Monday, 16 April 2012

Home Alone Day 1

Parents went overseas! So I was left alone at home for the whole of last week. After sending them off at the airport and coming home, I immediately stripped naked and lied down on the sofa. I usually don't get to be fully naked at home since my parents were around, so this was a good chance to enjoy the freedom!

While naked in my living room, I kept the windows and doors closed in case my neighbours looked in of course.  I just carried on my usual life at home, but this time naked, such as watching TV, using the computer and doing a bit of housework. For a moment, I even went out to water the plants while naked! Thankfully none of my neighbours saw me! Around the evening, I decided to go out for dinner and shop a bit. I chose a buttoned top and a mini skirt, without any underwear, and left home.

At the bus stop, I waited a while for the bus into town. It was a double decker, so I went to the top and all the way to the back. The bus was rather empty at this time, and only 2 other people were at the top with me and they were both seated rather in front. At the back, I shifted into the corner and sat low so that only my head was visible for people looking in my direction. I then slowly slid my skirt off my waist and let it fall to my ankles! Since no one was looking, I just took it further by taking the whole skirt off and throwing it to the other end of the last row! But my aiming sucked and it dropped onto the floor -.- Now I was bottomless and sitting on a public bus! I slowly unbuttoned my shirt as well, and took it off! I kept my shirt with me just in case, but continued to sit naked at the back of the bus.

The ride was really long, and the fellow passengers kept coming and going. Thankfully, they all stayed in front and no one bothered walking behind. For a short 10minutes, I even fell asleep! When I woke up, the bus was still moving and I was still in a safe position! At the next stop, a guy came up and started walking towards me! When I realised that, I panicked and luckily, my shirt was quite big so I spread it out and covered my body with it so that it looked like a jacket. The guy saw me and stared a bit, since my shoulders were clearly bare and a lot of my legs were exposed. However, he just ignored me and then proceeded to sit down on the same row at the other end! Maybe he thought I was wearing a tube top underneath or something. Fortunately, my skirt had fallen under the seat in front so he did not realise it was there but unfortunately, I was stuck at the back of the public bus naked with a man sitting beside me! I shifted my handbag to cover my butt and adjusted my shirt a little to cover myself. I was at the left end of the row while he was at the right, so I shifted my shirt rightwards, so that the right side of my body was better covered while part of my left side was left exposed! The most difficult part was trying to ignore his presence and act normal throughout the trip.

After a few stops, the guy finally alighted, and I hastily adjusted my shirt again to cover my left side as well. He took a final glance at me and went downstairs. I was so scared and aroused! I then realised that I was wet all over, not just on my pussy, but on my whole body since I was sweating from the close encounter! I was almost in town already, so I put my shirt on, and slowly moved to the other side and put on my skirt. While alighting the bus, I had to go down the stairs and there was a guy also alighting downstairs. He glanced upward and just happened to look up into my skirt and got a shock! However, he was in a rush to alight so did not stare for long, while I just acted like I did not see him looking up at my crotch.

In town, I went to Suntec City to have dinner in a restaurant and after dinner, it was still quite early so I went to catch The Hunger Games! In the cinema, I chose a seat at the corner all the way to the back and took off my clothes to enjoy the air con on my body! Halfway through the movie, I had to go to the toilet so I just wore my shirt and went out, leaving my skirt behind! The shirt wasn't very long, and only covered till half butt length, which means that my butt and pussy were exposed! However, it was a weekday night and rather late already so not many people were at the cinema to begin with! The common area outside the theatres were empty and I just went to the toilet to pee without running into anyone! After peeing, I hastily went back into the theatre in case there were cameras around.

When the movie ended, it was quite late already and I caught the last bus home. As before, I sat at the back of the upper deck and stripped naked. This time, There was really no one on the upper deck! So I very boldly allowed myself to fall asleep and when I woke up, it was still empty! Finally I reached my stop and I merely put on my shirt and stuffed my skirt into my bag and walked down! I stood at the stairs where no one could see me and let the door open first before quickly alighting! Some of the passengers saw me and looked rather shocked and I could see them look back as the bus left haha! With only my shirt on, I made my way back home and luckily didn't run into anyone! When I reached home, I pleasured myself a little, took a shower and went to sleep in the nude (:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hi Everyone!

Sorry couldn't find the time to post recently. So here goes!

Went to Sentosa last weekday with a bunch of friends to play volleyball again, Jess and Gina included. So everything was really fun until after when people started to leave. Soon, only me and Jess were left and we made our way from Siloso Beach to Tanjong Beach.

Tanjong Beach is really really quiet, especially on a weekday. It's like almost empty most of the time except for a few ang mohs here and there. So, me and Jess went to an empty spot where no one was nearby and just sat there to enjoy the sunset. Seeing that no one was around, I just took off my bikini top and lie down on the sand, and dared Jess to do the same. As usual, Jess was competitive and she took off her whole bikini and lied down naked! Of course I couldn't lose out and I followed suit and the two of us just lied down on the beach with our naked bodies being exposed to the air.

We actually stayed in that position for quite some time and no one came near us or spotted us. After a while, Jess made the wrong choice of falling asleep! I ensured that she was really fast asleep, put my bikini back on, and hid her bikini away in my bag! Then, I started to cover her naked body with sand. I had to do it slowly in case I woke her up but in around 15 minutes, her arms and legs were all buried in sand! I also covered her belly, so her head, boobs and pussy were exposed in the air, but the rest of her body was buried in sand! I also made sure the sand on her was thick enough, so that she wouldn't be able to release herself! So she was naked under the sand with her private parts exposed and at my mercy (:

I continued to thicken the layer of sand on her till she woke up and got a nasty shock! She was screaming at me to release her but shut up when I reminded her that her screaming would attract people to us and they would be able to see her. I started to play with her nipples and cleanly shaved pussy and I could see her face turning red and she was getting slightly aroused, but I stopped and started to walk away with my bag! Jess freaked out and starting shouting again for me to come back. I ignored her and went to the toilet to take a pee, before coming out again to remove the sand from her. When Jess came out from the sand, I didn't give her bikini back but instead took mine off and pulled her to the sea to go skinny dipping! It feels really really good to have the cold seawater wash all over your body, and we just sat in the sea and talked for quite some time.

By then, it was almost 10 plus already and the beach was almost deserted. I needed to pee again and went to the toilet, but this time, I didn't bother to get dressed and just walked there naked! At the toilet, I decided to do something bold as I walked into the guy's toilet instead of the ladies! It was empty so I walked into one of the cubicles and started to pee. As I finished peeing and prepared to walk out, I heard voices outside! Two men were outside and changing! I freaked out and stayed in the cubicle, and crouched down to see what was going on from the hole under the door. I saw the two guys standing directly outside my cubicle, changing out of the swimming trunks! Got a bit aroused to see their big dicks and started to dig myself a little but stopped just in time before I forgot where I was! After around 10 minutes, they finally left and I could come out from the toilet! I went back to the beach where Jess was waiting and we continued to sit on the beach until around 12.30am and we went to the toilet again to bathe. The beach was totally empty by now and we didn't go into the toilet to bathe, but instead bathed in the showers outside of the toilet! After we finished our bath, we walked out to the main road naked and got into Jess's car and drove back to her home.

More next time (:  feel free to give suggestions too!