy now that I was safe and I guess I got a little complacent and started slowing down my pace and walking normally. For a moment I actually forgot that I was fully naked and while a male jogger was running towards me, I actually didn't do anything! When I realised that he kept staring at me, it was too late as he was already very near and saw every inch of my bare skin! I quickly covered my private parts and ran a different direction till he was out of sight! That's when I was reminded that I wasn't exactly safe yet and I still had a long way to go before I reached the carpark and Jess arrived!

So I continued my cautious walk and this time there was so much more people in the park! I had to run really fast to escape being seen at some junctions and I'm quite sure a few caught a glimpse of me! Finally  I reached the carpark and Jess's car wasn't there! I just stood near one of the cars and waited. A car suddenly turned in and I quickly squatted down behind the car that was beside me! Thankfully the car stopped rather far away from where I was and the driver didn't walk past me when he alighted.

After an agonising 15minutes, Jess's car finally turned in and I quickly ran up to the car and knocked on the door for her to unlock it. The windows winded down and to my horror, a couple around their 20s were in the car! It turns out that I got the wrong car! It was just the same colour as Jess's car and looked almsot the same. The two of them stared at me and I stared back at them for quite some time as I didn't know how to react. I just ran out to a stranger's car and stopped it fully naked! The girl broke the silence first and asked if I was okay and I just said that I was on a dare with my friends and thought that their car belonged to my friend.

Luckily, they bought the story and they proceeded to park their car and enter the park while I just stood around pretending to be natural. It was so scary! What if they called the police! After they left, I quickly went back to my hiding place and another 10minutes later, Jess's car really came, and this time I made sure that I checked first! Jess refused to unlock the door at first and spoke to me through the window. The condition for me to board her car was that I had to do whatever she instructed me too and I immediately agreed in that frantic moment.

When I hopped onto the car, I told Jess everything that happened and when she finished laughing at me, she just told me that she didn't bring any clothing for me so I had to remain naked in her car. As Jess drove, I realised that she wasn't intending to drive me to my home or her home at all, instead she drove into town where there were many people and cars! She parked her car at the roadside and then said that she would go  and buy something from nearby, then told me to look after the car and left. I was left alone on the car naked and at the roadside! There were many people walking along the pavement just outside and if any of them bothered to look in they would be able to see me fully naked!

I looked around the car for something to hide myself with and the only useful things were the cushions at the back of her car so I grabbed those and covered myself with them. She only had 3 cushions so I placed one on my crotch to cover my pussy and hugged the other 2 to cover my boobs. A few people looked in at times but I don't think they could tell that I was fully naked. Suddenly, I heard a loud tapping at the window of the driver's seat! A traffic policeman had just parked his motorcycle beside Jess's car and was now knocking on the window! I could not ignore him so I had to reach over to wind down the window. In the process, I dropped one of the cushions on my chest and exposed my right boob! I think it was pretty obvious that I was naked too. The police officer saw it and I was so scared that I would be arrested on the spot! However, he just asked me why the car was parked here and told me to make sure it's driven away quickly because it was in the way of the busy traffic. Before he left, he asked me if I was okay and I just said yes so he went off and I quickly wound up the window again. Soon after, Jess came back with some food that she said was her breakfast and she finished eating before we drove away.

Next, Jess drove to a nearby shopping centre and parked at the carpark. She then said that we would go shopping! I protested that I was naked so she took off her long t-shirt on the spot and gave it to me. It was just long enough to hide my privates and my butt cheeks were peeking out a little at the bottom. If I leaned forward the slightest but bare butt could be seen by anyone behind me! As for Jess, it turned out that she was wearing a white tube top underneath so she still looked decent except that her huge nipples were visible through the material. At least her bottom was safe unlike mine! She just dragged me out of the car and we went shopping, attracting lots of attention in the process.

We went to the bookstore to check out some books and there was this secondary school student who kept staring at me so I decided to tease him and I kept bending over on purpose to look at the books at the lower shelves, in the process exposing my whole bare butt to him. I even picked out one of the books and sat on the floor to read it, while propping my legs wide open and exposing my pussy! It was surprising he didn't die of nosebleed on the spot but his eyes were almost popping out! I wanted to laugh so much at his reaction!

As the day went on, I got oogled a few more times but otherwise there wasn't really anything eventful. As if my day wasn't eventful enough! Jess drove me home and dropped me off downstairs and I returned her shirt to her before I left. Walking naked to the elevator, the horrible day was completed with a spoilt elevator! I had no choice but to climb the stairs up to my house! Without the lift, many other people had to use the stairs too and a few times I had to hide at the corridors when I heard footsteps coming down towards me. Finally, I reached my floor, sweating from all that climbing and thankfully my parents were not at home yet. they would have a nasty shock to see their daughter coming home naked! I took a long shower and went to use my computer in the nude in my room :)

Have no idea how many times my private parts was visually raped on that day but it was certainly an exciting experience!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Trapped outside naked! (Part 1)

Adventure alone! Without Jess this time as a personal challenge to see how brave I could be when I'm alone. On Wednesday morning, I put on a singlet and a pair of old FBTs without any underwear and took a bus down to one of the local parks for a jog. The bus was single deck so I couldnt just hide at the back and play with myself like the last few times as there were many more people on the same level as me this time. However, I was still the last person in the back row and as the bus moved, I slid my fingers through the hole of my FBTs and started to touch myself! Before I know it, I got carried away and began to dig myself on the public bus! At one point I let out a soft moan and a woman sitting in front turned behind and stared at me and I got all red! My fingers were wet from my female juices and I just wiped them on the seat :p

When I arrived, the park was expectedly empty except for a few people here and there. I went to the fitness corner and did my own stretching and started jogging. Jogging is really difficult when your boobs are bouncing all over the place without the support of a bra but it was really shiok to feel the cold wind blowing onto my bare vagina and butt through the holes of my loose FBT. On the way I ran past a few people who stared at me as my boobs were bouncing unrestrictedly and the shape of my nipples could be made out through my thin singlet.

After around 3km, I stopped to rest a while. I was at a pavillion and there was absolutely nobody around the area at this time of the day! I then had a naughty thought. I took of my top and slid my shorts to my ankles,  and then I just ran away fully naked except for my running shoes and socks, leaving my clothes behind! I ran a full round around the area almost 1.2km long and didn't run into anyone. It was so scary yet exciting! And without my singlet my boobs were even more free to run! I wasn't wearing my contacts and I couldn't really see clearly which made things even scarier! Finally, I reached back to the pavillion, and received the biggest shock of my life!

A Bangladeshi cleaner was there sweeping away leaves and rubbish so I quickly hid behind one of the bushes nearby and kept very quiet. As he approached my clothing, he just swept them up along with the rest of the rubbish and went off with them! At the moment, my world fell apart and I almost screamed out but I could not let him see me. I was so stunned that I just stoned behind the bushes for almost 5 minutes before realising what had just happened. I was now stuck in a public park far away from my house naked and unable to see well! What was I going to do now!

I was so scared that I just started crying on the spot and sat down on the grass for quite some time, until I decided that it wasn't a solution obviously. This was different from any other time I got left naked outside because this time it was in broad daylight! However, although I was really scared and helpless, deep down I felt a tinge of excitement about my situation and I had gotten a little wet down below. I got out of my hiding and walked onto the main path which was empty and started walking along the path. I covered my breasts with one arm and my vagina with the other hand and walked down the road. I remember that during my run, I saw a toilet nearby so my priority was to reach there first where I could hide!

It was a straight road downward and then 2 bends to the toilet and I didn't run into anyone, However, the first bend was a crossroad and while I was approaching, a bike just sped past! I quickly ran into the nearest pile of bushes but luckily the cyclist went the other way and did not turn in. Quickly, I escaped to the toilet and hid inside one of the urinals! I tried calling Jess on my phone for help but she didn't pick up. That lazy girl must be still sleeping! After trying a few more times, I decided I had no choice but to rely on myself so I opened the cubicle door to leave the toilet. As I did so, I saw a guy standing at the sink! He was a man of about 30plus and he saw me through the mirror and quickly turned around with a shocked look! I was so stunned and just stared at him and that's when I realised that there were urinals in the toilet! In the franticness I had entered the male toilet by mistake!

