Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

Merry Christmas everyone!

The other day on my day off I decided to go shopping by my own for Christmas gifts, and at the same time give my body a good breather from wearing so much clothes at work.

In the morning after I showered, I slipped on a one piece light blue dress. The bottom of it was slightly above half of my thighs and I tested it in front of the mirror. If I bent over too much or twirled around my butt would be seen but otherwise it was okay. I just hoped that the day wouldn't be too windy. 

When I went out, it was so cooling! The dress was made of really thin cotton and I was showing quite a bit of cleavage with the loose straps. However, my nipples weren't too obvious unless someone really stared hard. 

I decided to take the train to town this time. The mrt stations nowadays have these huge fans on them that generate a lot of wind. When I took the escalator up to the platform, to my horror, my dress got blew upwards! I quickly held it down but when I held the front, the back would blow up! I looked around and I saw a guy near me staring. I think he saw that I was not wearing any panties! 

When the train finally came, the guy went up the same carriage at me and stood beside me and he kept sneaking glances at me. I just ignored him and focused on my phone. Suddenly I realised what he was staring at! My dress straps were really loose at the top and he was much taller than me so when he looked down he could see into my dress and look directly at my braless boobs! 

I was quite disgusted but at the same time quite aroused to know that I was exposed like this to someone in public! After a while though, it became a little creepy and quickly moved out of the train when my stop came. Thankfully he didn't follow! 

First thing I did was to go get a Starbucks. While paying for my drink, something embarassing happened! I was taking my coins to pay when I fumbled and some of the coins dropped into my cleavage! Some dropped on the floor too and made quite a bit of noise so the people around all turned to look as I tried to retrieve the coins from my cleavage! The guy at the counter was totally staring! After I got the coins, I absent-mindedly bent down to pick up my coins and only after a while did I realise that whe bending down, my loose dress had a gaping hole at my chest and my bare boobs were being exposed to the people! It was so embarassing and I quickly paid for my drink and went out.

I went shopping for my own stuff first and as I went up one of the long escalators at orchard, I decided to tease whoever was behind me! I let my coins fall out from my purse once more, this time purposely and bent over to pick them up! I couldn't see but I knew that whoever was behind me on the escalator and looking up would get a full view of my bare ass and shaven pussy! I didn't dare to look back to see who was behind though! When I gathered my coins and reached the top, I was about to quickly walk away when a guy tapped me on the back and I jumped! He passed to me two coins and told me that I had missed them and I could see he took a quick glance at my lower body and I knew instantly what he had saw! I muttered a quick thank you and quickly walked off. 

At one of shops, I was looking at some accessories when I noticed a guy with his  girlfriend but he kept looking at my direction! Specifically he kept looking at the floor beneath me! That's when I looked down and realised that the shop's floor had been so well-polished that it was very reflective! He must have been looking up my skirt through the floor the whole time! I instinctively made a move to cover myself but decided to not be so obvious and just continued my shopping, feeling deeply excited that I was flashing myself again! Before I left the shop, I saw him still looking at me and I decided to tease him abit by doing something super unglam! I stuck my hand up my skirt to scratch my butt and in the process I lifted up my skirt hem to flash my bare ass at him! I didn't turn to look at his reaction though as it would be really obvious so I hurriedly left the shop.

I was actually quite aroused by now and my pussy was getting wet. At one of the shops, I was trying on a pair of shorts and I accidentally left a wet patch on the crotch area! I quickly returned it to the worker at the shop and hoped she would not notice it till I'm long gone. After looking around, I finally got myself a black thong bikini that I purposely chose one size smaller ^^ for Jess I got a similar thong bikini but this one was white and I made sure it was two sizes smaller! Got my parents some gifts too but decent ones of course!

By the way before I gave Jess the bikini I removed the padding inside! I made her promise to try out the new bikinis with me soon after the new year! She'll have a good shock when she puts on that tiny and thin bikini haha!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Clothing game (part 2)

We had agreed to take turns coming up with the challenges so it was now my turn. I had to come up with something that Jess would definitely lose. Something so absurd that she definitely will not do. 

While we were driving, I suddenly thought of it! I bet my 30 points and challenged Jess to get off the car naked, flag a taxi down and take the taxi to the next street where I would be waiting for her with the car. She didn't even think about it and instantly refused, saying that it was too dangerous. I agreed but told her that she lost the bet anyway and she had to give me her shirt! Now I had the upper hand with 60 points.

It wasn't over though, I knew that she would definitely try to win back and give me something equally hard which I must do in order to win her! Sure enough, we drove for a while more and Jess stopped outside a 7-11 and wagered her remaining 40 points and dared me to go into the 7-11 naked!

I was shocked and didn't want to do it but that would leave Jess with 80 points and I couldn't allow that! So I bucked up my courage and stripped naked and stepped out of the car. I slowly walked up to the 7-11, the counter guy was reading a newspaper and he haven't seen and I hoped he would keep it that way as I reached out my hand to open the door.

Suddenly Jess shouted from behind for me to stop! She had come down from the car and was running towards me, her boobs bouncing vigorously as she was topless, though her nipples were covered by her nipple pasties. She scolded me for being mad and told me that I didn't have to complete the challenge after all as it was too risky. 

I was so relieved and grateful to Jess but things had to be done and I insisted that I won the challenge and forced Jess to give up her points. While we were still outside the 7-11, she took off her skirt and her threw her nipple pasties on the floor, leaving both of us naked! 

In the excitement of being nude, I suggested that we should go explore the hdb block that we were at in our current state! We went to park the car in the parking lot and chose the first block that was in front of us and waited for the lift. 

When the lift came, both of us got in and we pressed for the top floor. When we reached, the door opened and I grabbed the car keys from Jess's hands, pushed her out with all my might and closed the door quickly! By the time Jess realised what was going on and turned back to stop the lift, the doors had closed fully and I was making my way down! It was really mean but at the time I only found it funny!

When I reached the ground floor, I went to the car, put on my clothes and drove off! I drove the car around the area for about ten minutes and parked it at another carpark which was about 10minutes walk away and walked back to the block! 

When I reached the carpark, I wondered to myself where Jess could be. She had left her phone on the car so I couldn't contact her. What if she had been caught or raped while I left her alone! I expected her to be hiding behind a car at the carpark or something waiting for me return but when I checked the whole carpark she wasn't there!

I decided to go back to the block where we were and I took the lift all the way up and slowly made my way down via the stairs but she still wasn't there! Then I remembered that at the top floor the stairs continued leading up to the roof and I thought that she might be there! So I went there to check and there she was! She was leaning against the wall and she had put her knees up against her chest to cover herself and she was so confident that I would come back that had actually fell asleep! The audacity!

I decided to prank her while she was asleep. She had held her legs up and I spread them apart further, exposing her shaved vagina. She had leaned back quite abit and I was able to see her anus too! I took out two cigarettes from my bag ( I smoke at times, don't judge!) and put the first one into her pussy! She moaned lightly but remained asleep. I then put the second one into her asshole! This was a bit harder and required a little bit more nudging but I eventually managed to get it in! I then lighted up both cigarettes and it looked like there was smoke coming out of both her vagina and asshole! I had such a hard time controlling my laughter and I took out my phone to snap a few pictures. 

