Sunday, 19 October 2014

Long time no see

Been really busy for the entire year with hardly any time to do anything naughty, let alone update this blog. Got attached as well at the start of the year and my boyfriend doesn't really approve of all these naughty things, so I have been really inactive.

Of course, I really miss the naughty days with Jess and the other girls. Finally couldn't take it anymore last Wednesday after a night of clubbing. Got a bit tipsy and my boyfriend dropped me off downstairs, and I refused his offer to walk me up.

When I went upstairs, I realised I had forgotten my keys. I just decided to walk downstairs to find somewhere to sit down while I wait for morning. As I walked, I took off my uncomfortable heels, and my bodycon dress was feeling so uncomfortable as well so I took it off. And there I was, walking down the stairs in only my light-green panties (I didn't wear a bra that day).

It was so long since I did anything like that and it felt so exciting to be almost naked out in the public again and I was so aroused! I wanted to just throw all my clothes away but I couldn't because they were expensive ones.

When I reached the void deck, I just sat down at the benches and called my boyfriend to pick me up to his house. While waiting, I took off my panties as well and enjoyed the night breeze on my naked body and fell asleep.

When my boyfriend arrived, he nudged me awake and I could tell he wasn't very happy to find me sitting there in the nude but I was too drunk and tired to care. He tried to make me put my clothes on but I refused to so he had no choice but to help me up the car in my state and leave my clothes at the back of the car.

 The next morning, I woke up on his bed still naked. Had to put on one of his big t-shirts in order to go down afterward and he drove me home :)

A really short incident but once I felt that exhilarating feeling of naughtiness again I am craving for more! Will ask the girls out soon for more naughty stuff!

Monday, 3 February 2014

New Bikinis!

Went to Sentosa today with Jess to try out our new bikinis! As you guys remember from the previous post, mine was one size smaller. Naturally it felt tight and my breasts were squeezed together by the strapless top to form a deep cleavage and the thong bottom hugged my butt tightly as my butt cheeks squished out through the sides. Otherwise it actually still looked alright and quite natural. But I wondered how Jess would fare with hers that was two sizes smaller for her!

When I met Jess at harbourfront, she immediately chided me for getting her such a small bikini and removing the paddings! I just gave her a cheeky smile and we made our way to the beach. We purposely chose to go on a monday so that it wouldn't be too crowded. When we finally reached the beach, Jess took off her tank top and shorts and I got a huge shock! Her strapless bikini top was so tiny on her huge boobs! They looked like they were going to burst out anytime and the bikini had squeezed them together to become two sexy humps. There was a lot of underboob too! The padding had also been removed and her nipples were erect and protruding through the thin material. Her thong bottom was even better. Because of all the walking we did beforehand, it had sunk in between her butt cheeks and were almost invisible! From behind it was as though she was bottomless as her ass cheeks were too voluptuous. She also had problem pulling it up all way so she ended up showing quite a bit of butt crack. Without question Jess immediately attracted quite abit of attention! She caught me staring at her with my mouth open and blushed and told me to stop staring hahahahah!

When I took off my singlet and shorts as well, my bikini looked so modest compared to hers! I went up and gave Jess a loud smack on her ass! She screamed out a bit and started chasing after me to smack me back. As we ran, I could my boobs swinging so heavily that I was afraid they wouldn't stay in the small bikini top! At that moment, I wondered how Jess would feel and just as I turned around to see her running towards me, her boobs popped out of her top! She quickly stopped running and covered her boobs and squatted down!

After she put her boobs back in we played volleyball for a while. Both of us had to keep stopping to adjust our bikini tops before we spilled out of them! My own bikini was in a wedgie from the moving about but after adjusting it a few times I got tired of it and just let it be.When I looked at Jess I couldn't make up my mind if her boobs or the ball was bouncing more!

When we stopped playing volleyball, while the adrenaline was still high, I quickly suggested to Jess that we go into the water! Before she could agree or disagree, I pulled her hand and ran to the water and gave her a hard push inside! She fell into the water forward and the splash displaced her boobs! Luckily for her, she noticed that immediately and adjusted her boob. When she stood up, as I had expected, her white bikini had become transparent! I could see the colour of her nipples clearly and her cameltoe now had a flesh colour to it! She had expected that too and she glared at me but did not bother covering up.

I was safe because my bikini was black! I continued walking deeper into the water when suddenly, I felt a hand tug at my bikini strop behind and the next thing I knew, my boobs bounced out and I was topless! It was so sudden that it took me awhile to realise what had happened and when I got back to my senses and turned back, I saw Jess running up the shore with my bikini top in her hand! I covered my boobs with my arms and ran after Jess! By now quite a few people were already staring at us, a topless girl chasing a girl with a transparent bikini. And both of our bottoms were so tiny that our butts kept wobbling as we ran!