I just muttered a quick sorry and ran out quickly and I kept running until I was far from the toilet, in a part of the park that I wasn't familiar with. Another problem arises. My sense of direction is really really bad and now I was in an unknown part of the park fully naked. I just kept walking and walking aimlessly, keeping to the side of the road as I needed to hide for a few times in the bushes at times when there were incoming passers-by but I did not get seen at all for quite some time. At one time, I walked past 2 old women who were talking on a park bench and as I came near them, they just stared at me but I tried to act as though I did not see them at all. The just kept staring at me as I walked past them and I quickly picked up pace and went as far away as possible. On the way, I saw a sign with the map of the park and I quickly went up to it. Turns out I was smack in the middle of this huge park, and the nearest exit was really far away! Outside the exit, I would have to walk a little more and I would reach a HDB estate. I thought of that night when I 'borrowed' some clothes to wear when I was trapped naked so it was the only solution that I had this time. Making up my mind, I started making my way towards the exit far far away.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Out with Jess Part 2

As Jess turned the corner, she bumped into the first of the group of guys and she was so shocked! But not as shocked as they were as they ogled at her. Once again, one of the guys asked her if she was okay and offered her a shirt. As usual, she replied that she was okay but this time she accepted the guys offer of a shirt and put it over herself. The shirt just covered her waist and her butt and vagina were still exposed. the guys then offered the bring her back to their chalet where they could get her dressed and send her home. Now that sounded really dangerous, and thankfully Jess was smart enough and rejected that offer. However, the guys seemed to not want to leave and told her that they would stay with her in case anything happened, which would be a really nice offer if not that she was bottomless! At this point, I decided that it was time for me to show up! Jess was quite surprised to see me but obviously happy. I told the guys that it was just a dare and thanked them for their kindness, taking off her shirt for her and returned it to the guys, at the same time giving them a good look at her huge chest once more. Then, I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her away back to the beach, where I returned her clothes. She scolded me for tricking her but I could tell that she was really relieved and happy that I wasn't as mean as I pretended to be.

We had a good laugh about what happened and she claimed that she wasn't scared at all, before I pointed out that she obviously cried. That girl has such a huge ego! We quickly caught the train back to Vivocity and went to the carpark to Jess's car. In the car, we took off all our clothes and threw them into the car boot at the back out of reach and drove off, both of us naked. Driving down the expressway naked was really quite an experience, to know that we were surrounded by so many cars and people but no one would bother looking in clearly and noticing that we were naked.

We decided that the night was still young so we just drove around, and Jess turned out at an exit, turned into a HDB carpark near a 7-11 and told me to go and get some food and drinks. Then, she came out from her side and open the door at my side, unstrapped my seat belt and tugged me out of the car. Before I could react, I was pulled out of the car and fell to the ground! Jess quickly went in and locked the door, and crawled to the driver's seat and drove away, leaving me behind naked and even barefooted! Revenge is scary thing.

This time I didn't even have my phone with me as it dropped on the car as I was being tossed out so there was nothing I could do. I just picked myself up, instinctively covered myself with my hands and wondered what to do next. Jess had left me behind in a HDB carpark where the wasn't anyone nearby, and all the shops were closed except for the 7-11 as it was around 11 already. I walked out to the exit of the carpark and suddenly, a car drove in! I quickly ran off and took cover in a corner and thankfully I wasn't spotted. Then, I quickly ran to the sheltered walkway under the HDB. It was quite brightly lit but thankfully no shops were open and it was quite far away from the road so people who drove past couldn't really see me. However, I was still stuck naked in this unknown neighbourhood without any means of contact! The walkway led me to a nearby hawker centre which was deserted by now so I went inside and sat down on one of the tables, thinking of what I was going to do next.

I decided that I would have to go up to the HDB units and hopefully I would find someone hanging out their clothes that I could 'borrow' for the time being, so I picked the nearest block and climbed up. Being naked in public is really scary experience. However, after you get over the initial shock, it's actually quite an exhilarating experience! I climbed the building floor by floor and walked through the corridors to find some clothes and luckily no one was in the corridors to see me. By the time I reached the 6th floor, I was sweating alot from the climbing and also the excitement. At the 8th floor, I finally found some clothes hanging outsdie one of the units! I was so happy and quickly ran towards it but they turned out to be children clothing and was too small for me. My boobs would probably burst through those t-shirts. Feeling disappointed, I turned back and made my way to the stairs. Preparing to climb up another level, I heard footsteps coming down! I quickly ran back and hid in a corner, and saw a guy walking down but he did not see me thankfully.

Upstairs, I found another piece of clothing, which was a white singlet. One of those old, loose and thin one that old people wear. I didn't really have a choice so I just took it and put it on. It was so loose that I just had to turn a little bit for my boobs and nipples to peek out through the armholes and I was showing a massive amount of cleavage. It was also really short and only covered till half butt length. Still, it was better than being fully naked. I went to the lift and pressed down, and at the first floor, I ran into a girl that probably just came home. She just stared at me and my singlet but did not say anything, and went into the lift.

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind! I quickly stopped the lift door from closing and asked the girl if I could borrow her handphone. She looked so scared and I think she thought I was a madwoman but she lent it to me anyway. I thanked her and quickly called Jess on her handphone. Jess picked up the call and when I told her what had happened, she just laughed non-stop and told me to go and return the shirt and wait for her at the bus stop outside 7-11 and she would come for me. I returned the girl the handphone and she asked me if I was okay and I just said yes and I took the lift up with her. On the way, I even contemplated snatching the girl's clothing but that would be a crime already. The girl alighted at the 5th floor while I continued to the 9th floor and returned the singlet, and made my way downstairs again.

I had to walk back to the 7-11, and the walk felt so long but I finally reached and went to the bus stop, which was empty at this time. I sat there, thinking that Jess would arrive anytime now. However, 15 minutes later she still did not appear. The neighbourhood was quite quiet at this time but every now and then a car would drive past and I would quickly run and hide behind the signboard in case I was seen. Finally after a long long wait, Jess's car drove by and she picked me up. She was still naked in the drivers seat and she threw a long t-shirt at me and told me to go and get some beer from 7-11. This time I had clothing with me so I boldly went down and bought the beer.

After that, we drove to Jess's neighbourhood area, which was a terrace house estate, and sat at the playground drinking. It was quite late by now and there wasn't anyone in the area. After 3 fast cans of beer each, both of us got rather tipsy and high and we started stripping naked! I was really high that day for some reason and I ran to the nearest household and threw my bra and panties over the fence! Both of us couldn't stop laughing either and kept drinking. Once again, Jess outdoes me in everything and she totally went crazy and threw her clothes everywhere and ran around the playground in only her panties. I just ran up to her and pulled down her panties as well, and ran off with them while she gave chase down the estate.

Imagine the sight! 2 naked girls running down an estate on the main road in the middle of the night. I wonder if anyone saw us that day! She managed to grab her panties back eventually but she didn't bother them back on, but instead threw it into her car when we went back to the playground. We just continued drinking and talking until both of us eventually fell asleep at the playground! At around 6am in the morning the next day, an auntie woke both of us up, and we were so shocked and quickly ran back to the car, still naked! We drove back to Jess's house, were we got dressed and went to her room to sleep till the afternoon before I went home :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Out with Jess again (:

Again, my favourite pasttime, teasing Jess, my sexiest girlfriend :) Went out with her many times this week and for the whole week, she looked so extra sexy that I couldn't help teasing her again and again! I think that's because she dyed her hair brown which made her look even more pretty!

Went to Sentosa again on Tuesday. In case anyone was wondering, both of us hang out alot at Sentosa with our friends because we were both volleyball players in school and we often meet up with teammates to play beach volleyball :) After volleyball, around the late afternoon, we had late lunch at Vivocity and both of us bade farewell to our teammates and travelled back to Sentosa.

We went onto Siloso Beach and found a empty area, put down our stuff and took off our clothes with our bikinis underneath. The beach was really empty that day since it was a weekday except for some angmohs and teenagers. We were at the end of the beach where it was sort of seperated from the rest of the beach and we were the only ones there. We laid out our mat and stripped into our bikinis. She was wearing a white one and I was wearing a red one.

