Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Hi again

It's really been a while. Was sorting through my old stuff and suddenly remembered that I still had this blog and while reading through the stories again, I was reminded of the good, old reckless days :)

For people who still happen to chance upon this blog and do care, here are some updates on my life:

1) I DO still do naughty stuff sometimes, and I am still as naughty as ever ;) it's just that life has been so busy that I haven't had the time to blog about it and share my experiences, and as time passed I lost the momentum and forgot about this platform.

2) Jess is still my best friend and partner-in-crime! We still frequently hang out and have sleepovers, and see each other naked all the time! Unfortunately, she has already broken up with her boyfriend Kevin 3 years ago :( The bright side is, she has since moved on and is seeing someone new now, and so am I!

3) If you're wondering, it's been really quite some time, but both of us are still in our twenties! So we aren't too old to be doing naughty things yah ;)

4) I rarely go around explicitly streaking nowadays. It was really reckless and dangerous of me in the past, but I do miss those days and some times when I am really sure of my privacy, I may still take a risk. Of course, I have not given up on the occasional "accidental" zaogeng!

5) I now hardly own any underwear and only wear them at work when my attire runs the risk of zaogeng. Outside of work, I have completely given up on wearing underwear regardless of what clothes I'm wearing and I am really enjoying the freedom this has given me.

Going forward, I will try to go back to sharing my experiences but no guarantees!! I do have a very bad habit of procrastinating.

In the meantime, I'll just share some recent occurrences that I can remember from the back of my mind.

Of course, with my underwear-less habits now, zaogengs are common everyday occurrences. Most of the time, I don't really care if people can see anything unless it's really a very bad nipple slip or pussy slip. A few times on the mrt while I'm wearing a skirt or dress, I would purposely sit in an unglam manner to tease whoever is opposite me!

The good thing is, my boyfriend loves this because it makes things convenient!

Once, we went to catch a movie and we were sitting at the back row. It was a midnight show on a weekday so the theatre was pretty much empty, and we were alone in our row. At the time, I was wearing a slip dress. Halfway through the movie, my boyfriend started getting touchy as his hand slowly made its way up my thigh.

Soon, he was fingering me in the cinema!! His other hand went through my armhole and started fondling my boob. His fingers were pinching and rubbing my nipples and I was trying to focus on the movie but this was making me so horny I couldn't focus!

Not long after, I found my hand slipping into his berms and boxers as well as I started stroking his dick. Finally, it was too much for me to bear and we both ditched the movie, found the nearest handicap toilet and had a quickie to blow it off!

Another time, we were at a friend's gathering and we were all playing card games at the table. There were a lot of people so I was sitting on his thigh while he sat on the chair. At the time, I was wearing a sundress and nothing else. I was extra careful of course, to not zaogeng and shock the other people there as not everyone was a close friend.

However, as I had nothing underneath, and my boyfriend (let's call him Dan) was wearing shorts, my bare pussy was directly touching his hairy thigh! Clearly he noticed too and teased be subtly by shaking his leg that I was sitting on! I had to pretend that everything was fine and focus on what was going on in the game while being so aroused! I couldn't even rub myself as there were so many people!

After the game, I was feeling so horny and warm that I couldn't bear it, and my pussy had already left a wet stain on his thigh. I gave him a look to hint him and we told our friends that we were going to the car to grab something. On the lift down, I was so excited to get it on that I pulled down my dress straps and made his suck on my nipples! (I had already checked that there was no camera in this lift)

Fortunately, we did not make any stops in between and at the first floor, I quickly pulled up my dress and we headed to the car. I was so angry to see that there was another car parked beside our car, and a whole family was there!!

They were just chatting and seemingly waiting for someone and were not leaving! We can't just be having sex in the car with them beside us. We got into the car and drove off till we found some more secluded area, and we just started doing it in the car! It was so satisfying!!!

Dan pulled my sundress off my body with a quick move and threw it out the window! I didn't have time to care and just pushed his head to my boobs so he could lick and suck my nipples that were so hard now, while my other hand went to my pussy to dig myself.

Then, it was my turn to use my mouth, as I quickly pulled down his shorts and briefs and swallowed his dick! After a few strokes, I was already feeling impatient as I had pent up my horniness for so long, so I made my way over to his side and started riding him!

As this was all impromptu, he didn't have a condom with him so I had to stop before he cummed and finish him with my mouth. Dan is kind of a clean freak when it comes to his car so I had to make sure his penis was fully in my mouth when he cummed so that none will spill out. I was going to spit it out on the ground outside the car but he grabbed my thighs and started licking my pussy!

I couldn't resist that. So I just swallowed whatever I had in my mouth and enjoyed the rest of the session. When we were finally done and satisfied, Dan drove us back to the friend's house, and that's when we realised we left my dress behind on the ground!! We had to drive back to the place, making many loops along the way as we had forgotten how we got there. Thankfully, my dress was still around and I quickly put it on and we rejoined our friends, who were definitely wondering why we took so long!

Besides my personal life, of course there are many more adventures with Jess! Will try to share them again when I find the time. Stay tuned!