I then took out my lipstick and drew a red moustache on Jess's face! It was so funny! I continued taking pictures until suddenly Jess woke up with a jolt! She cried out with pain and I realised that the cigarette in her pussy had almost burned out and it had burnt her! She quickly removed both cigarettes and when she realised I was there scolded me for leaving her behind! 

I just kept laughing and told her to get moving back to the car. She was rubbing her vagina with her hand to ease the pain and she hadn't even noticed there was a huge red mustache on her face! We took the lift down and I told her that the car was a ten minute walk away! I was fully dressed and she was naked but she didn't really care, until we reached a point where we had to cross the road. It was a small road and there was no cars in sight so we quickly ran across! 

We reached the hdb block opposite when we suddenly heard a lot of noise! Turns out there was this group of Malay guys sitting at the void deck and drinking! It was unthinkable what they would do to Jess if they saw her naked! So we had to take a detour round the block and when we turned a corner, we ran into a couple making out! 

They noticed us and stared at us, or rather, stared at Jess who was naked from head to toe with a big red moustache drawn on her face! Jess didn't even scream or anything but just grabbed my hand and ran past them! Her boobs and butt cheeks were wobbling like crazy as she ran! We just kept running till we reached the carpark where the car was and we quickly went up.

Now we were on the car and safe, Jess said that she was really tired already and asked to go back so I drove us back as she fell asleep on the passenger seat still naked. I decided to play one last prank on her! I drove back to my house, removed every piece of clothing from the car and went upstairs, leaving Jess sleeping in the passenger seat naked with no clothes nearby! I left the window open of course so she would have air.

The next morning at 8 I was woken up my a phone call from Jess asking me to bring some clothes down to rescue her as she could not drive home naked or she would have a hard time explaining to her parents! I went down with the clothing that I brought up and she dressed up and went home, finally ending our adventure. It was only until she reached home that she saw the big moustache on her haha!!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Clothing Game

Some of the readers might remember that me and Jess played a game before where we would accumulate points through certain games, assign a point to a piece of clothing, and afterward bid for the clothing with whatever points we have and we would go out in what we managed to bid for. I shall just call it the 'clothing game'. Me and Jess decide to play it again the other day!

This time, I selected a few pieces of clothes from my wardrobe and brought them over to Jess's house and we began to assign points. A thong was 10 points and a bra was 20 points. Mini skirts, shorts and spag straps were 30 points each. A long tshirt was 50, and a dress would cost 80! Between the two of us there would be a total of a 100 points! So if you notice it would not be possible in any case for both of us to have a proper top and bottom at the same time!

However, a new rule this time was that at any time, a party could choose to do a dare chosen by the other party and once done, she would receive an additional 5 points which will be deducted from the other party. If she fails to do it, she would forfeit 10 points to the other side! So at all times, there will only be a total of 100 points between us.

At Jess's house, we sat naked in her room, as we had no points yet, and started flipping a coin. We would flip the coin 10 times, each flip is worth 10 points. A heads means 10 points to Jess while I picked tails. With the first four flips, we were even at 20 points each. However, 3 heads came out consecutively and I was losing 50 points to 20! A tails came out next to give me 30 points and I was feeling relieved since probability would assume that the next two would likely be tails! However, the next two flips turned out to be heads! So at the end of the 10 flips, Jess had 70 points and I had 30. She totally couldn't hide her satisfied smirk!

With my 30 points, I settled with a white strapless bra for 20 points and a skimpy pathetic black lacey thong for 10 points. It was the only way to cover myself top and bottom, though the thong was translucent and my ass was spilling out from it.

Jess had 70 points so she was spoilt for choice, choosing a pink crop top and a denim mini skirt for 30 points each and even having 10 extra points for 2 nipple pasties so her nipples wouldn't stick through her top. The other clothes up for choice were thrown in the back of Jess's car. 

We had no idea where we wanted to go so we decided to just hop on Jess's car and drive around. On the car, I hugged a cushion in front of me so that people outside couldn't tell that I was in my underwear. 

It was actually quite late at night, because we had agreed that it would be safer to do our stunts at night when less people were out. It was about 10pm already and we had not had our dinner yet so Jess drove us to a macdonald's to buy our food. 

When we were there, I told Jess to go and buy the food because obviously she was more modestly dressed. But she said that it wouldn't be fair to her and she forced me to play scissors paper stone with her to determine who goes out to buy the food! Thankfully I won, so Jess went to buy the food. 

We had our dinner at a random park, which was very dark and empty by now. We were seated at an empty pavilion and I decided to challenge for more points. I challenged Jess to a dare, and I bid 20 points on it, so if she did it I would surrender 20 points to her and if she couldn't she would have to give me 20 points. 

With so many points, 20 points didn't really matter much to Jess and I expected her to be nice and let me have them. I dared her to take a pee in the bushes naked, which wasn't really hard. Jess just stripped immediately, went to the bushes and peed! She did not wven hesitate! When she came back, she put her clothes back on and stripped off my bra and put it on. I was left with only 10 points! I felt like an idiot and Jess couldn't stop smirking. 

After eating, we made our way back to the car and on the car, Jess gave me a chance to redeem myself. She pointed to a lamppost far away and told me to run there naked and touch and she would give my 20 points back. I jumped at the chance and quickly took off my panties and ran there. Second stupid mistake of the night. 

As I ran, my boobs bounced everywhere and it was really uncomfortable but I only had the dare in mind. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car's engine starting and and turned to see Jess driving away! My heart immediately dropped. I always fall for that. Now I was stranded in the park fully naked! 

I expected Jess to come back quickly and I waited at the carpark, just standing there in my birthday suit when I saw a car coming in! I quickly ran to hide behind another in the carpark and the car parked opposite the car that I was hiding behind. From my position, I could see a couple inside and they actually started making out! 

The guy unstrapped his seatbelt and crawled over the girl and they started kissing while taking each other's clothes off! It was actually quite dark and I could only see their figures moving in the car but I could clearly see their actions! Watching them made me really horny and I started to touch myself, groping my own boobs with one hand as the other hand wandered down to my nether regions as I slowly stroked my vagina. 

As they got more vigorous, so did I as I inserted a finger into my pussy and started masturbating at the carpark! I had no regard for my surroundings anymore and was engrossed in pleasuring myself, and I let out a moan when I climaxed. Thank goodness I was alone! 

With my pussy juice all over my hands, I had to wash them or I would have a hard time explaining to Jess why my hands were covered in pussy juice so I got up, sneaked away and left the couple to their own and tried to find a nearby toilet. I went to the map and the nearest toilet was actually nearby so I quickly went over. On the way, I ran into someone so I had to quickly hide behind a bush and luckily wasn't seen! 

When I reached the toilet, I decided to be bolder and just went into the male toilet! When I walked in, I actually saw a bangla worker peeing in one of the urinals! He was back facing me and had not noticed me so I quickly ran into one of the cubicles and shut the door! I was quite scared now and hoped for him to leave the toilet faster. I crouched down on the floor and looked from underneath to see his feet still there. While I waited, I decided that I might as well take a pee and peed in the toilet bowl and cleaned my hands and vagina with the toilet paper. Finally, he was gone and I quickly went out to wash my hands and left the toilet hurriedly. 

My mind was fixed on getting back to the toilet quickly and I wandered into a pavilion and got a shock when I saw another bangla worker lying there! I let out a small squeal and wanted to make a run but I realised that he was asleep and drunk! So I just slowly waltzed around him with my naked body. I was afraid that he might suddenly wake up so I didn't stay for long and went back to the carpark. 

