Sunday, 21 October 2012

Trapped outside naked! (Part 2)

Continued from the previous post, I was trapped in the middle of a park naked and had decided to make my way out. I was hoping so much that it would rain heavily so that I would be the only one left in the park! However, it did not and the sun plus my panicking caused me to keep sweating and my whole body was covered in sweat. The path was a very standard kind, with grass patches at both edges. However, there were hardly any trees! I could see two joggers running far away from where I was and I was sure they could see me as well but I'm not sure if they knew that I was fully naked!

I just tried to walk as fast as possible, taking the routes that looked the most empty. In fact, at times I just broke into runs and my boobs were bouncing everywhere which was so annoying! I had to also keep checking back if there was anyone! As I walked down one of the paths, suddenly a dog with a leash on its neck came running towards me and barking! It was quite a big dog and the leash on its neck mean that it had an owner and he or she must be nearby! With that thought I quickly ran and it gave chase! I ran to one of the low bushes in the area and hid behind it and just in time, as I squat down behind, I had a man's voice calling and saw the dog running back! From my view I could see the dog running back to its owner, a man of about 30plus. If he saw me it would have been disaster! Thankfully he just walked along the path and away after that.

The shock and the nervousness gave me a strong urge to pee and I just let go on the spot into the bushes! I felt like an animal at that time, fully naked in public and urinating into a bush. I hastily finished my pee and continued walking. Even though I was already quite used to this, it was still really scary as I never knew when someone might suddenly appear!

Just as I was walking, my phone suddenly rang out! I jumped from the sudden burst of noise and it was Jess! I was so excited to see her call and quickly picked up and told her what happened. After listening, she couldn't stop laughing and my stupidity and then she just hung up! I was so frantic and quickly called her back but she did not pick up! Feeling really angry at her, I continued my long journey out of the park. 5 minutes later, Jess called again and agreed to come and pick me up.

So, I changed direction and made my way to the carpark where Jess would come and pick me up. I was feeling really happy now that I was safe and I guess I got a little complacent and started slowing down my pace and walking normally. For a moment I actually forgot that I was fully naked and while a male jogger was running towards me, I actually didn't do anything! When I realised that he kept staring at me, it was too late as he was already very near and saw every inch of my bare skin! I quickly covered my private parts and ran a different direction till he was out of sight! That's when I was reminded that I wasn't exactly safe yet and I still had a long way to go before I reached the carpark and Jess arrived!

So I continued my cautious walk and this time there was so much more people in the park! I had to run really fast to escape being seen at some junctions and I'm quite sure a few caught a glimpse of me! Finally  I reached the carpark and Jess's car wasn't there! I just stood near one of the cars and waited. A car suddenly turned in and I quickly squatted down behind the car that was beside me! Thankfully the car stopped rather far away from where I was and the driver didn't walk past me when he alighted.

After an agonising 15minutes, Jess's car finally turned in and I quickly ran up to the car and knocked on the door for her to unlock it. The windows winded down and to my horror, a couple around their 20s were in the car! It turns out that I got the wrong car! It was just the same colour as Jess's car and looked almsot the same. The two of them stared at me and I stared back at them for quite some time as I didn't know how to react. I just ran out to a stranger's car and stopped it fully naked! The girl broke the silence first and asked if I was okay and I just said that I was on a dare with my friends and thought that their car belonged to my friend.

Luckily, they bought the story and they proceeded to park their car and enter the park while I just stood around pretending to be natural. It was so scary! What if they called the police! After they left, I quickly went back to my hiding place and another 10minutes later, Jess's car really came, and this time I made sure that I checked first! Jess refused to unlock the door at first and spoke to me through the window. The condition for me to board her car was that I had to do whatever she instructed me too and I immediately agreed in that frantic moment.

When I hopped onto the car, I told Jess everything that happened and when she finished laughing at me, she just told me that she didn't bring any clothing for me so I had to remain naked in her car. As Jess drove, I realised that she wasn't intending to drive me to my home or her home at all, instead she drove into town where there were many people and cars! She parked her car at the roadside and then said that she would go  and buy something from nearby, then told me to look after the car and left. I was left alone on the car naked and at the roadside! There were many people walking along the pavement just outside and if any of them bothered to look in they would be able to see me fully naked!

I looked around the car for something to hide myself with and the only useful things were the cushions at the back of her car so I grabbed those and covered myself with them. She only had 3 cushions so I placed one on my crotch to cover my pussy and hugged the other 2 to cover my boobs. A few people looked in at times but I don't think they could tell that I was fully naked. Suddenly, I heard a loud tapping at the window of the driver's seat! A traffic policeman had just parked his motorcycle beside Jess's car and was now knocking on the window! I could not ignore him so I had to reach over to wind down the window. In the process, I dropped one of the cushions on my chest and exposed my right boob! I think it was pretty obvious that I was naked too. The police officer saw it and I was so scared that I would be arrested on the spot! However, he just asked me why the car was parked here and told me to make sure it's driven away quickly because it was in the way of the busy traffic. Before he left, he asked me if I was okay and I just said yes so he went off and I quickly wound up the window again. Soon after, Jess came back with some food that she said was her breakfast and she finished eating before we drove away.

Next, Jess drove to a nearby shopping centre and parked at the carpark. She then said that we would go shopping! I protested that I was naked so she took off her long t-shirt on the spot and gave it to me. It was just long enough to hide my privates and my butt cheeks were peeking out a little at the bottom. If I leaned forward the slightest but bare butt could be seen by anyone behind me! As for Jess, it turned out that she was wearing a white tube top underneath so she still looked decent except that her huge nipples were visible through the material. At least her bottom was safe unlike mine! She just dragged me out of the car and we went shopping, attracting lots of attention in the process.

We went to the bookstore to check out some books and there was this secondary school student who kept staring at me so I decided to tease him and I kept bending over on purpose to look at the books at the lower shelves, in the process exposing my whole bare butt to him. I even picked out one of the books and sat on the floor to read it, while propping my legs wide open and exposing my pussy! It was surprising he didn't die of nosebleed on the spot but his eyes were almost popping out! I wanted to laugh so much at his reaction!

As the day went on, I got oogled a few more times but otherwise there wasn't really anything eventful. As if my day wasn't eventful enough! Jess drove me home and dropped me off downstairs and I returned her shirt to her before I left. Walking naked to the elevator, the horrible day was completed with a spoilt elevator! I had no choice but to climb the stairs up to my house! Without the lift, many other people had to use the stairs too and a few times I had to hide at the corridors when I heard footsteps coming down towards me. Finally, I reached my floor, sweating from all that climbing and thankfully my parents were not at home yet. they would have a nasty shock to see their daughter coming home naked! I took a long shower and went to use my computer in the nude in my room :)

Have no idea how many times my private parts was visually raped on that day but it was certainly an exciting experience!


  1. You've got as much balls as the guy who jumped off from space. *applause*

    1. What no! Different context haha I would never dare do what he did.

    2. Well, the chances of me having large enough balls to jump off from space is much much higher than having me walk around totally naked in broad daylight.

      So don't argue with me on that! :P

  2. u need to try nked in water theme park! or at least see thru 2 piece bikini

    1. You mean this?