Before that, we applied sunblock for each other and I felt her big boobs and nipples and bouncy butt as I applied her sunblock for her. She's really so sexy! If I were a guy I'd go for her :) I'm not lesbian though! :p When I applied the lotion to her butt, I purposely pushed her bikini bottom into her ass crack to give her a wedgie and more than half her ass was hanging out of her small bottom looking really bouncy and all! She had untied her bikini top to get a proper tan on her back and I sneaked up behind her, grabbed the two knots holding her bikini bottom together and pulled down hard! The knots came off and so did her bikini bottom and I started running away. Jess was so shocked and she immediately jumped up and started chasing but as her bikini top was untied as well, her boobs were bouncing all over and when she realised that she stopped for awhile to tie her top, and I had already ran out of sight! There was a toilet nearby and I ran there, and from the outside threw her bottom over the wall into the male toilet! Jess caught up with me still bottomless and trying to cover her pussy and butt with her hands and asked for her bottom back. I just shrugged my shoulders and challenged to go into the toilet and get it! Since she saw that no one was around, she boldly went into the toilet and searched for her bottom. As she was finding, a guy appeared out of nowhere and went into the toilet! I was outside waiting for her and I was shocked too to see the guy but he just walked in before I could do anything and according to Jess, she ran into him as he came in and they just stood there and stared at each other. Or rather, he stared at her bare vagina before she just apologised and ran out, still bottomless!

Before the guy came out, we quickly ran back to the beach, and Jess was still bottomless. Our clothes were still at the beach so Jess just conveniently put her clothes on and went back for her bottoms, and changing back into them again. We decided to go skinny dipping, and dumped our bikinis in our bags and went into the water. We splashed around and swam a bit, and while Jess wasn't looking, I crept up from behind and push her head into the water! As she came out from the water and recovered from the shock, I made use of the little bit of time to sprint towards our bags, grabbed both of them and ran away! I ran onto the main road and just kept running, looking back to see that she was chasing me at the back. After awhile, I realised that Jess had stopped chasing me so I stopped too and I realised that was because I was now in a part of the beach that had many people, playing volleyball, suntanning etc. I could see Jess crouching down and hiding her front far away, while strangely, everyone around me seemed to stop what they were doing and were staring at me. That's when I suddenly remembered that I myself was fully naked!!! OHMYGOD the embarassment! I was standing in the middle of a public beach fully naked and for the past minute I was just running and smiling like I intended to streak through the beach! I instinctively covered myself and ran to the nearby toilet, avoiding all the stares.

In the toilet, I put my bikini back on and came out again. Jess's bag and clothes were still with me, and from far I could see that she was still hiding in the empty spot naked and I just waved at her and dared to come over. Just then, a guy came over and approached me, and told me that I have a nice body! I think he was one of those who saw me naked earlier -.- He kept giving me that horny smile so I just said thanks and quickly walked away back to Jess. Jess just kept laughing at me for what happened just now, but she was still my mercy and I told her that she would have to earn her clothes back!

Firstly, I handed her a towel to wrap herself in, and she would have to approach a guy and ask him to apply suntan lotion for her, at which point she would lie down and unwrap her towel, and allow the guy to apply the lotion on her bare body. Passing her the towel, I went away to observe from far. Jess wrapped herself up with the towel and looked really nervous. There were quite a few guys to choose from, as there was a group of guys in the middle of the beach. But wisely Jess chose to approach a lonely guy not far away from them. The guy was probably in the mid 20s and was quite tall and had really nice abs. Apparently he agreed as Jess brought him back to where our mat was, and she just lied down face down and unwrapped her towel, exposing her entire bare behind and her bouncy butt! The guy had an initial shock, but Jess just smiled at him and asked him to continue, so he hesitated for a while and carried on. He squeezed a blob of suntan lotion onto her back and started spreading it, and his hands slowly made downwards. When they reached her butt, his hands were providing her butt some sort of massage that involved lots of squeezing and groping. She requested for him to apply lotion to every single part of her body, so he even went between her legs and got a touch of her vagina a few times. After that, she turned over and showed her boobs and pussy to him! Could see from far that she was really blushing already but was trying really hard to contain her embarassment. The lucky guy then got to apply lotion to her boobs and nipples and even her pussy, touching every single inch of her naked body. I'm actually quite surprised by his willpower that he didn't rape her on the spot! After he was done, she thanked him and he went back to his spot, sporting a huge erection.

For her bravery, I returned her bikini top, but she was still bottomless! I couldn't think of anything at the moment that was appropriate so I told her that she owed me one, and returned it to her. But for letting her off this time, I adjusted her bikini for her, revealing her right nipple as I made it look like she had a nipple slip, and also pushed her bikini bottom into her butt crack, revealing alot of butt cheek and turning her bikini bottom almost into a thong. Walking down the beach, she attracted alot of attention! We settled down at another part of the beach, and after a while, a guy from the group before came over and asked the two of us if we would like to join them in the their game. While Jess hesitated, I immediately agreed and dragged her along as we played beach volleyball with the guys. The same group saw me naked just now, but now their attention on me was diverted away by Jess's hot body and her exposed nipple, as I noticed that none of them bothered telling her about it. I just pretended that I did not see it at all and continued playing.

After around half an hour, we stopped playing. Jess had sneakily adjusted her bikini top to hide a nipple already, but she couldn't possibly pick her wedgie in front of so many people so her butt was still pretty much exposed. We sat down together with the guys and started talking, but their eye contact was apparently on our boobs rather than our eyes. I could see that many of them were ogling at Jess's large chest, so I decided to just satisfy them. I reached out to her bikini strap from behind and untied the knot at her neck, before quickly untying her knot at the back. The next thing she knew, her bikini top was on the floor! The guys were so shocked but I could also see that they were really satisfied and horny by now. Jess kept her cool as usual and just laughed it off, putting her bikini back on. She just smiled and said 'You guys think I'm really sexy but I'm certainly not sexier than this!'. With that, she suddenly grabbed my waistband and stood up, tugging it along with her. She was really strong and my legs got pulled up along and off came my bikini bottom! Before I could recover, Jess ran off and I gave chase, but she just threw the bottom to one of the guys and then suddenly we were in a game of monkey, where I was the bottomless 'monkey' trying to catch my bottom back while covering my vagina and butt! Now that Jess has the upper hand, she would not give in so easily! It had been a while since I shaved so my pussy was rather hairy which was so embarassing!  One of the guys even got to smack me on the butt while I went near him. Finally, she gave it back to me and we talked awhile more before bidding farewell to the guys. Some of them tried to exchange numbers with us but we just rejected them! We are both attached after all.

It was evening by then and we walked to the the nearby Mcdonald's for dinner. We just put on our t-shirts, and went in pantsless, just wearing our bikini bottoms. Jess was not allowed to pick her wedgie, so her thong-like bottom was still attracting much attention, especially from the parents who gave disapproving looks. Dinner was quite agonizing because the cold aircon kept blowing at our bare legs and we were shivering! After dinner, we went back to the beach and enjoyed the sea breeze. We stripped naked again and lied down on our mats. This time the beach was much more empty so we were quite safe. I just closed my eye and allowed myself to fall asleep :)

When I woke up, it was 9+ already and Jess was also asleep beside me naked. Of course how could I let the opportunity go to waste! When Jess falls into a deep sleep, its really difficult to wake her up because she's so lazy, which also makes her really fun to play with while asleep! Firstly, I grabbed her bikini that she laid out beside her and kept it in my bag, then it was the usual routine of fondling her boobs and pussy, and I even dug my fingers into her a bit to arouse her further. Then, I picked some shells from the beach and used two small shells to cover over her nipples, and inserted one into her vagina! She was still asleep and I dressed up, took both our bags and went away, leaving only her handphone behind! After that, I strolled along the beach, carrying the two bags and waited for her phone call. Consider it as payback for last time! I contemplated going back to Vivocity myself with the two bags but decided that it was too mean and she would not have any possible means of returning.

A while later, I finally received her call. She sounded so frantic and told me that she was woken up by a couple that was strolling on the beach and that she was now hiding in the toilet and asked where I was. I told her that I was back at Vivocity already and she totally screamed at me! From her voice I think she was crying a bit too. I felt really really bad but I didn't want to give up the fun yet! So I told her that I would wait for her at Vivocity while she makes her way back, and suggested that she approach people to borrow clothes. Before she could reply, I just hung up the phone. Meanwhile, I made my way back to where she was and observed from far. She slowly came out of the toilet, covering her privates with her hands. She then walked out onto the beach and along it, to the central area where the Mcdonalds and the train station was. Still naked, she sneaked around aimlessly, and eventually settled down in the nearby bushes, squatting down and wondering what to do.

It was actually quite funny to see her so frantic, but I also felt quite bad. Still, I continued looking from far. While she wasn't aware, two guys actually walked past from behind, and approached her. When she noticed them, she quickly stood up and tried to run away but it was too late and they asked her if she was okay. According to her afterward, she just told them that it was a dare and that she was okay but apparently it wasn't very convincing as she was obviously tearing. One of the guys was nice enough and took of his shirt and offered it to her but she was so embarassed at that moment and rejected his offer, so the two of them just walked away. After that, she ran away and hid somewhere else nearer to the beach, and the look on her face was obvious regret that she rejected the guys offer, as she now had to remain naked!