The couple were still at it but I saw that Jess had come back for me! So I quickly went into the car and joined her. I scolded we for tricking me but she just laughed and gave me my panties and bra back. I had to find a way to get Jess naked! But she had so many points! As we drove out again, I had an idea...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Zaogeng on purpose

Recently been very busy and hard to find time to do naughty things. So sometimes when I really have an urge to do something naughty, I would just purposely zaogeng and tease people. It's very funny sometimes to see people's reactions and you can really find out who are your true friends. 

I work part time as a waitress so once at work, I purposely left my top button unbuttoned. Our work attire was already quite low cut and loose at the top to begin with, so leaving the top button open meant that my bra was pretty exposed. Yes I wear a bra at work cos I don't want to get into unnecessary trouble, but sometimes I will leave my panties at home! I was wearing a green strapless bra that day and I tested my attire out in the toilet. When the top button was left open, the top was still decent when I was just standing still but the moment I start to move around, my cleavage and bra would become very obvious!

Of cos I didn't start work like that, me and a few of my colleagues went to work early to have lunch first. When we met, I could see one of the guys notice my problem immediately, but he did not say anything and for the next 20 minutes he kept stealing glances. The other guys soon took notice too but no one bothered telling me about it! So disappointing.

At one time I decided to tease them by pretending to drop my stuff and bending down to pick them up, giving them a huge downblouse view! That was also when my female colleague, the only other girl in our group, saw my exposed bra and boobs and she quickly came over and told me about it. I pretended to be shocked and buttoned up my shirt! 

Often when I take the mrt and have a seat, I would also sit very unglamly, opening my legs wide and allowing the person opposite to have a clear view of my panties, or more if I wasn't wearing any. It would always be so funny to see their reactions, trying to not look blatantly so sneaking peeks every now and then. Sometimes I would even stare back at them to scare them when they realise that I know they were staring. 

Sometimes, it would actually happen by accident and not on purpose. I tend to wear inappropriate attires for activities which results in lots of zaogengs. Once, I went to wild wild wet with my friends and I wore newly bought red bikini. I had never really tried it on before and only until I put it on in the toilet did I realise that it was too big for me! This was not the string kind so I could tighten it but I had no choice and just went along with it.  Jess was with me at that time and I think she noticed but she just kept quiet.

After putting it on, I looked at myself and saw that the bottom was really loose. I could see abit of my butt crack already! I tied the top as tightly as possible but my boobs were not big enough to fill up the cups so it was still rather loose! 

I just went ahead with it anyway and it was all fine actually. Just that I had to keep pulling up my bottoms. We went to the tsunami pool and went to the deepest spot. When the tsunami came, I had to keep jumping up and down to get my head out of the water. As I did that, I did not notice my bikini bottom slipping downwards and off my legs! I just continued having fun and at one point I decided to climb onto the float. One of my guy friends helped me hold the float while I lifted my leg up to climb up and I exposed my bare vagina to him! I didn't even notice and continued climbing until I got up and realised that everyone was staring at me! 

When I realised what had happened I quickly jumped back into the water! My whole face was red from the embarrassment but at the same time I was rather aroused and scared. I looked around for my bikini bottom but couldn't find it! 

After 10 mins of looking, one of my friends found a kid playing with it and managed to get it back for me! I was so relieved! When I put it back on, we continued playing but this time I was more careful. 

That's all I have for now! Maybe will share more next time since I tend to zaogeng a lot anyway with my skimpy clothing!

Sorry readers!

Haven't been posting a lot as I've been really busy. In fact I even find it hard to find time to be naughty! Will try to post at least once a month :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The night everyone got dead drunk

Last week, I had one of the craziest nights ever.. Miki, our dear Japanese friend, invited me and Jess to go over to her house to drink. When we arrived, our mutual friend Christie was there as well. There were also two other of Miki's friends, Carrie and Joey, making 6 of us. Miki didn't invite any guys over given what happened the last time we got drunk at her party.

What happened as stated below is a story that I figured out from everyone's point of view as we all had a different account of what actually happened.

At the start, it was just light drinking as we talked and watched TV. Somehow we started playing drinking games and I could see Jess and Carrie getting increasingly high. As I always said, Jess is horrible with her alcohol tolerance and she gets drunk really easily and does stupid stuff all the time. She was already spouting nonsense.

Someone turned on the music and we all got really high as we drank. Even myself, who is usually careful with my drinking, got really drunk and high! Someone that I couldn't remember then suddenly suggested that we play strip wrestling. Bad idea. Soon enough we were all rolling around the floor tugging at each other's clothes and laughing. I remember tugging at Miki's shirt and grabbing her huge boobs and pulling down Christie's panties, while my own thong was at my ankle all the while.

Eventually we got tired and sat down, adjusting our clothes back to normal. Joey told us that she would be going to toilet and I went with her. We had difficulty finding the toilet and somehow ended up outside the house. Being drunk, we just went outside the gates, took off our underwear and peed into the drain. Afterward, I just fell asleep on the pavement and Joey went in after she couldn't wake me up.

Meanwhile, the girls continued drinking in the house and Miki ordered late night delivery. Thankfully, before the deliveryman arrived, they remembered me and went out to discover me asleep with my thongs on the floor beside me. They carried me in and started having fun with me! Probably my retribution for all that I've done to Jess, this time it was my turn. They stripped me naked and started drawing on my body with crayons. With their art, my nipples became eyes for a cartoon cat! They even played with my vagina and Miki put her vibrator into it and turn it on at max till I woke up and removed it myself!

When the deliveryman came, Miki went out to collect the food. At the time, she was topless and her gigantic boobs swung all over the place with every step she took! The delivery man probably had the best assignment of his life. Jess went out to help Miki carry the food, wearing only her underwear and showing the deliveryman and ample amount of her large ass in her tiny pink panties.

We ate afterward and drank even more! The toilet was stinking with puke! At one time, Carrie puked in the toilet bowl and just fell asleep over it, her long hair was inside the puke and she had vomited all over her body. We went in, removed her clothes and dumped her in the bathtub, where we washed her up and after that, we carried her out of the house and dumped her at the backyard to dry!

Jess got really mad and started taking lewd pictures of herself and sending them to her boyfriend! Thankfully she didn't upload them onto Facebook and her boyfriend was used to her craziness. Halfway through the night, they decided to get some snacks at the nearby 7-11. I was still unconscious at that time and it was Joey and Christie who went after they drew lots. They just grabbed some clothes and dressed up, but as they were really drunk too, it was disastrous.

Joey was a tall skinny girl so her boobs weren't exactly huge and it was a huge mistake as she grabbed Miki's tube top and Jess's mini skirt. Both were much too big for her and the tube kept slipping down to expose her boobs while her butt crack could be seen the whole time as her small butt tried to keep up the skirt that was meant for Jess's big booty.

Christie was slightly luckier as she was of an average build but she picked a white top that couldn't hide her nipples. When they reached 7-11 the cashier stared at these two skimpily dressed girls who just stepped in. But he was professional enough to just serve them. On their way back, Joey's skirt actually dropped to the ground! She just left it behind and walked back bottomless.

When I woke up, I couldn't find my clothes anywhere and they told me I would have to find them. I was told that I had to first run to the nearby basketball court down the road and back again naked! Being drunk and half awake, I stupidly agreed and stepped out of the house naked and started running. The road was a super long stretch and I finally found the basketball court and made my way back.