Jess ran up to the toilets nearby and she threw my bikini top across the fence into the male toilet! The place was really empty that day so I figured the toilet would be empty anyway and I walked in to pick up my bikini. When I stepped in and made a turn, I saw two guys at the urinals! One of them was holding my bikini top in his hands while the other was still peeing! I could see his junk hanging out and the urine coming out from it! When he saw me, he quickly pushed his hip toward the urinal to hide his manhood while the other guy just stared at my bare boobs. My hands quickly went up to cover them again as I looked away from the urinal guy. The guy holding my top was like " this yours?" And I quickly muttered a soft "yes" and snatched it from his hand before running out!

I went out and put on my top and a while later the guy came out too and I just sheepishly smiled at him. Jess was laughing non-stop! But she suddenly remembered that her bikini was almost transparent at the moment and quickly covered her boobs with her hands. We went back to our belongings and as usual, decided to move to the more quiet Tanjong Beach. Instead of putting our clothes back on, we decided to walk their in our bikinis! Or rather I suggested and forced Jess to agree!

While walking there, Jess kept her arms crossed so that her nipples could covered as her bikini was still very wet! However, that way, her cameltoe was still exposed and she was still showing a lot of ass in her tiny bottom and so she still attracted a lot of attention.

At one point I purposely lagged behind and from the back I pulled Jess's bikini bottom down! I pulled really hard till it was at her ankles! She quickly bent down I tried to pull it back up but she had a hard to time pulling her tiny bottom over her large ass so everyone was just staring at her bare ass and pussy as she fumbled with it! 

This was an opportunity I couldn't let go and I quickly unhooked her top and ran! So there she was topless and with her bottom only halfway up her ass! She decided to give chase and as she ran her bottoms fell down to her feet again, leaving her naked! She stopped again to slowly pull it up and by the time she got her bottoms up again I had ran very far away! 

Jess covered her boobs with her hands and chased after me and we kept running along the beach and making a lot of noise! Luckily the place was really empty that day except for one or two people that were far away anyway.  In a moment's craze I chucked her bikini top into a dustbin! I was laughing really hard but when I saw Jess's horrified face that I realised what had happened! The bin was quite high and had a small opening so it would be hard to retrieve!

I actually felt quite bad and Jess was quite pissed so I took off my top and offered it to her while I tried to reach into the bin to get her top out for her. I had to tie my hair up in a bun first so that my hair does not touch the bin and I reached in. It was really deep and I had to tiptoe a bit to reach the bottom. Thankfully there wasn't alot of rubbish inside!

Suddenly, I felt someone tug at my bottoms and next thing I knew, they were my ankles! Before I could turn back, my legs were lifted up! I didn't dare to struggle for fear of  falling so I could only scream at Jess as one of my hands was in the bin and the other was waving in the air helplessly trying to maintain my balance while my bikini bottom was being slipped off my feet! Next I just heard Jess running away leaving me naked and bent over at the bin!

I decided to just finish what I was doing and got the bikini top out of the bin and by then Jess was nowhere to be seen! She had ran off with my bag as well so I had no clothes to put on! I wasn't keen on putting the top on as it was dirty and I had to wash my hands so since there was no one nearby anyway, I walked naked to the nearby toilet and washed myself and the top at the shower outside!

I had no idea where Jess was but I was really turned on by the naked walk to the toilet so I went inside, hid the top in one of the cubicles and went outside naked! I checked the beach and made sure that it was empty and I started running for the sea! My boobs were bouncing wildly as I ran but I did not care as I enjoyed the breeze on every exposed inch of my body. When I reached the sea, the cold overwhelmed me instantly and I quickly swam a bit to warm myself up.

I continued skinny dipping in the sea for a while and then I saw Jess coming over! She had been hiding for a while to see if I will panic but when she saw that I wasn't giving a damn that I was naked she just gave up and came over. 

Jess was now wearing my bikini top, which was one size too small for me and therefore I don't know how many sizes too small for her! Her boobs were threatening to burst it and I could see her areola peeking out already! I told Jess to join me in the water and she took off her bikini and jumped into the sea.

We swam abit and splashed at each other a bit before going up the shore again. The beach was still empty so we lied down on the beach naked and tanned ourselves. It's really comfortable to feel the warmth of the sun on every part of your body, especially the parts that don't usually get much sun! 

Both of us used a piece of small towel to cover our faces as we tanned to shield our faces as we tanned and we just talked about life. As we talked and talked, I closed my eyes to enjoy the sun and suddenly I realised that Jess had stopped replying! I looked up and realised that she had dozed off! Couldn't blame her, I myself almost dozed off too! 