After being stationary for a while, she decided that it wasn't a solution and tried calling me again, but I deliberately hung up. Really really mean of me! She then stood up and went onto the empty main path and walked along it, though I had no idea what that was for as there was nowhere she could go. I just slowly followed her from behind. As she walked, she covered her vagina with one hand and covered her nipples with the other arm but it wasn't very useful due to her big tits. Just then, as she walked up to a corner, she ran head first into a group of 5 guys!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Crazy chalet

Since that day at Miki's party, I've been going out with Jason quite a lot. He's a really nice guy, but really horny too and likes to touch me all over which I really enjoy (: On Wednesday we went out shopping at Orchard Road and he drove me home at night. At the carpark, before alighting, we just started making out in the car! We started kissing each other all over and taking off each others clothing. However, before going out, we had agreed not to have sex until we took it one step further, so we just stopped after a while. I put my clothes back on but left my panties behind for him to keep ^^

Yesterday, Miki again invited me and Jess over to a chalet that she booked at NSRCC, and asked us to bring our boyfriends over. So Jess brought her boyfriend, Kevin along and I brought Jason with me. When we arrived, Miki introduced us to her boyfriend Joseph, who we had actually seen that day at the party. We had a small BBQ for dinner, after which we helped to wash up. Me and Jason went out to the beach for a stroll after that. It was around 11pm by then and the beach was really quiet and dark, especially at the shore. We sat down together at the shore at chatted for a while. Then, I suddenly had an urge to pee, but it was really far to walk back, so I just went over to some bushes nearby, took off my panties and pee-ed. After finishing, I kept my panties in my bag, went back to Jason who was waiting at the shore, walked in front of him and lifted up my skirt at him! He was shocked at first but reacted quickly by grabbing me and pulling my skirt off, and then rubbing my pussy with his fingers on one hand, and putting his other hand into my bra and rubbing my boobs. Just then, my phone rang! What a wet blanket! It was Miki, who was telling us to go back and she had games planned in store for us. That girl has really crazy things up her sleeve so I couldn't possibly miss out on them! So I adjusted my clothing, wore back my panties, and we both made our way back to the chalet.

Back at the chalet, the other 2 couples were in one of the bedrooms, and we joined them to sit in a circle. The curtains were drawn so that the neighbouring chalets couldn't look in. Miki then announced that we were going to play some games. That was something really new to me but Miki assured us that she will guide us along. She said that to begin, we would have to get into the mood first, so we used the iphone bottle spin app and whoever the bottle pointed at, his/her partner would have to take off a piece of clothing for him/her. This would continue until a girl in the group is topless or anyone is bottomless. So the first spin went off, at it pointed to Joseph, and Miki readily took off his shirt to show his toned body. The next spin pointed to me! Jason just looked at me and thought for a while what he should do with me, then he reach for my t-shirt and pulled it up and off me, revealing my white bra. The next spin was for Jess, who lost her shorts and exposed her pink panties.

After that, Jess got it again! This time, Kevin chose to take off her shirt, so Jess ended up only in underwear in the group! This was followed by Miki, who lost her top, but it turned out that she wasn't wearing any bra! So the round ended as she was now topless! Well, before this we agreed that the person who ended the round would do a forfeit, as well as do the opening round of the couple games.Her forfeit was to go out of the chalet naked and clean the leftover charcoal off the bbq pit! So she went out alone while the rest of us stayed in the chalet which had the curtains drawn on every window so people outside could not see us. She took a small broom and dustpan along with her and started sweeping. There was another group of youngsters in the chalet beside us, students I think. They saw Miki outside sweeping the bbq pit naked and were all staring at her! However, Miki was really bold and ignored all the attention, calmly swept up the coal and came back into the chalet.

Then we started playing the couple games! Miki and Joseph started the games. The tasks to be completed were written on pieces of paper and put inside a bag for us to draw. The first task: Joseph had to be blindfolded and would squeeze the boobs of the 3 girls and he would have to figure out which one is Miki's! So he put on his blindfold and all 3 of us took off our bras to expose our bare boobs and Joseph groped us one by one. When it was my turn, he squeezed my boobs hard and tickled my nipples a little and I was so aroused! And I could also see that Jason got a little bit jealous :p It wasn't hard for Joseph to guess which one of us was Miki, as her boobs were far bigger than any of ours (yes, even Jess's!). So he got it right and then next up was Jess and Kevin's turn!

They got a really simple task! Which was for Kevin to strip Jess naked with only his mouth! Jess was already in underwear so he didn't have much work to do. He first took off the two shoulder straps of her bra and the tricky part was to unhook it at the back but he somehow managed to it. Next up were her panties, which made things really difficult. He just bit at the side of her panties and tugged it down along her legs bit by bit for around 5 minutes until it came off and finally Jess was naked! She was not allowed to put her clothes back on so she remained naked as the game carried on.

Next was for me and Jason :) Our task was the hardest! Not fair! Jason had to lick whipped cream off my body while blindfolded, which Miki and Jess would place on me. So the guys went to blindfold Jason, while Jess and Miki stripped me naked and then put whipped cream on me! They put the cream on my nipples, and between my legs all along from my vagina to my butt! Then, they tied up my hands together behind my back and grabbed my feet so that I could not adjust myself for him. Then they brought in Jason and he started licking and I could only talk to him to direct him. He just stuck out his tongue and went down on me and he touched my stomach first so I directed him upwards, I could feel his cold saliva on my body as he did lick up to my boobs. The part on the nipples was easy and we quickly cleared that, leaving my nipples wet and erect. Then I directed him downwards all the way to my vagina and he started licking the whipped cream off it. I was so aroused as his tongue went in and out of my pussy and I was getting wet down there, not sure from his saliva or my juices. Then, his tongue continued probing downwards towards my butt and I even moaned out at one time because I was so turned on! Finally, he was done with his task and I was untied and that concluded the round of couple games!

By then, it was around 1plus already. Miki chased the guys away to the other room while the 3 of us stayed in this room. Miki drew the curtains open so that people from opposite could see into our room clearly! However, the chalet right beside us had its curtains drawn already, so we just didn't bother looking there and continued talking in the nude among ourselves. After a some htht, Miki suggested that we go out of the chalet, naked! It was almost 2am by now, and since it's not a school holiday, the usual crowd of students were not around so the place was quite empty at this time so the 3 of us just walked out of the chalet naked.

Our chalet was in the deepest part of the chalet but we just walked out on the main path and made our way to the pool and jumped in! Splashing in the pool for awhile, we then came up and walked to the gate that leads out to the beach! Now we were in the middle of a public park, 3 of us fully naked! We went down to the beach and walked along, the whole park was empty except for one lone cyclist who cycled past at one point of time but he was rather far away so he did not see us. We just kept walking and walking, until we reached one part of the beach, where a couple was making out! When they saw us, they immediately stopped what they were doing and just stared at us, wondering why we were naked but we just continued walking. Until around 3.30am, we stopped walking and just sat at the beach and continued talking. We talked and talked till I fell asleep on the beach unintentionally.

When I woke up, I realised that I was all alone on the beach! The sky was much brighter now and I checked my watch time, which said 6.30am! OMG how many people had walked past while I was asleep here alone! It must have Jess's idea to leave me alone here! I refused to call her or Miki since I would lose face so I decided to make my way back myself. From the spot where I was at, the chalet was totally out of sight. I quickly picked up my phone and made my way back to the chalet. At this time, I could see that on the main path, there were already increasing numbers of people walking or cycling around, and the sun was gradually rising and soon I would not have the protection of the dark anymore. With that thought, I started running as fast as I could until I was so tired that I could not run anymore, and my whole naked body was covered in sweat, and still the chalet couldn't be seen! I could only walk as I was so tired. Until around 7.15, the sun was rising and I could now clearly see the faces of the people on the main path, which meant that if they looked my way, they would also see me, perfectly naked! It was now impossible to walk around, so I went down into the sea , hiding my body in the water and continued walking along the shore. At one point, I passed by a family of 5 who were sitting at the beach just around 5 metres away from me! They just stared at me as I walked along, as the water still left my shoulders exposed so I looked topless at the very least. Finally, after a long long walk, I reached the point where the gate to the chalet was. However, the gate was really far from the sea and although I could not see any people, I would have to go onto the path in front of the chalet where people far away might see me!