However, on the way back, I got lost! I couldn't remember which was the route Miki's house as they all looked the same! After a long search, I found myself back at the basketball court, where I just sat down under the hoop and waited till I succumbed to the alcohol again and fell asleep! Luckily Jess thought of me and they came to find me after I disappeared for about an hour and they brought me back! Imagine if a pervert had chanced upon me instead!

The sun was coming out by then and we all just collapsed in living room and fell asleep till noon. As for Carrie, she woke up to find herself naked outside the house which was locked! She  knocked on the door loudly but no one answered it and she couldn't make a call to anyone as her phone was inside so she had to resort to crouching beside the plants to hide herself from the people walking past and she also got a bad sunburn all over her body for being naked under the sun for so long! She finally got in when we woke up in the house and opened the door when we remembered about her. Poor girl!

We helped to clean up the mess afterward and sorted out the clothing and put our own ones back on. Jess's skirt was left behind on the road by Joey the previous night so she was bottomless except for her panties! Luckily for her Miki lent her a pair of shorts that turned out to be really right and sexy on Jess.

It was a really crazy night and we were really lucky nothing bad happened to any of us!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Happy National Day to all :) Feel free to leave me suggestions of what I can do in the comments (but no guarantee they will be done)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Solo Trip to Thailand (Day 3)

Woke up late in the morning, almost in the noon and I put on a tank top and a pair of FBT shorts and went down for brunch. The tank top was quite thick so it wasn't very obvious that I was braless so I did not attract much attention but my shorts were a really old pair and they were too short and tight so my butt peeked out a bit from underneath. But overall, I did not attract much attention.

After breakfast, I went back to my room and change into my bikini, a bright yellow one that was one of my favourites. I only put on the top and kept my FBT shorts on with nothing inside it and headed for the beach! I just wanted to enjoy the sea breeze on my second last day here and I sat at the beach and closed my eyes as the breeze blew into my face and hair.

Didn't do the strip and walk around thing as this was not a pair of bikini I was prepared to lose. An angmoh came up to me suddenly and asked if I wanted to join him and his two other friends in a game of volleyball and I accepted.

It turns out that they were from America and were here on holiday. They weren't very good at volleyball and I was sort of owning them! However, my shorts were really tight and when I made a big move to get to the ball, something horrible happened!

I had opened up my legs wide to dig the ball, almost a split and the next thing I knew, I heard a loud rip and there was a large, gaping hole on my shorts where my crotch was!

The 3 guys saw my bare hairless vagina and they were laughing loudly! I quickly covered the hole with my hands and was blushing so much! I enjoy nudity but such unexpected moments still get me panicking.

The angmohs offered to bring me back to their room where they could get me something to wear but I declined as it sounded really dangerous and I made my way back to the hotel myself.

On the way everyone who walked past me stared. Because I was looking really weird with a hand on my crotch and closer inspection would show quite obviously that my shorts had split and I had gone commando!

I got back to my room and changed out of my shorts into my bikini bottoms and went out again, this time to the swimming pool! Would be weird to see those angmohs again. I found a nice bench and lay face down, untied my bikini top and allowed the warm sun to shine on my back as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was that my face felt very uncomfortable pressing against the bench, so I turned myself over face up, covered my face with a towel to keep the sun out from my eyes and fell back asleep. When I woke up once more, I felt someone tapping at my shoulder and I removed my towel to see who it was, and I saw a pool attendant looking down at me, telling me that topless sunbathing was prohibited at the swimming pool! I was about to argue that I was not topless when I realised that while turning over, I did not put my bikini top back on and I had been sunbathing topless all the while! My bikini top was beside me and I quickly put it back on and apologised.

I went into the water for a short swim, before returning to my room. I decided that since I could not sunbathe at the pool, I would do it at my balcony! I stripped naked and sat down at the balcony, and just enjoyed the warm sun on every part of my bare body. People standing on other balconies would probably be able to see me but I didn't really care. At least I was at a high level so people downstairs probably wouldn't notice me. I allowed myself to fall asleep and it felt so peaceful and satisfying!

It was evening when I woke up and I wanted to make good use of my last night here!I put on the bathrobe with nothing underneath and went downstairs to the lobby to pay for my wifi. The bathrobe was quite loose and from the side my boobs could probably be seen. I went to the counter to pay and leaned forward and the guy at the counter could see my left boob and I could see his eyes darting towards them every now and then while talking to me! To tease him, I put my right hand into my robe to scratch my back as we were talking, exposing my left boob! But I just carried scratching and talking to him and trying really hard not to laugh at him trying his best to not stare.

Afterward I returned to my room again and changed into a tube top and mini skirt and went for dinner, after which I took a walk alone down the beach. There was still a lot of people so I didn't do anything funny. Afterwards when it was later I decided to visit the disco! There were a few Caucasians there and also a group of Asians, probably from Singapore. I'm not the kind to approach people, especially if they are in a group, so I just went over to the bar and ordered a drink for myself.

Quite soon this angmoh came over and asked me if I wanted to join his group. They were probably around the same age as me so I agreed to join them and we started to play drinking games! I got a little too drunk and was really high while dancing. One of the guys who was dancing with me was groping me all over but I didn't even care since I was so high. For a while I even pulled down my tube top and flashed my boobs at everyone until someone helped me pull it back.Thankfully I wasn't drunk enough to lose consciousness and I refused one of the guy's offer to bring me back to his room. Who knows what would have happened! I made my way back to my room, took off my clothes and collapsed on the bed.

I was anticipating something like that to happen so I had set my phone alarm earlier and the next morning it woke me up. I packed my stuff, took a quick shower and checked out of the room and officially ended my trip!

Really crazy trip but I don't think I'll travel alone in the future again as it can be really boring at times and there is no one to look out for you when you get into serious trouble!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Solo trip to Thailand! (Day 2)

The next day, I woke up early, brushed my teeth, put on a long baby pink t-shirt and went down for breakfast. Breakfast was buffet style and was really good! My t-shirt was only until mid-thigh length and I think my butt was exposed when I sat down but I was too tired to care about people staring.

After breakfast, I went back to my room, took a light shower and changed into my bikini. I locked up, dropped my key off at the counter and went for the beach, all the while in my small bikini. When I was taking the lift down, there was a guy with me and he was staring at my ass that was spilling out from my bikini bottom! I think that after yesterday's dip in the swimming pool and subsequent washing, it now felt smaller than before! My nipples were poking through the thin top and I could feel the tightness of it. The bottom went between my butt cheeks as I walked and soon it looked like a thong and I could see my cameltoe. My butt crack was also peeking through the top.

I walked to the beach which was just beside the resort. At this time, the beach was quite empty except for a few tourists here and there. I found a quiet spot, stripped bare and went swimming in the water. I swam for awhile before coming up and I lay down the mat that I brought along and just lied down in the nude to suntan! Since I was overseas I figured out I might as well do whatever I want because these people will probably never see me again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun's warmth on every inch of my body, getting rid of those ugly tanlines. Very soon, I fell asleep!

When I woke up, I checked the time and realized I had snoozed for around half an hour. The beach was more packed by now but no one seemed to care what I was doing since I was at the very extreme end of the beach where it was still deserted! 2 angmoh girls probably could see me from where they were but they just ignored me. I think it's a normal thing for them where they came from.

