Saturday, 12 January 2013

Home Alone once more

Before I start, just to clarify once more, I will not post any photos on this blog no matter what. It is a place to share what I do, not what I look like. If you doubt the reality of my posts then you can choose not to read.

Haven't been doing anything naughty for a long time! Was busy with work! I'm working part-time at a local company on weekdays and spending time with new BF on weekends. My new BF is kind of conservative compared to those in the past so I try not to be naughty in front of him, though there were times when I tried to tease him! There was once when we were at the movies and I just slipped off my panties from underneath and my skirt and put it into his hands! He was so shy and totally didn't know what to do!

Recently, my parents went overseas again, this time to Seoul and I was left alone in the house once more! Really wanted to go with them but could not due to work :( It was a late night flight for my parents and I went to sleep before they left home. The next morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was to stay in bed, strip off all my clothing and continue my sleep in the nude! It was a Saturday so I did not need to work. When I finally woke up, it was almost 10am and I went to wash up, brush my teeth etc.

After that, I put on a long singlet and went down to have breakfast at Macdonald's. The singlet was quite thin and my nipples poked through them and it covered till mid-thigh. While queuing up, I could feel the person behind me checking out my bare ass through the thin material! After buying my food, I took a table at a secluded corner where there wasn't anyone nearby. In fact, the Macdonald's was quite deserted that day!

After finishing my breakfast, my hands somehow wandered underneath my singlet and I started to play with my vagina right there! Very soon, I totally forgot that I was in a public place and was furiously fingering myself in the restaurant! Thankfully nobody was nearby to see me. With my fingers wet with my female juices, I went to the toilet to wash my hands and as I stood up, I had a shock as my wet pussy had left a stain on my singlet! Anyone who saw me would know that my pussy was wet! I quickly went to the toilet and washed my hands and left, ignoring the stares.

However, I still did not want to go home yet. I was still feeling warm all over from just now and I saw this group of teenagers playing basketball at the basketball court and decided to just approach them. They stared at me as I walked towards them and I asked if I could join them and they let me. So we played 4 on 3, I joined the team with 4. Everytime I raised my arms to shoot, my singlet would be lifted up a little and expose my pussy and butt. And the armholes of my singlet were quite big and they could see my boobs bouncing everywhere free of restrictions. It was really distracting for them! And because of my state of undress, they didn't really dare to touch me. At one point, I turned and knocked into one of the guys as my boobs bounced off his body and I fell to the ground, exposing my lower body to him!

After playing for quite some time, we stopped for a rest. My body was now sweating all over, causing my thin singlet to stick to my body and become translucent. I was as good as naked! However, I just continued to act blur and even lifted up my singlet to wipe my face, showing them everything underneath! After resting for a while, I left and went back home, took off my singlet and went for a shower.

I used my com for a while and surfed the net, and decided to try something fun! Any of you heard of the website chatroulette? It's this site where u talk to random strangers on video! I heard that there are alot of perverts on the site and I decided to satisfy some of them! I set in front of my laptop and turned on the webcam. Instantly I saw my naked body on the screen and I went to the site and connected! The first person that came up was some guy who was quite shocked to see me naked but nonetheless decided to sit back and enjoy. I jiggled my boobs at him and press next since he was so boring. The next was 3 girls sitting in a restaurant! It was really awkward as I stared back at them and I quickly pressed next. After that was a guy who was naked. I decided to tease him and did a naked dance while he wasn't shy either and was frantically rubbing his dick. I got a bit disturbed after a while and offed my webcam.

For the thrill, I put my finger into my vagina for the second time in the day and started digging myself while pressing the next button with my other hand, pausing a few seconds for each person at the other end of the screen to see me masturbating and moaning. There were a few guys who just stared, a few perverts who were naked, and at one time a girl who was so shocked she pressed next before I could! Eventually I climaxed and let out a loud and long moan in front of another guy, smiled at him and turned off my webcam again. I then closed the laptop and took a good nap! It's really comfortable to sleep naked, for those of you who have not tried it. Because every inch of your bare skin is in contact with the soft material of the bed and blanket. Especially if your blanket is silky!

I woke up and changed and went out for dinner with BF. Dress appropriately to avoid stares as he doesn't like it :) After dinner, we shopped around for a while and he came home with me as I asked him to stayover at my house for the night. We watched TV together for some time and I went to shower. After my shower, I wrapped my body in my towel and just came out and sat beside him in the shower. He was so shy and turned red immediately! Every now and then, I would let my towel slip and show my boobs or pussy to him and I could tell he was enjoying it!

As it got late, he went home as he had something on the next day and Jess came over. Who else but my best friend to accompany through the night :)

More on what happened after Jess came in the next post!