I took a deep breath, mustered all my courage and ran as fast as I could toward the gate! Suddenly, as I approached the gate, a bicycle appeared out of nowhere! My first reaction was to stop and luckily the cyclist didn't look my way and continued cycling. The, I continued running to the gate. Through the gate was a carpark, and I immediately found a car to hide behind. The carpark there was beside the basketball court, and I was crouching in between a car and the basketball court and slowly making my way into the chalet. From the front, a group of people walked past! I just stayed still and thankfully they didn't see me as they walked past the car.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud 'LOOK!' from behind me! I was so shocked and turned behind, and saw that beyond the basketball court was another group of people, all of them now staring at my bare butt! I ignored them and quickly continued moving and thankfully they did not come and find me, but instead continued to where they were going. I moved slowly from car to car and the next obstacle was the open area at the swimming pool. There was no point hiding behind the cars at the other side since behind them were the chalets and people inside would be able to see me clearly. I checked the area and saw that the playground beside the swimming pool was empty so I quickly dashed there. The were some bushes there and I hid behind them to prevent people from the chalet opposite to see me. The next path was the main path, with chalets on either side of it, so there was no way I could walk there without being seen! The swimming pool was beside the playground so I made up my mind and quickly turned around, ran and jumped into the big pool! There were some people in the pool but they were all minding their own business so I swam along the pool to reach the other end. Luckily there wasn't any lifeguard on duty or I would have been caught. As I swam through the water, a guy swam past me and from under the water, he saw my entire nude body, from my boobs to my pussy to my butt! He just kept staring but didn't say anything, so I continued swimming quickly. When I reached the end, where the jacuzzis were, I knew that there was a hole in the bushes there where I could move to the chalet area then I would make my way back to our block through the back, instead of walking on the main path. I quickly climbed up the pool and ran through the hole in the bushes, and banged right into a topless guy who was going the other way! My boobs bounced off his body and as I looked up, I saw a shocked face looking back at me. He asked me if I was okay and I just replied that I was doing a dare so he didn't say anything else and went through the hole to the swimming pool, not forgetting to get a last eyeful of my bare body.

I followed the fences at the side and made my way deep into the chalet, walking behind the blocks and hoping that no one would see me. Finally, after many stares and glimpses from people in their chalets, I reached our block. Jess and Miki were sleeping on the sofa already dressed waiting for me, and I knocked on the window to wake them up and they finally let me in. I chided them a bit but actually I really had fun so I wasn't really angry! I went up, took a nice cold shower and dried myself. The 3 guys were still asleep upstairs, Kevin and Joseph in one room while Jason was alone in one room. I crept in, still naked, lied down beside him and wrapped my arms and legs around him and fell asleep next to him :) When he finally woke up, he had a pleasant surprise! Checked out of the chalet after that, and Jason sent me home where I pleasured myself till I fell asleep on my bed!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

National Day Tasks

Here are the national day tasks I was challenged to do!
1) Jogging or gym braless
2) Tube dress/Mini skirt without panties on MRT
3) Flash something written
4) Bus/Train ride with vibrator
5) Nude Jog/ Nude in bus
6) Flashing a kid

Not easy! Yesterday, I decided to try out a combination of tasks 1, 3 and 5. I found an old white singlet that was really small and cut away its bottom so that it looked like a sports bra and put it on. It was really tight on me and my nipples protruded through the thin material and the dark brown shade of them could be seen if you looked clearly. For my bottom I wore a short pair of red FBTs without panties and left house!

I walked to the nearby sports hall that had a gym there and on the way, people kept staring at me, or rather my nipples. I went to the gym there, and the woman at the counter kept staring at me but she could not ban me from going in as my clothing was allowed in the gym and I had my towel! When I went in, I kept my stuff in the locker and went over to the running machine and started jogging. The singlet was not a sports bra after all so it didn't help to support my boobs although it was tight and they kept bouncing up and down as I ran and the guy beside me kept staring at them! As I started sweating, my white singlet also started becoming more and more translucent to show my skin colour and nipples more clearly!

After around 15 mins, I came down and went over to the machines and started using them. Some of these machines were so awkward to use! There was this one that required me to pull my arms back, chest expansion or something. As I did it, my singlet would be stretched even tighter and the shape of my boobs became even clearer. And another machine involved spreading my legs apart to push 2 parts of the machines apart to train my thigh muscles. I think that everytime I spread my legs doing this, my pussy was exposed to whoever was in front!

At the weights section, I saw this hot guy doing bench presses, so I decided to try something bold and went up to him and asked him if her could teach me how to bench presses! He hesitated for a while, probably because he was shocked to see such a scantily-clad girl at the gym that came up to speak to him but he agreed nonetheless. He taught me how to position myself properly, which involved lying on the bench with my legs widespread, exposing my bare pussy to the whole gym! The guy was really patient and nice even though he was constantly staring at my boobs! I could see that he was having an erection too! After a few reps, I was really tired. Bench presses are tough! I thanked the guy and I decided to leave the gym!

I took my stuff back from the locker and went to the nearby bus stop, and boarded the first double decker bus that came along! I went up to the upper deck and sat at the back. The upper deck only had 2 people up there, an auntie and a teenager. The teenager just stared at me as I moved to the back of the bus. At the back, as the bus moved off, I slid off my FBTs stealthily as well as my singlet! I kept them in my bag and just sat naked at the back. After a few stops, a couple came up and sat around the middle. My heart jumped when I saw them approaching! Luckily they didn't choose to sit at the back. At this time, I was pretty aroused already so I took out the vibrator that was in my bag and inserted it into my pussy. As it turned on and vibrated, I got more and more aroused and started getting wet but I was careful that my face didn't look too engaged in my act or I would give myself away. After a while, I replaced the vibrator with my own finger and I was now totally engaged and for a while I forgot that I was on a public transport! There was once I let out a moan but luckily nobody heard me!

Before I hit climax, I stopped and put my clothes back on and alighted the bus and took it in reverse to go back home as I still had to go out after that. Short incident but it was fun :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore :) and Happy National Day to all of you! To celebrate the festive season, please leave on the comments anything you all would like me to attempt, and I would try my best to fulfil all of the tasks and blog about them! Of course if some tasks are really hard or too risky then I wouldn't try them but I'll try my best! No specific locations in the tasks too! Or it my give away my locations and people might deliberately try and see me :p Thanks in advance! Look forward to your suggestions :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Crazy Party!

Miki, Christie's japanese friend that we met that day, was living alone in Singapore as most of her family was back home in Japan except for her mother who happened to be back in Japan also. So 2 weeks ago, she threw a party at her house and invited the 6 of us from that day, as well as her other friends.

She's really really rich like Christie and lived alone in a 3 storey bungalow similar to Christie's, with a private pool and garden. Me and Jess went there together at around 6pm in the evening. When we arrived, there were already alot of people there, around 20 people. Most of them were strangers so we quickly found Christie, Denise and Samantha and stuck together with them. After a while, Miki arrived and introduced us to some of her friends, who were mostly Singaporeans but we also got to know a few Japanese people.

There was a bbq outside the house so we went over to get some food. We were all dressed quite well for the occasion, I was wearing a black dress with bra and panties underneath. Pink and lacy ones! After dinner,   we just hung around for a while and talked to some people and made new friends! Until around 9pm, Miki disappeared into her room and reappeared in a set of blue bra and panties. Then, she announced that the party would now officially turn into a lingerie party and turned on the music! None of us expected this so we all hesitated for quite a while. These japanese really think different from us! I readily joined in and stripped off my black dress into my pink underwear. Christie and Samantha stripped quickly too. Christie was wearing a set of white underwear while Samantha's was yellow. Denise and Jess were hesitating very long for some reason. After much persuasion, Denise finally took off her dress and revealed a skimpy red bra and a red thong that hardly covered her vagina and was just a line along her butt crack! No wonder she hesistated for so long! As for Jess, she still refused to take off her dress, and then I realised that her dress was bareback and she wasn't wearing a bra! Being a bad friend, I persuaded Jess to just go along with everyone else and me and Miki went up to her room to get 2 pieces of masking tape for Jess to cover her nipples so she finally agreed to take off her dress! So there she was, topless except for 2 pieces of tape covering her nipples and wearing a pair of white panties. That girl is really daring actually! There were guys around too and they were in their boxers or underwear and I could see that many of their penises were erected already in the presence of so many scantily clad girls!