I was really drowsy and blur when I woke up so I just sat there and stoned for quite some time, and I got up and went into the sea once more and this time, I went all the way to the crowded part! My whole body was submerged but the water was quite clear so people could actually see me naked! So I actually did not dare to go too near anyone and I'm not sure if anyone saw me that day! After a while I quickly swam back to where my bikini was.

I put my bikini back on and headed for the water sports. I went for the banana boat straight and paid for it and deposited my purse in the locker and went on it with 4 other people, 3 guys. and another girl.

The ferry dragging the banana boat accelerated quickly and we kept getting thrown off as it made sharp turns! At one time, my bikini top went all the way up to my neck and I splashed heavily into the water! I did not notice at first and climbed up back onto the banana boat before one of the guys told me and I quickly adjusted it while everyone else was staring at my bare boobs.

The ferry continued to show no mercy and went even faster! This time, it made a really sharp turn and all of us got thrown off the ferry and I hit the water with such strong impact! I actually landed quite far away from the ferry and I quickly swam back to it.

This time, when I climbed up, my whole bikini top was gone! I quickly covered my boobs with my hands and looked around and saw it floating not far away from the ferry. The guy controlling the ferry drove the ferry near it and helped me fish it out but it was torn into two pieces. It was already very very tight and coupled with the heavy impact of landing in the water I think it actually snapped into two! It was made of poor material after all!

I got onto the ferry and they sent me back to shore, all the while with me topless and trying to cover my boobs. When we returned, they gave me a towel to cover myself and I made my way back to the hotel. Walking halfway, I decided to try something bold. I found a secluded spot, slipped off my bikini bottom and threw it away as well! Now I was naked but for a towel!

I wrapped the towel around my body and it barely covered my private areas. The top half of my breasts were exposed at the top while the bottom of my butt cheeks peeked out the bottom. Plus, I had to hold the towel while I walked and could not walk too quickly if not it would drop!

I made my way back to the hotel and took the lift upwards. There was an old angmoh couple in the lift with me and they were totally judging. The moment I got out of the elevator, I let the towel drop to my feet and walked back to my room naked! When I went back, I took a quick shower and watched a bit of tv, before heading out for late lunch.

For lunch, I wore a white sundress with nothing underneath. It was very windy and my dress kept blowing upwards but it was long enough to maintain my modesty. The material was thin and as I walked under the sun, it turned slightly translucent but I didn't really attract too much attention.

After lunch I went back to my room for a nap till around 8pm. I had noticed that beside my room are 3 teenage guys who were around my age and I decided to tease them. I walked out of my room naked and just let the door shut behind me!

My heart was beating really fast now as I walked up to their door and knocked! After a while, one of the guys opened the door and he was so surprised to see a naked girl standing at his doorstep! I told him that I had accidentally locked myself out of my room and asked to borrow their phone to call room service!

He hesitated a while but eventually let me in and the other two guys were inside too and they just stared at me. If they decided to rape me on the spot there was nothing I could do! I quickly went to the phone and called room service. The receptionist spoke really bad English so I took a long time to explain to her what had happened, and all the while the 3 guys were right beside me seeing my naked body at close range.

After that, I had to wait for them to send someone up and while waiting, I tried to make things less awkward by talking to them and they were trying really hard to avoid looking at me but I caught them sneaking glances every now and then. Turns out they are From Malaysia and were also here on a holiday!

Around 15 minutes later, room service came and the male receptionist, who couldn't keep his eyes off me, helped me to open my door and let me in. I thanked the 3 guys and went back to my room, where I pleasured myself till I was covered in sweat.

They had invited me to play cards with them so later at night after I bathed, I put on the sundress and went to their room! We were sitting on the floor and everytime I uncrossed my legs, the guy sitting opposite me received a full view of my bare crotch. He was having a great time indeed!

We played till around 3am, and I went back to my room, got naked and fell asleep almost immediately after a long day.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Solo trip to Thailand! (Day 1)

Last week, I went on a solo trip to Thailand. Not that I was being emo or antisocial. Just wanted some alone time to getaway and enjoy myself, as well as do some crazy things in my own privacy!

While packing, I decided not to bring any pieces of underwear, and I packed the sexiest clothing that I have, as well as my sexiest bikini. I was headed for a beach resort in Pattaya and I was looking forward to the trip for so long!

On the first day, I went to the airport in the early morning, dressed in a black hoodie with nothing underneath and a pair or shorts that were quite modest. I didn't want to get into trouble at customs! I lowered the zip to half-chest level and a bit of cleavage was shown but it wasn't really obvious that I had nothing underneath unless a person stood in front of me and looked down to observe. At the checkout counter, the guy at the counter was staring at my cleavage and as I bent down to pick up my luggage I think he saw more than what he should! After checking in my luggage, I just went into the waiting area and walked around.

I went to bookstore to see if there was anything interesting to read and I squatted down to check out the books on the lower shelf. There was a guy standing behind me looking at the books at the higher shelves and I could feel his gaze on me as my shorts were quite loose and from above he could see directly down at my butt crack! I wonder if he could tell that I wasn't wearing panties.

Soon, the plane was ready for boarding and I was given a window seat. I adjusted my hoodie so that one of my boobs were hanging out, looking like a zaogeng and I pretended to be asleep. I was really tired from packing till late the previous night and I actually fell asleep for real!

The next thing I knew was when I was woken up by the air stewardess to buckle my belt for the take off. There was now two guys in their 30s sitting beside me and I wonder how long they've been staring at my exposed boob at close range and how many people have seen me already!

I adjusted my hoodie back and zipped it all the way up because it was rather cold and slept through the whole journey. When I reached Thailand, I called for a cab to the resort and checked in.

When I went into my room, the first thing I did was to strip naked and lie on my bed, even before closing the door! I went out to the balcony to admire the scenery. My room was at one of the higher levels and I had a great view of the beach from the balcony. I realized that people on other balconies could see me perfectly clearly but I did not care since I was overseas! Nobody would ever see me again!

I took the flask and walked out to the water dispenser near the lift lobby. It was quite a long walk as my room was quite deep in. As I was filling the water into the flask, a young Asian couple came out of the lift but I just ignored them. I think being in a stranger place makes me alot bolder! The guy kept staring at my naked body and his female companion was glaring at me! I just filled up my water and slowly walked back to my room.

I put on a white singlet and a mini skirt and went downstairs to the store near the beach to purchase a cheap bikini. I chose a really small white one, and brought it back to my room, where I tried it on and it was really small! It was a really cheap one so the material wasn't good and it was very thin. My boobs were threatening to burst out of the top with every big action my nipples were protruding through the thin material. The bottom could not go all the way up to my waist and I was showing alot of butt crack! Thankfully I shaved before the trip so my pubic hair did not peek out from the front. Just dressed like that, I locked up and went downstairs to the swimming pool! Before going there, I went to the concierge and passed my key for them to safeguard. The girl at the counter was staring at my skimpy clothing but I just ignored her.

When I went to the pool, I immediately jumped in and when I stood up, I looked down and saw that my bikini was now translucent! I could see my nipples colour through my top. No one had noticed me yet so I just minded my own business and swam. Now I was beginning to attract attention to my bikini. My top was only capable of covering my nipples which were still rather visible and my bottom was slowly sinking into my butt crack and it now resembled a thong! Furthermore, it was only at half butt level! I climbed out of the pool and went over to the slide! There were quite a few people queuing up and behind me was a teenage guy that I could see him checking me out as we queued, staring at my butt from behind and the long crack peeking out from my bikini bottoms.