This was a chance I couldn't miss! I took back my bikini and put it on, grabbed all our stuff and ran off, leaving Jess sleeping naked with a small towel behind!  Before I went off, I even picked up 2 seashells to cover her nipples for her! I left her phone behind, and I walked away from the beach and hid in the toilet!

10mins later, while I was playing Flappy Bird, I received Jess's call!I decided to ignore the call and let it ring. When it stopped ringing, I continued my game until I heard someone coming in and enter the cubicle next to me! Then, I felt my phone ring again and I let it vibrate as I heard a 'come on' from the cubicle beside. It was Jess! I quickly gathered up my stuff I left the toilet!

I sat outside the toilet letting the phone vibrate as I waited till Jess gave up and came out by herself when two guys showed up and walked into the toilet. I decided to do something damn bad! This time, I picked up the call and told Jess that I had already walked back to Siloso and that I had left her bikini in the male toilet! Then I convinced her that there would probably be no one inside!

So I sneaked a peek as I saw a naked Jess run out of the ladies into the male toilet  and a while later, there was a scream and she ran out! As she ran out she saw me and quickly ran towards to scold me but I couldn't stop laughing as I returned her bikini. I was now wearing her set and I gave her mine, which was already one size smaller for me and therefore many more sizes smaller for Jess! While she was putting it on, the two guys came out of the toilet and stared at her trying to force her big ass into the tiny thong bottom! She blushed like mad as they walked past!

We decided that it had been a long day and started walking back to Siloso. I looked at Jess and her right nipple was peeking out of the bikini while her areola was super visible at the left, plus the bottom was damn small and one of her pussy lips was actually outside! But Jess, being Jess, was rather oblivious to it. But such beautiful scenery with no one to see is such a waste! So I challenged Jess to see how many guys we can pick up along the beach on the way back! She agreed and we both agreed that the loser will have to do a naked dare!

So Jess went up first to a guy who was just chilling at the beach while I watched from far. When she was talking to the guy he kept looking down, probably to her exposed nipple! But she didn't realise and continued talking to the guy and eventually managed to get his number! I was next and I chose this cute guy who was with his friends playing volleyball. When he went away from the group to his belongings, I took my chance and went up. While I was talking to him, my bikini top suddenly got pulled apart to expose my boobs! Jess had secretly snuck up behind and did that! And the guy didn't even warn me! So disappointing.

After the free show he got he had to give me his number. And so it went on till we reached Siloso again and I lost 4 to 3! A bet was a bet and I looked around for people and made sure there was no one before stripping off my bikini and waiting for the challenge. Jess took over my bikini and declared that she hadn't decided what challenge she would give me and ran! I quickly gave chase and snatch my bikini back!

She decided to postponed my dare to another time so I owe her one. I put my bikini back on and we decided to act blur and try to board the train back to Vivo in our bikinis! Would be disastrous if it actually worked but of course we got stopped and we had to change out of them. Jess suggested that we wear back our clothes without our bikinis inside and I agreed.

And only after agreeing did I realise that while she was wearing a tank top, what I had was a singlet, the basketballer kind with the big armholes! So my boobs were in full view through the large armholes! But I had already agreed so no choice. On the train, I found a seat and sat cross-armed so not so obvious!

So we reached Vivo and went for dinner. Dinner wasn't very eventful except for the stares from people which I tried my best to ignore. After dinner we quickly went home and the train was quite crowded! I was standing in the middle with my arms crossed, trying to shield my boobs and ignore the stares and while talking to Jess I actually forgot about my plight! So when the train suddenly jerked I instinctively raise one of my hands to hold the handles, leaving my armhole wide open for everyone to see! I actually didn't realise until many stops later when Jess was about to alight and only then did she tell me! I quickly crossed my arms back again and it was so awkward knowing that everyone around had a full view of my boob! I quickly alighted the next stop and waited for the next train.

When I reached home, I was waiting for the lift when this guy in secondary school uniform joined me and I noticed him casting glances at me so I decided to tease him a bit! I started to tied my hair up in a bun, lifting both my hands up and leaving the armholes open so that he could see my boobs as I fiddled with my hair! I could tell that he was in so much shock and had to suppress my laughter! When the lift came, we both went in and I was so shocked when he pressed for my floor! Turns out he's a neighbour! But I was tying my hair halfway and it would be weird to stop suddenly so I kept calm and continued tying while he continued staring! When we reached, we both exited and I saw that he lived at the corner of the block, which means he will pass by my house everytime he goes to the lift! Hopefully I don't run into him but now that he knows where I stay he might start to keep a look out!

It was an eventful day and I had a lot of fun. Hope to have more of such days in the future! In the meantime, it's back to work tomorrow!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Really late but Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Planning a beach trip tomorrow with Jess with our christmas bikinis :) stay tuned!