For the night, Miki turned her house into a club, music and all. Christie also brought along lots of alcohol and once again, people got tipsy. By the way, Miki probably has some Japanese pron star blood in her or something. She looks extremely sexy and her boobs are so big! I think they might even be E cup. They were totally threatening to burst out of her small bikini top and were bouncing madly with every move she made. The party was really crazy, I've never seen such a large gathering of open-minded people before but the girls were zaogeng-ing here and there without realising, or without bothering to cover themselves. Denise's thong had totally gone out of place and her ass crack and pussy were exposed but she just ignored that and continued dancing with the rest. Jess's masking tape was slowly peeling off. One of them had already dropped off and she was running around with one exposed nipple without herself realising.

I decided to try something funny and crept up behind Jess while she dancing to the music. I put my hands round her waist, grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down as hard as I could till her ankles! She just screamed out and for 5 seconds she just stood there completed naked except for a piece of masking tape covering one of her nipples! She quickly pulled up her panties when she recovered from the shock and just carried on dancing with the rest.

Of course she didn't just let it rest like that, that competitive girl. It was quite silly of me to let my guard down. After a while, I was dancing in the crowd too, when suddenly I felt my arms being grabbed, followed by my legs. I turned around and saw Denise holding on to my arms and Christie holding on to my legs and they were lifting me up! Jess then came along and quickly stripped me of my bra and panties before I could retaliate! Then, still grabbing on to me, the just threw me into the middle of the swimming pool! When I realised what had happened, I was already naked in the pool, with everyone staring at me. I was a little tipsy at that time already, so instead of feeling scared, I felt bold and aroused, so I just climbed up the side ladder and emerged from the pool nude and wet in front of everyone! Some of the people looked shocked, while the rest were just smiling. I looked around and there was no sign of any of the 3 girls!

Now I was beginning to feel a little worried, but I just covered my privates with my hands and walked into the house, where I saw the 3 of them laughing at me. Jess said that they had hidden my underwear somewhere in the house and I had to find them myself! Although I was really scared to be naked in front of many strangers, I couldn't turn down a challenge, especially from Jess, so I agreed and started looking up and down for my underwear, while everyone looked on. Well, at least Jess was still nice enough to shoo the crowd out of the house while I was looking around, leaving only a few girls inside, and the guys were all trying to peep in through the windows.

After a while, I gave up finding. I most probably won't meet any of those strangers ever again anyway! So I just walked out naked and continued partying, and I dared the others to do the same! Miki was the boldest among all of them and she was first to take off her bikini top and bared her huge nipples to everyone. Denise and Christie then followed suit and took off their bikini tops too, while a few other girls also did the same. Jess was, well, already topless. The guys were abit shy since they would not be able to hide their erection, so none of them stripped. Although many of the girls were now topless together with me, I was still the only fully naked one amongst everyone! So throughout the party I kept getting targetted and I felt my bare butt being grinded several times. It was so arousing!

At around 3.30am, Miki brought up the stakes, and somehow conjured up a set of twister! The Japanese really have crazy ideas in their minds! We drew lots to play and Jess had to play with Miki and this girl called Emily who had nice boobs and was wearing a pair of red panties. She was one of Miki's friends I think. A few moves into the game, the 3 girls were all entangled together in what looked like a porno scene. I grabbed Jess's panties and pulled them down till her shin and she screamed. But she couldn't move her limbs away from the mat or she would lose! So she was on the mat on all fours with her panties down, and her bare butt and vagina stuck up into the air! Eventually, Miki lost, and the punishment for the loser was to drink        up, as well as remove her bikini bottom! She certainly did not disappoint as she stripped off her bikini bottom to show her equally voluptious butt and cleanly shaved pussy.

I got picked for the next group together with 2 of the guys! After a few moves, I was in a really awkward situation. My legs were widely spread apart and one of the guys head was right in front of my crotch, getting a full view of my shaven vagina lips that were beginning to get a bit wet. My face, on the other hand, was in front of the crotch of the other guy. Suddenly someone pulled down his boxers and his huge, erected dick just flung out at me! The shock of it made me lose my balance and I fell over and lost! So, I had to do a forfeit decided by the others.

After a while it was decided that I do a lap dance for one of the guys! My god! The guys drew lots and the lucky guy sat down on a chair that Miki brought out, struggling to control his excitement. Lucky he was rather hot and had nice abs! I took a deep breath, mustered up my courage and sat onto his lap, wrapping my legs around the chair. My breast my bare boobs against his chest and rubbed my nipples against his, while my vagina rubbed against his penis through his pants, which was really hard already. Then, I stood up and pressed his face into my boobs, rubbing my nipples along his lips. He started sucking at them! I was getting so aroused. If not for the fact that we were in the middle of the living room with everyone watching and taking photos we might have had sex already! Then, I grabbed his hand and ran his fingers along my bare body, including my erected nipples and wet vagina, and then I grabbed his other hand too and put his palms on my boobs and he started to squeeze them. Well, before any of us reached the climax, I decided to just stop and I could tell he was a little disappointed. His boxers were rather wet, don't know from my juices or his :p

The party continued throughout the night, and I sneaked into the toilet to dig myself as I was so aroused, before coming out again. As the time passed people started getting tired and fell asleep all over the place. Miki was lying on her couch with her legs spread apart exposing my vagina to anyone who walked past. A few of us decided to tease her and played with her pussy and squeezed her boobs but she still didn't wake up! We even took a few pictures. As the sun began to rise, people began to leave one by one. It was such a mess and everyone had to look around the place for their clothes. Before the guy that I lap danced left, I exchanged contacts with him :p his name was Jason! Jess helped me find back by underwear, and both of us put on our clothes and left Miki's house after she woke up and we helped her to clean up. We went to Jess's house where I bathed and slept for a while before going back home!

The party was really crazy and I can't believe I was involved in something like this and I was really lucky that I didn't end up having any sex but it was really really fun to be able to expose myself like that without having to hide anything. Miki promised us to hold more parties in the future so I shall look forward!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Home Alone Day 5 and 6

Woke up randomly at 4am in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. After a while, I gave up trying and decided to relieve my boredom by playing with Jess! I pulled away her blanket and she was totally naked underneath. I got a small paintbrush and brushed at her nipples till they were erect,then i brushed at her bare shaven vagina clits and she started to moan in her sleep! After a while, the bristles were all covered in her female juices! I dabbed some of them on her lips and I could totally tell that she was enjoying some kinky dream! After that, I turned the brush over and inserted the wooden tip into her vagina! In and out the brush went, and Jess began to produce more and more juices and moaned louder and louder, until I stopped and she turned her body over from face-up to sideways. I squeezed her solid big ass and soft bouncy boobs and pinched her nipples but she remained asleep the whole while, probably because yesterday was really tiring. I took out my vibrator, turned it on to max, and put it into her vagina, before leaving the room to go and make breakfast. It was around 5am by then. A while later, Jess's scream came out from the room and she angrily stormed into the kitchen and told me off for waking her up with the vibrator. I could see that her pussy was totally wet! She turned all red when I pointed that out!

We had breakfast in the nude after she cleaned up, and Jess was really tired so she went back to sleep again. Fat habits! At around 10am, Jess woke up again and we got dressed to go out as we had a birthday party to attend at night so we needed to get a present. Both of us dressed normally but without any underwear and didn't try anything naughty as we were focusing on getting the present.

Shopped till late afternoon, and we went home and got changed for the party. The birthday girl was called Christie and she was one of my ex-colleagues while I was doing part time and then Jess got to know her when we went clubbing together. She can be really open too! When we arrived, there was a mixture of guys and girls around. Some of them I recognise as mutual friends from the club, while others were friends of hers that we didn't really knew. Luckily we dressed up normally for the occasion or it would have been chaotic for all those strangers to see us. Christie hosted the party at her bungalow with her parents overseas too. It was really big and had 3 storeys with a private pool!

So the party went on until around 11pm, when most of the guests left except the two of us and some of Christie's friends, both male and female. After helping to pack up and everything, it was around midnight and the girls went into one room and chased the guys out to another room. Christie's house had a huge collection of alcohol that she brought out and we decided to play drinking games. There were 6 of us. Me, Jess, Christine and 3 other girls, Denise, Samantha and Miki (Yup Japanese!). All of us were rather open people and somehow after we got tipsy, the game turned into a game of strip poker!