Finally, it was my turn and down I went, crashing into the pool with a big splash! My bottoms had slid all the way down from the impact but luckily was still on and I quickly pulled them up underwater. I then had to quickly move away for the next person to come down so I swam to the edge of the pool when I got the shock of my life.

I saw at the bottom of the slide, a small white bikini top floating around! I immediately looked down to see my bare breasts under the water! No one had seen me yet but I was already beginning to attract attention for not leaving the pool and blocking the way. I wanted to swim there to collect my top but people kept coming down and I could not get close, while each pact of a person landing brought my top further and further away till the other end!

I decided to just pluck up my courage and I climbed out of the pool, covered my boobs with my two hands and walked all the way to the other end and retrieved my bikini top and put it back down. I was now the centre of attention and I was blushing so hard! It was so embarrassing. I quickly left the pool after this incident.

I went back to the resort lobby and collected back my key, inviting yet more stares and I went upstairs back to my room. Back in my room, I stripped off my bikini and laid it out to dry, I would need it again the next day for the beach. And then I stepped out of the room naked and locked the door! I decided to explore the place naked!

I walked along the corridor to the edge where I could look out a window and I stood there to admire the view for a while, and I went to the stairs and made my way upwards all the way to the top floor! From the top floor, the view was breathtaking and I could see the whole stretch of beach and the sea clearly. I couldn't wait to go there the next day!

I then walked along the corridor to the other end to see the scenery from there. On my way, one of the doors opened and an elderly ang moh couple stepped out. They were scrutinizing me but I just carried on walking as though it was a normal thing to do.

I once again took the stairs down. This time all the way to the ground floor. From the glass panel, I could see alot of people outside at the lobby! It was exciting to know that I was naked while I was so near to so many people! If I walked out now it would probably be chaotic.

I climbed back up again before anyone entered and back to my own level. Before exiting, I sat down on the steps and started digging myself with my fingers shamelessly. As I got increasingly pleasured, I lied down on the floor and dug profusely, finally letting out a long moan. My body was wet from the sweat from climbing and the excitement and my pussy and finger were covered with my juices.

After lying there for a while, I stood up and made my way back to my room for a long bath in the bathtub as well as round 2, if you know what I mean ;)

I changed into a pink tshirt and FBT shorts and went downstairs for dinner. Then I explored the hotel's proximity and facilities to see what I could do the next two days.

Finally, I went back to my room and slept in the nude. Crashed really hard as I was really tired from the travelling and I slept through the night.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

24 hour naked challenge part 2

Jess's air con was really cold and I was shivering since I was naked and I woke up quite a few times at night. At around 8am, I woke up again and since the sun was up already, I didn't bother going back to sleep anymore. I walked out to her room balcony to let the sun shine on me and warm my body up and enjoy the morning air while just staring into space. After like 10mins, I turned and realised that the maid in the opposite house was staring at me through her window! I quickly went back into the room and drew the curtains!

Jess was still asleep and I didn't dare to go out of the room in case her family was still outside. Of course that leaves me with only one thing to do - tease Jess in her sleep again! She was wearing her pajamas which were really loose so it made undressing her very easy. I just unbuttoned her top to expose her boobs and a light tug at her pajama bottoms easily slid them down! I took her phone and snapped a few photos of her in this semi naked state and set one of the sexier photos as her wallpaper and screensaver! Super tempted to post the photos onto facebook and twitter but didn't or she would murder me :p

A while later, Jess woke up and she wasn't exactly surprised to find herself undressed, probably used to it already. But she did get a shock when she saw her HP pictures! After putting her clothing right she went downstairs to make sure that the house was empty and I joined her after that for breakfast.

After breakfast, we showered and when I saw Jess putting on make up, I realized what the day was. One of our volleyball teammates was celebrating her birthday and she booked a chalet to celebrate as a team! I almost fainte when I realized I'll be attending this event fully naked. Although I wasn't able to wear nice clothes to the event, or any clothes at all, I still had to look good so I put on my make up and did my hair. I even painted my nails and trimmed my pubic hair to make myself look more presentable.

Jess drove us to the chalet directly and when we arrived, most of the team was already there. All of them just stared at me while Jess explained the situation to them. When they realized the situation, evil smiles started coming out and that's when I knew I was screwed. I was feeling really awkward and embarrassed. Although the whole team had seen me naked before an knew how much I enjoy being naked, this still felt really weird!

The birthday girl was called Alicia, who is the undisputed sexiest girl in the team with a sexy nickname. We called her 'tits' because she had really really big boobs for her size and her nipples were even more unnaturally big! Larger than 50cent coins. Many guys used to come to our matches just to see her boobs bounce everywhere. And also to see Jess's butt of course!

But now, I became the highlight of the day. Not that the birthday girl minded, she actually seemed rather amused. She said that she had ordered pizza earlier on and I was to collect it later! We just sat down on the floor and caught up with each other while waiting.

When the pizza came, Alicia just passed me the money and pushed me out! I walked up to the deliveryman, who was really shocked to see me and was staring at my boobs the whole time and collected the pizza from him. I had to stand there while he counted the money and it wasn't enough! I had to walk back into the chalet and come out again to pay him to correct amount. He probably had lots to share with his colleagues later on!

After lunch, we continued sitting around and it got kind of boring until suddenly Alicia pounced on me and screamed for the rest to grab me! The next thing I knew, my arms and legs were grabbed and I was lifted up, my legs spread apart. Take away 4 people holding my limbs, there were a few other teammates and I was now at their mercy! They tickled my nipples and vagina and I actually turned wet! It was so embarrassing to do that in front of your friends.

After that, I was carried out to the swimming pool beside the chalet and thrown into the deepest part! They then quickly ran back into the hotel! There wasn't anyone in the pool at that time thankfully, so I actually took the chance to swim for awhile and enjoy the cooling water, before climbing out and going back to the chalet, and found the door locked! Gina and Jess were just standing at the door and laughing and I caught their attention and whispered something to them, to which they agreed and let me in!

What I told them was a plan to tease the birthday girl instead of me! No choice, I have to save myself first plus I shouldn't be the centre of attention on this day anyway! The other girls were surpsied to see them let me in so easily but they didn't object either and the 3 of us discreetly spread the plan amongst the other teammates without Alicia's knowledge!

Alicia stood up and headed towards the toilet, and that was the cue. I shouted and the whole team striked together, four of us grabbed Alicia by the limbs, like how they grabbed me just now and the rest started stripping her! Alicia was shocked and she was laughing and screaming for us to put her down as her skirt and panties got tugged off, followed by her shirt and bra. As she struggled, her HUGE boobs bounced everywhere. It was really a sight to behold! Those fanboys of hers would kill to see this.

So now 'tits' was naked and we lifted her up like fans carrying their idol and walked out along the chalet! We made alot of noise so we had to avoid the not so crowded places! After a while, we put her down and she quickly covered herself with her hands. Alicia wanted to make her way back to the chalet but we refused to let her and we just dragged her along out to the beach outside the chalet! There were people out there so the girls formed a circle with me and Alicia, the two naked girls inside so that people could not really see us and we huddled together and moved as a group. I was no stranger to something like this but Alicia was super shy and nervous! Reaching the beach, we just found a spot with nobody around and played around in the water till the sky turned dark and we made our way back the same way.

