Saturday, 27 April 2013

24 hour naked challenge part 2

Jess's air con was really cold and I was shivering since I was naked and I woke up quite a few times at night. At around 8am, I woke up again and since the sun was up already, I didn't bother going back to sleep anymore. I walked out to her room balcony to let the sun shine on me and warm my body up and enjoy the morning air while just staring into space. After like 10mins, I turned and realised that the maid in the opposite house was staring at me through her window! I quickly went back into the room and drew the curtains!

Jess was still asleep and I didn't dare to go out of the room in case her family was still outside. Of course that leaves me with only one thing to do - tease Jess in her sleep again! She was wearing her pajamas which were really loose so it made undressing her very easy. I just unbuttoned her top to expose her boobs and a light tug at her pajama bottoms easily slid them down! I took her phone and snapped a few photos of her in this semi naked state and set one of the sexier photos as her wallpaper and screensaver! Super tempted to post the photos onto facebook and twitter but didn't or she would murder me :p

A while later, Jess woke up and she wasn't exactly surprised to find herself undressed, probably used to it already. But she did get a shock when she saw her HP pictures! After putting her clothing right she went downstairs to make sure that the house was empty and I joined her after that for breakfast.

After breakfast, we showered and when I saw Jess putting on make up, I realized what the day was. One of our volleyball teammates was celebrating her birthday and she booked a chalet to celebrate as a team! I almost fainte when I realized I'll be attending this event fully naked. Although I wasn't able to wear nice clothes to the event, or any clothes at all, I still had to look good so I put on my make up and did my hair. I even painted my nails and trimmed my pubic hair to make myself look more presentable.

Jess drove us to the chalet directly and when we arrived, most of the team was already there. All of them just stared at me while Jess explained the situation to them. When they realized the situation, evil smiles started coming out and that's when I knew I was screwed. I was feeling really awkward and embarrassed. Although the whole team had seen me naked before an knew how much I enjoy being naked, this still felt really weird!

The birthday girl was called Alicia, who is the undisputed sexiest girl in the team with a sexy nickname. We called her 'tits' because she had really really big boobs for her size and her nipples were even more unnaturally big! Larger than 50cent coins. Many guys used to come to our matches just to see her boobs bounce everywhere. And also to see Jess's butt of course!

But now, I became the highlight of the day. Not that the birthday girl minded, she actually seemed rather amused. She said that she had ordered pizza earlier on and I was to collect it later! We just sat down on the floor and caught up with each other while waiting.

When the pizza came, Alicia just passed me the money and pushed me out! I walked up to the deliveryman, who was really shocked to see me and was staring at my boobs the whole time and collected the pizza from him. I had to stand there while he counted the money and it wasn't enough! I had to walk back into the chalet and come out again to pay him to correct amount. He probably had lots to share with his colleagues later on!

After lunch, we continued sitting around and it got kind of boring until suddenly Alicia pounced on me and screamed for the rest to grab me! The next thing I knew, my arms and legs were grabbed and I was lifted up, my legs spread apart. Take away 4 people holding my limbs, there were a few other teammates and I was now at their mercy! They tickled my nipples and vagina and I actually turned wet! It was so embarrassing to do that in front of your friends.

After that, I was carried out to the swimming pool beside the chalet and thrown into the deepest part! They then quickly ran back into the hotel! There wasn't anyone in the pool at that time thankfully, so I actually took the chance to swim for awhile and enjoy the cooling water, before climbing out and going back to the chalet, and found the door locked! Gina and Jess were just standing at the door and laughing and I caught their attention and whispered something to them, to which they agreed and let me in!

What I told them was a plan to tease the birthday girl instead of me! No choice, I have to save myself first plus I shouldn't be the centre of attention on this day anyway! The other girls were surpsied to see them let me in so easily but they didn't object either and the 3 of us discreetly spread the plan amongst the other teammates without Alicia's knowledge!

Alicia stood up and headed towards the toilet, and that was the cue. I shouted and the whole team striked together, four of us grabbed Alicia by the limbs, like how they grabbed me just now and the rest started stripping her! Alicia was shocked and she was laughing and screaming for us to put her down as her skirt and panties got tugged off, followed by her shirt and bra. As she struggled, her HUGE boobs bounced everywhere. It was really a sight to behold! Those fanboys of hers would kill to see this.

So now 'tits' was naked and we lifted her up like fans carrying their idol and walked out along the chalet! We made alot of noise so we had to avoid the not so crowded places! After a while, we put her down and she quickly covered herself with her hands. Alicia wanted to make her way back to the chalet but we refused to let her and we just dragged her along out to the beach outside the chalet! There were people out there so the girls formed a circle with me and Alicia, the two naked girls inside so that people could not really see us and we huddled together and moved as a group. I was no stranger to something like this but Alicia was super shy and nervous! Reaching the beach, we just found a spot with nobody around and played around in the water till the sky turned dark and we made our way back the same way.

By then, 24 hours had already passed since I was naked. The longest ever! However, I did not have any clothes with me anyway so I remained naked. But, I dared the whole team to go naked along with me. Jess was supportive and stripped naked on the spot, while Alicia was already naked so she did not object. The other teammates were quite reluctant but after much convincing stripped as well and in no time the whole team was naked! Of course we had such moments before, like when the team all showered together after training but this was really new and pretty arousing! We started to prepare the barbeque and had BBQ dinner, the whole time naked. Thankfully our chalet was at a corner of the resort and there were no occupied chalets around us.

After dinner, someone took out alcohol and we started drinking. As I always learn to find out, alcohol and naked girls do not go well together and soon everyone was doing crazy things! One of the teammates, Michelle had fell asleep on the floor with her legs spread apart and we took her finger and inserted it into her vagina, moving it for a while first to make her horny. Then someone took out coloured markers that we used to write on Alicia's birthday card we started doodling on Michelle's naked body! I drew a face on her with her nipples as eyes. It was so funny!

Alicia and Jess were super high and they ran out of the chalet. I was still conscious so I chased after them and pulled them back! I had to lock the door afterward and I continued drinking till I was high too so I wouldn't have to play the role of the babysitter. The next morning, all of us woke up and sheepishly dressed up, except for me. Michelle was super shocked and it took her quite a awhile to remove all the drawings from her body! We wished Alicia happy birthday once more and Jess drove me home where I finally put on some clothing.

After the crazy night, I realised that Alicia is really hot and it would be really interesting to introduce her to this nudity thing. It would be such a waste to waste those assets! I decided to 'jio' her out on my next adventure!