By around 2.30am all 6 of us were lying naked in the room with our clothes thrown all over the place. Besides me and Jess, the other 4 girls had really hot bodies too, especially Miki, who looked exactly like a japanese porn star lying on the floor fully naked with her big boobs. Jess was totally drunk by then and she suddenly stood up and said that she wanted to go to the toilet. Then she just walked out of the door naked! I was still quite conscious so I grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped myself with it and then chased out. By then, Jess had already walked down the stairs to the living room, where the guys were! Most of the guys were still awake but tipsy, and the more sober ones just stared at her as she walked past them, fully naked, into the kitchen and into the toilet. She didn't even bother closing the door! All I could do was follow behind and shoo the guys away! After she finished her pee, she just walked out and sat down on the sofa with the guys. OH MY GOD that girl is really a trouble when she's drunk! I tried to pull her up but she just wouldn't budge so I had no choice but to get one of the guys to help me. One of them was really nice and he helped me carry her up, of course inevitably grabbing a handful of her boobs and ass as he did so. He just let her down at the entrance of the room and went back downstairs because I blocked him from entering the room where there were 4 other naked girls!

While most of the people left were rather tipsy already, they weren't unconscious yet. So the girls continued to play and laugh and dance around, until around 3.15am, someone suggested that we go swimming! By then, I was almost drunk too so I didn't object or anything and just went along! So then, 6 naked girls came out of the room and went downstairs in front of the guys once more and out of the house, and then jumped into the pool. Thankfully the pool was really shallow or one of us might have drowned! Actually most of the guys were asleep already so not many of them saw us. The rest were, again, chased away by us and forbidden into the pool. We splashed at each other in the pool and made lots of noises. Wonder if any of the neighbours saw what was happening. At 4.30, Jess came out of the pool and said that she wanted to pee again! She really drinks too much sometimes. This time I didn't follow her and I didn't have the energy already. But I came up and just fell asleep on the sunbathing bench.

Well apparently here's what happened after I fell asleep. The other 4 girls came out of the pool too and 3 of them went back into the room to sleep, while Christie stayed with me and fell asleep too. As for Jess, she finished her pee and went to sit at the sofa with the guy again! This time falling asleep. The next morning, when I woke up, it was around 9am already. I quickly woke Christie up and we went into the house, still naked, where most of the guys had already woken up. They were really gentlemanly and didn't do anything to Jess while she was unconscious! Nonetheless, it was still really awkward to be naked among a bunch of guys, so me and Christie quickly went upstairs, leaving Jess behind to teach her a lesson!

All of us washed up and changed into our clothes again, and the guys left. Then I went to wake Jess up, who had a nasty shock when she woke up naked in the middle of the living room and I told her about how she flashed everyone last night. What a crazy night! But it was really fun :)

Me and Jess went home to wash up and sleep, and she went back to her own home after that. The next day, my parents returned (:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Home Alone Day 4

Next  morning, after breakfast, we decided to try a full day of naughtiness because we ran out of things to do! The rules goes like this, we leave house at 10am both fully dressed, and each hour one of us would remove a piece of clothing and continue the days activities. We would toss a coin to decide who would remove the clothing each hour and the other person would decide for her which piece to remove. Sounds fun right (:

So we left house, I was dressed in a short translucent white t-shirt that showed shades of my blue bra and a mini skirt that covered just nicely below my butt cheeks with white panties underneath. Jess was wearing a green spaghetti strap top that showed quite a bit of cleavage and a pink lacy bra with a pair of denim shorts and matching pink panties. We got onto Jess's car which was parked downstairs and drove off aimlessly. We didn't really want to go into any place where there would be many people so we drove around town instead and stopped at one of the more ulu shopping centres in Orchard. I think it was the one near the Istana.

Finally, 11am came! We tossed a coin and it was tails! Which meant that Jess had to remove a piece of clothing. I wanted her to remove her top at first :p but she protested so I got her to remove her bra instead. So we went to the the toilet and off it went, leaving her flimsy spaghetti strap as the only support left for her big bouncy boobs. I could see that she was feeling really uncomfortable as her boobs kept bouncing everywhere while she was walking. I then dragged her to the pool centre there and she immediately saw my intentions! She tried to protest but allowed herself to get dragged in anyway. So we played pool for awhile. At the beginning she was quite uncomfortable and kept looking out went she bent over but after a while she got into the game and became complacent, bending over without hesitation quite a few times to hit the ball. Each time she bent over, her loose collar will droop down and expose her bare boobs and nipples! Even for me, my panties were exposed when I bent over to hit the ball as my skirt was so short! Luckily for her, the lighting there was rather dim so other tables couldn't really spot anything but I think one of the guys from the table beside us saw her zaogeng and told his friends! Because after a while they kept staring at Jess when it was her turn to play and bend over. When I saw that, I just shot them a dirty look and pulled Jess away and we left the pool place.

Before we left the building, it was 12! So a coin was tossed again and this time it was heads. Jess wanted me to take off my panties, so I did so in the toilet. My mini skirt wasn't the tight fitting kind, but instead was the loose kind that bounces around while walking and flies in the wind. So while walking down the street, it kept bouncing up and down and everytime the wind blew, it flew up to expose my lower body parts to people around! Luckily most people weren't very observant but I think I caught some people staring at times. We walked towards 313 somerset, which was quite a distance away, and shopped around abit, Until 1pm came and the coin was flipped again. Heads again! So off went my bra. My shirt was really thin so my nipples were very visible through the white translucent material and it attracted a lot of stares. We walked into one of the clothing shops and I picked a few clothes to try out. This guy shop attendant attended to me and directed me to the fitting room while Jess waited outside.I was trying out a dress so I had to take off everything, leaving myself naked. After trying it, I took it off and just opened the door to pass the dress to Jess and asked her to get me a new size! The shop attendant was really shocked to see me opening the door naked and my bare body was in full view in front of him! After Jess got a new dress, I opened the door again to take it from her! The attendant just pretended to look away all the while! After trying on the second set, which was fitting, I put on my clothes and paid for the dress before leaving the store.

After that, we went for lunch at one of the restaurants. We quickly ate and continued shopping. Meanwhile, 2pm passed and Jess lost her panties too! I psycho-ed Jess to pull her pants lower such that it exposed her butt crack! But in return I had to pull up my skirt higher, which meant that it became even shorter than before, exposing my whole butt with just a little bendover! Before it got to 3 and any of us lost a piece of clothing that would really expose us, we made our way back to the car.

We couldn't really think of what to do, but we both agreed to drive out of town first away from the crowds. After driving for a while, we decided to go home first. Of course, when we reached home, 3 had already passed and a toss of the coin determined that I was now topless! Jess purposely parked her car all the way up to the top floor of the multi-storey carpark, and I had to walk all the way down wearing only a super short mini skirt. Luckily we didn't run into anyone all the way back to my house!

Back home, we didn't change any of our clothing and stayed that way as the rules still stood!At 4, the coin showed heads again so I ended up completely naked, while Jess still had her top and bottom! We ordered Mcdelivery for dinner, and we played scissors, paper, stone to decide who will collect the food and I lost! Really unlucky day huh. When the delivery came, I took the money out and opened the door, to the surprise of the deliveryman. It was so dangerous! I opened the door for him to pass me the food, and at that instance my naked body was just inches away from the guy!

After dinner, 5 passed and Jess went bottomless. But, we were already safe at home so I didn't really matter. For the rest of the day, we just did our own stuff. Jess brought her laptop and was talking to her boyfriend on the webcam, wearing only just a shirt as her lower body could not be seen on the cam anyway. I decided to tease them both abit by appearing naked in the background and pretending to be unknowing that I was in the view of the cam. Jess quickly gestured to me to walk away as her boyfriend could see me naked so I obliged. After a while, I reappeared, screaming to Jess to see something on the TV, and then just pulled her up, showing her boyfriend that she was actually bottomless! Her boyfriend was quite shocked but regained his composure as he actually knew our nudist habits quite well. After some time, we both went to sleep in the nude (:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Home Alone Day 3

The next morning when I woke up, I quickly took a bath to get rid of the alcohol stench on my body and went out to meet Jess. We were going to visit Wild Wild Wet! Jess would also be staying over at my house for the next 3 days to keep me company (:

When we reached there, we changed into our bikinis. Jess wore a yellow bikini set while mine was white. Before I came, I cut away the inner layer of the bikini bottom to increase the excitement :p Even crazy Jess was shocked by my boldness! We started with the Shiok river, where we just slowly drifted along for some time and talking. The moment I stepped out, both of us got a rude shock! My bikini bottom had become almost transparent! A large black patch could be seen at my crotch area and my butt was fully visible from the back. However, I just ignored it continued playing (: By then I was attracting many stares already haha. So moving from place to place I carried a tube with me to cover my lower body.