By then, 24 hours had already passed since I was naked. The longest ever! However, I did not have any clothes with me anyway so I remained naked. But, I dared the whole team to go naked along with me. Jess was supportive and stripped naked on the spot, while Alicia was already naked so she did not object. The other teammates were quite reluctant but after much convincing stripped as well and in no time the whole team was naked! Of course we had such moments before, like when the team all showered together after training but this was really new and pretty arousing! We started to prepare the barbeque and had BBQ dinner, the whole time naked. Thankfully our chalet was at a corner of the resort and there were no occupied chalets around us.

After dinner, someone took out alcohol and we started drinking. As I always learn to find out, alcohol and naked girls do not go well together and soon everyone was doing crazy things! One of the teammates, Michelle had fell asleep on the floor with her legs spread apart and we took her finger and inserted it into her vagina, moving it for a while first to make her horny. Then someone took out coloured markers that we used to write on Alicia's birthday card we started doodling on Michelle's naked body! I drew a face on her with her nipples as eyes. It was so funny!

Alicia and Jess were super high and they ran out of the chalet. I was still conscious so I chased after them and pulled them back! I had to lock the door afterward and I continued drinking till I was high too so I wouldn't have to play the role of the babysitter. The next morning, all of us woke up and sheepishly dressed up, except for me. Michelle was super shocked and it took her quite a awhile to remove all the drawings from her body! We wished Alicia happy birthday once more and Jess drove me home where I finally put on some clothing.

After the crazy night, I realised that Alicia is really hot and it would be really interesting to introduce her to this nudity thing. It would be such a waste to waste those assets! I decided to 'jio' her out on my next adventure!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

24 hours naked challenge part 1

So Jess came over at around 11.30pm. We didn't exactly do much, just talked a while and watched TV and we slept quite early because we had plans for the next day. However, I stayed awake as I had plans for the night too! One of the favourite things I like to do to Jess is to do naughty things to her after she's asleep :p She's a really really heavy sleeper and it's always very difficult to wake her up so I could do lots of stuff to her without waking her up!

So I pretended to sleep too and waited for her to fall asleep. How do I ensure? When she's asleep she is as good as non-living! I groped her boobs hard but all she did was turn her body and continued to remain asleep! So that was the green light for me to start my fun. Jess was wearing a blue t-shirt and pink panties, no bra underneath. I started with her panties first, slowly tugging at the waistband and soon her panties were off! Next, I lifted up her shirt gradually to exposed her huge boobs, but the real tricky part was to get them off her. I had to lift up her upper body to pull it over her arms and head but luckily she remained asleep.

Finally, Jess was naked! I played with her nipples using my fingers and soon they were erect and hard! Then I slowly ran my finger down her pussy lips and I could feel her arousal! I sound like a pervert old man doing all this! But it was all in the name of fun :) I opened my room door and my house door, mustered all my energy, and carried the naked Jess up and out of the house! I carried her all the way to the stairs area. She was so heavy! Luckily I was quite strong because I actually train my muscles to improve my volleyball skills and was able to take her weight. I then went back to the house and took out 2 clothes pegs and a marker. I put Jess in a lying position but spread her legs apart to expose her clean shaven pussy, and inserted the marker, getting a loud moan from her. Then I clipped the two clothes pegs over her nipples and let them hang there. After admiring my work for a while, I left Jess there, went back to the house and locked the door, and I went to sleep! I slept on my sofa in the living room so that if Jess woke up and knocked on the door at least I'll be aware.

Well sure enough, after around 20minutes, there was loud knocking on my door! I looked through the door hole and saw a naked Jess smashing on my door frantically! I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud and I just kept quiet and continued watching her. After a while, she gave up knocking, probably because she was afraid of waking the neighbours and just sat down outside! I decided to be really mean and I went back to my room and went to sleep! I set my alarm clock to 4am and when it woke me up, I went out to check again. I opened my door and there she was, sitting outside my door asleep and fully naked! I was so amused  that I changed my mind and decided not to wake her up!

I just sat down next to her and played with my phone till around 10 minutes later she woke up and when she saw me she screamed and quickly ran into the house! I was having such a good time laughing so hard! Jess went to bathe and put on some clothes and we went back to sleep.

The next day, we woke up early as we had a date with our volleyball friends to play a match and the match ended at around lunchtime. Glad our skills were still intact! :) Afterward, we went for lunch as a team in the nearby shopping mall and me and Jess decided to stay for a while to walk around. We were just doing random window shopping when all of a sudden, I felt a tug at my FBT shorts and next thing I knew, they were down at my ankles! I screamed out loud from the shock and there I was, standing in the middle of the mall in my white panties and everyone was staring at me! Of course it was Jess's revenge for last night! I quickly pulled up my pants and continued walking as though nothing happened and Jess couldn't stop laughing! Little did she know, she had just started a war for the rest of the day!

Jess knew for sure that I would try to get my revenge so she was very cautious, making sure that I was within her sight at all times. Until at one point of time in a clothing store, she got distracted by some clothes and started browsing. I seized the opportunity, grabbed her shorts and tugged hard. I made sure I slid my figners into her waistband and pulled her panties along! With all my might, I pulled everything downward! The next moment when I looked up, I was staring at Jess's bare butt cheeks! Just like me, she screamed and that attracted a lot of attention and many people turned to look and got treated to the sight of a bottomless Jess! I quickly ran as I did not want to be caught by others as the culprit and Jess quickly pulled up her panties and shorts. Unfortunately for her, her panties and shorts tangled together and she took some time untangling them, which meant exposing her bare buttocks for a longer time while bending over! I think I even saw someone take out his phone and snapped her picture :x

Afterward, Jess just laughed it off but she was obviously angry and I was feeling quite guilty so I told Jess I would do one thing for her whatever it was.That was my biggest mistake of the day. Because the moment we went to her car, she told me to strip naked! I obliged and stripped down and she took away my clothes and said that I would have to remain this way for the next 24 hours! I protested but she stood by her decision and I could not say no as I agreed to let her decide what I would do.

So I took off all my clothes and passed them to her, which she threw into her car boot and I went into the car and she drove off. As she drove along the road, I sat as low as possible on the seat so people outside could not see that I was naked! It felt really weird for the seat belt to be across my naked body and the strap was in between my boobs and it was really uncomfortable.

Finally, Jess drove the car back to her own house! I was quite surprised as I had expected to go somewhere else. She exited the car and told me to wait inside and she went into her house. After awhile, she came out again, this time dressed in a tank top and shorts and I could see that she was wearing a bikini under her clothes and she drove off!

As she drove on, to my horror, she was headed for east coast park! Jess stopped the car at one of the more secluded areas and parked it at a carpark. Then, we both exited the car and Jess carried her bag and pulled me along by my hand towards the beach. There I was in east coast park naked! Before we crossed the path, we made sure there was nobody and we quickly ran across! I was sweating all over from the adrenaline rush!

The beach was empty thankfully as this was one of the more quiet areas without the BBQ pits. From her bag, Jess brought of a large mat that we could sit on, and she stripped down to her yellow thong bikini and we sat down. It was late evening by now and the sky was darkening so I actually felt quite safe even though I was nude!

I decided to go for a swim and pulled Jess along into the water. The water here was different from that of sentosa and it was much more dirty so I felt kind of disgusted but just as I was going to get out, a young couple just happened to walk past and sat down about 10m away from us! It was dark but I think it was bright enough to tell that I was naked if I came out of the water!

With no choice, I had to stay inside while Jess could freely walk out. So while Jess was cleaning herself dry on the shore, I had no choice but to stay in the water. After around 15mins, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to just come out! I just walked up and wiped myself with the towel, in full view of the couple. When they saw that I was naked, they stared for a while before deciding to make themselves scarce and we were left alone again!

Me and Jess sat on the mat and talked for quite some time until 11plus and we decided to get some food. Jess suggested that we walk to the macdonalds but I protested that I was naked. However, she insisted and said that we would avoid the bright areas.

So we walked along the beach and thankfully there wasn't alot of people that day in the park and no one along the shore. I was only wearing flip flops and nothing else and my body was quite sandy. There was this stretch of road which was fully deserted for as far as we could see and we boldly decided to walk on the path! Or rather I boldly decided to because Jess was fully dressed with her tank top and shorts!

Suddenly, from afar we could see a bicycle approaching! I quickly ran to the side and hid behind a tree and luckily I wasn't seen. After this incident, we decided that it was too dangerous to walk along the park fully naked so Jess took off her tank top and passed it to me. So now at least my boobs were covered but the top only reached just below my waist so my pussy and butt were still exposed but at least I felt safer.

We continued walking and whenever someone was approaching us I would pull the shirt down to cover my pussy. A few people stared weirdly at me and I believe some could even tell that I was bottomless but no one stopped us or anything so it was fine.

Finally, we reached macdonalds and of cos I couldn't possibly go inside in such a state of dress so Jess, on the spot, took of her shorts and bikini bottom and passed me the thong bikini and put her shorts back on. I was quite grateful for that!

So Jess was in a bikini top and shorts while I was in a tank top with the bikini bottom which did little to cover my ass but at least it covered my pussy. We walked into macdonalds and placed our orders. A few customers stared at us, especially a group of boys. I could feel their eyes focused on my ass cheeks which were hanging out of the thong and bouncing as I walked.

We ignored them and ordered our food and found a table and we ate and talked for quite a few hours again till 2am and we decided to walk back.

By this time, the whole stretch of road was already deserted so Jess made me go naked again. She herself took off her bikini top and freed her big boobs to freely bounce in the cool night air. It was quite a smooth journey and Jess eventually even took off her shorts and both of us were naked!

Finally, we reached the carpark we hopped into Jess's car and she drove us back to her house. Her parents were asleep in their room and I was able to simply waltz into the living room naked and sit at the sofa watching tv! Both of us bathed and Jess changed into her pajamas while I stayed naked as promised and we went to sleep in her room till next morning.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Home Alone once more

Before I start, just to clarify once more, I will not post any photos on this blog no matter what. It is a place to share what I do, not what I look like. If you doubt the reality of my posts then you can choose not to read.

Haven't been doing anything naughty for a long time! Was busy with work! I'm working part-time at a local company on weekdays and spending time with new BF on weekends. My new BF is kind of conservative compared to those in the past so I try not to be naughty in front of him, though there were times when I tried to tease him! There was once when we were at the movies and I just slipped off my panties from underneath and my skirt and put it into his hands! He was so shy and totally didn't know what to do!

Recently, my parents went overseas again, this time to Seoul and I was left alone in the house once more! Really wanted to go with them but could not due to work :( It was a late night flight for my parents and I went to sleep before they left home. The next morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was to stay in bed, strip off all my clothing and continue my sleep in the nude! It was a Saturday so I did not need to work. When I finally woke up, it was almost 10am and I went to wash up, brush my teeth etc.

After that, I put on a long singlet and went down to have breakfast at Macdonald's. The singlet was quite thin and my nipples poked through them and it covered till mid-thigh. While queuing up, I could feel the person behind me checking out my bare ass through the thin material! After buying my food, I took a table at a secluded corner where there wasn't anyone nearby. In fact, the Macdonald's was quite deserted that day!

After finishing my breakfast, my hands somehow wandered underneath my singlet and I started to play with my vagina right there! Very soon, I totally forgot that I was in a public place and was furiously fingering myself in the restaurant! Thankfully nobody was nearby to see me. With my fingers wet with my female juices, I went to the toilet to wash my hands and as I stood up, I had a shock as my wet pussy had left a stain on my singlet! Anyone who saw me would know that my pussy was wet! I quickly went to the toilet and washed my hands and left, ignoring the stares.

However, I still did not want to go home yet. I was still feeling warm all over from just now and I saw this group of teenagers playing basketball at the basketball court and decided to just approach them. They stared at me as I walked towards them and I asked if I could join them and they let me. So we played 4 on 3, I joined the team with 4. Everytime I raised my arms to shoot, my singlet would be lifted up a little and expose my pussy and butt. And the armholes of my singlet were quite big and they could see my boobs bouncing everywhere free of restrictions. It was really distracting for them! And because of my state of undress, they didn't really dare to touch me. At one point, I turned and knocked into one of the guys as my boobs bounced off his body and I fell to the ground, exposing my lower body to him!

After playing for quite some time, we stopped for a rest. My body was now sweating all over, causing my thin singlet to stick to my body and become translucent. I was as good as naked! However, I just continued to act blur and even lifted up my singlet to wipe my face, showing them everything underneath! After resting for a while, I left and went back home, took off my singlet and went for a shower.

I used my com for a while and surfed the net, and decided to try something fun! Any of you heard of the website chatroulette? It's this site where u talk to random strangers on video! I heard that there are alot of perverts on the site and I decided to satisfy some of them! I set in front of my laptop and turned on the webcam. Instantly I saw my naked body on the screen and I went to the site and connected! The first person that came up was some guy who was quite shocked to see me naked but nonetheless decided to sit back and enjoy. I jiggled my boobs at him and press next since he was so boring. The next was 3 girls sitting in a restaurant! It was really awkward as I stared back at them and I quickly pressed next. After that was a guy who was naked. I decided to tease him and did a naked dance while he wasn't shy either and was frantically rubbing his dick. I got a bit disturbed after a while and offed my webcam.

For the thrill, I put my finger into my vagina for the second time in the day and started digging myself while pressing the next button with my other hand, pausing a few seconds for each person at the other end of the screen to see me masturbating and moaning. There were a few guys who just stared, a few perverts who were naked, and at one time a girl who was so shocked she pressed next before I could! Eventually I climaxed and let out a loud and long moan in front of another guy, smiled at him and turned off my webcam again. I then closed the laptop and took a good nap! It's really comfortable to sleep naked, for those of you who have not tried it. Because every inch of your bare skin is in contact with the soft material of the bed and blanket. Especially if your blanket is silky!

I woke up and changed and went out for dinner with BF. Dress appropriately to avoid stares as he doesn't like it :) After dinner, we shopped around for a while and he came home with me as I asked him to stayover at my house for the night. We watched TV together for some time and I went to shower. After my shower, I wrapped my body in my towel and just came out and sat beside him in the shower. He was so shy and turned red immediately! Every now and then, I would let my towel slip and show my boobs or pussy to him and I could tell he was enjoying it!

As it got late, he went home as he had something on the next day and Jess came over. Who else but my best friend to accompany through the night :)

More on what happened after Jess came in the next post!