We then went to take the water slides. At the U-lah-lah, we couldn't bring a tube up so I had to endure quite alot of stares from the people there, especially a group of guys in front of us, who couldn't stop staring but I did my best to ignore them. It was a six-seater, so we had no choice but to share the tube with four of the guys in front of us. I sat opposite one of the guys and decided to tease him abit by sitting with my legs spread apart facing him so that my vagina was exposed to him through the thin material of my bikini bottom. At the end of the ride, I could see clearly that he had a hard-on!

Next, we visited the wave pool, or tsunami i think. Me and Jess went all the way to the deep end with our tubes and waited for the waves to start. Jess wasn't sitting on the tube but instead leaning her arms on it and treading water. I slowly crept up behind her and pulled down her bikini bottom with all my might! The moment it came off it slipped out of my hands and floated away! Jess got a shock and screamed out a little, causing some people to look our way but it was okay since her lower body was in the water.

Just then, the waves started! Suddenly we were being tossed around and we saw Jess's bikini bottom floating up and being washed away and into the crowd! The pool was damn crowded and no one realized that there was a yellow bikini bottom being washed around them but Jess was tried to push through the crowd to retrieve it. Finally she got it and put it back on and we both had a good laugh about it.

To take the thrill further, I shifted by bikini top such that my left nipple was exposed, so that i had a little 'zaogeng', and we went to lunch that way! Could see people staring at me on the way to KFC with my nipple zaogeng and exposed lower body but no one was kind enough to come and say anything ): After lunch, we started with a slow float in the shiok river since we just ate. My left nipple was still exposed but in the shiok river, everyone was too busy having fun to notice anything.

After a while, we went to the playground to play. There were many kids there and I had a hard time enduring the disapproving stares of some parents about my state of exposure.There was a large pail at the roof of the playground that would pour water down at the people underneath. Me and Jess waited there for it to fill up and as it poured the water down upon us, I reached for Jess's neck and untied her bikini! The impact of the water was really strong so she did not realise what had happened at the start but awhile later, she got a nasty shock to see her bare breasts exposed!

Well the rest of the day went on quite normally besides the continued stares, and eventually this sweet guy came to tell me about my nipple slip (: After changing out, we went to e-hub for dinner and went home early since we were both quite tired. Went home, bathed, and both of us went to sleep (:

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Home Alone Day 2

The next day, I woke up at 11.30am, brushed my teeth, put on a large t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, I went back home and used the computer for awhile and decided to go for a jog at the nearby park.

I changed into a pink sports bra, and found a old pair of FBTs from my closet, which the waistband had become loose, and I cut away the netting and put it on without panties. While standing still, it looked quite normal except that the waistband was loose and was being supported by my hips. Every step that I took threatened to let it drop! The waistband was around 7cm below my belly button. Luckily I shaved myself not long ago, so no pubic hair peeked out from the top.

To test it, I climbed the stairs down, and as I 'bounced' along the steps, the FBTs dropped lower and lower until it suddenly just dropped to my ankles! There was nobody at the stairs so it was okay but my heart started beating very fast when I realised how loose it actually was! When I walked to the park, it was rather empty except for a few aunties and uncles strolling around. So, I found an empty path and started jogging. After a few steps, I could already feel my shorts dropping and I had to keep pulling at them to keep them up!

After jogging around 2km, I got sick of having to keep pulling up my shorts so I just let it drop to my ankles, stepped out of it and continued running bottomless with my shorts in my hands! The wind was blowing against by my sweat-covered pussy as I ran and it was so cooling and comfortable! I found a patch of grass where there wasn't a single person around in the area and then lied down on the grass and enjoyed the damp grass against my bare buttocks. In a moment's madness, I took off my sports bra too and threw it one side and closed my eyes, enjoying the warm sun on my naked body. If somebody came along I wouldn't have been able to dress up in time!

I had to open my eyes every now and then to check my surroundings, and also to prevent myself from falling asleep! Really dangerous haha, so after a while I had to put my clothes back on and make my way back home. When I reached the void deck of the neighbouring block, I look around and saw that there was no one. So, I took off my sports bra and pressed the button for lift and just stood there and waited. After a while, the lift came and I stepped in, leaving my sports bra at the stairs. The lifts at my area were old models and did not have cameras so it was okay! In the lift, I was feeling really naughty and tried to press the lift button with my nipples. I had to press my whole boob against the row of buttons before I managed to do it and the life made its way up to the 9th floor while I rubbed my nipples from the pain of pressing the button. At the 9th floor, I stepped out of the lift and checked the corridors, which were empty as it was a weekday. So I stepped up the game and took off my FBTs as well!. Now naked, I dropped my FBTs to my ankles and took them off as well!

After that, I walked along the corridor of the 9th floor to the next flight of stairs. You know that HDB stairs have this hole between their railings then goes all the way down? For the kick, I dropped my FBTs into the hole and turned away while it fell downstairs so that I would not know where it landed! So now my sports bra was at the bottom of a flight of stairs, while my FBTs were at an unknown place and the other end of the block! The units along the corridor all had their windows closed so no one saw me. Then I walked up the stairs to the 11th floor, and crossed the corridor again. This time, one of the units had a maid inside cleaning and I think she spotted me walking past but I didn't stop to notice her reaction but instead just continued walking and I once more proceeded upstairs! This was getting really exciting walking around fully naked except for my shoes and socks! When I reached the top floor, I looked down and admired the scenery for a while while enjoying the wind blowing onto my naked body.

After a while, I went back to the lift and pressed for the ground floor. As the lift arrived, I saw through the glass window that a guy was inside! He was checking his phone so he had not seen me yet but the door was going to open! I panicked and quickly ran towards the stairs to hide downstairs! I could hear the guy walk past the stairs, and go into his house, before I went back to the lift and pressed for the ground floor. I decided that it was already impossible to find my FBTs, so when I reached the ground floor, I quickly put on my sports bra and ran to my block bottomless! The trip was quite smooth as I reached home without running into anyone.

At home, I showered and decided to try something! I let two of my bras hanging outside at the window drop down, one of them dropped all the way downstairs, while one dropped onto the hanging bamboo stick thing of one of the units downstairs! I lived on the 12th floor, and by looking down I estimated it to be around the 7th floor. Wrapping only a short towel around myself, I stepped out of my house and locked the door! The towel wasn't very long and just barely covered my nipples and almost half of my boobs were outside, and it was only around 5cm below my vagina. I took the lift down to the ground floor, and went I came out, there was an auntie waiting for the lift and she stared at me. I just ignored her and went to the back of the building to retrieve my bra. There was no one around, so I boldly took off my towel, and went back to the lift and up to my unit, all the while naked! I left my bra at my door, put on the towel again, this time making it more loose, and made my way to the 7th floor for my 2nd bra.

At the unit on the 7th floor, I knocked on the door, and this secondary school student came to the door, still in uniform. Judging from his looks, he was around sec3 or 4. He just ogled at me as I explained what had happened and opened the door to let me in to his kitchen. Apparently he was the only one at home and I believe he just came back from school. As I reached out of the window to grab for my bra, I think my butt was exposed and I could feel his stares all over me. Then, I made a sudden move and allowed my towel to drop to the floor! There I was, standing in front of this stranger guy fully naked and in his house! If he decided to just rape me on the spot I wouldn't be able to overpower him! He had quite a shock and quickly looked away, but not before enjoying an eyeful of my naked body and I could see that he was still trying to sneak glances at me despite looking away. I pretended to be shocked and picked up the towel to cover my boobs, but made no effort to wrap it around me again. I then picked up my bra and turned around to walk to the door, exposing my whole bare back and butt to him. I thanked him and he locked the door as I walked back to the lift, still showing my entire bareback to him. Back in my house, I put on some clothes and went to have a late lunch, and came back for a nap.

I woke up around the evening, went out for dinner, used my computer, and went out to club with my friends at Butter Factory. Had a wild and crazy night (: At around 3am, I decided to go home and flagged down a cab. I was a little tipsy already, and wanted to try something naughty. I got the taxi driver to drop me off 2 streets away from my house. I was wearing a black dress with white bra and panties inside. I took off the dress, and started to walk home. The streets were empty at this time already and I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings, and I proceeded to take off my bra and panties as well, carrying them in my hands as I walked home. I climbed the overhead bridge to cross the road, and on it, I sat down and almost fell asleep! Thankfully I didn't or something would have happened! When I finally reached home, I just collapsed on the sofa naked and fell asleep till the next day (: