Monday, 2 December 2013

Clothing Game

Some of the readers might remember that me and Jess played a game before where we would accumulate points through certain games, assign a point to a piece of clothing, and afterward bid for the clothing with whatever points we have and we would go out in what we managed to bid for. I shall just call it the 'clothing game'. Me and Jess decide to play it again the other day!

This time, I selected a few pieces of clothes from my wardrobe and brought them over to Jess's house and we began to assign points. A thong was 10 points and a bra was 20 points. Mini skirts, shorts and spag straps were 30 points each. A long tshirt was 50, and a dress would cost 80! Between the two of us there would be a total of a 100 points! So if you notice it would not be possible in any case for both of us to have a proper top and bottom at the same time!

However, a new rule this time was that at any time, a party could choose to do a dare chosen by the other party and once done, she would receive an additional 5 points which will be deducted from the other party. If she fails to do it, she would forfeit 10 points to the other side! So at all times, there will only be a total of 100 points between us.

At Jess's house, we sat naked in her room, as we had no points yet, and started flipping a coin. We would flip the coin 10 times, each flip is worth 10 points. A heads means 10 points to Jess while I picked tails. With the first four flips, we were even at 20 points each. However, 3 heads came out consecutively and I was losing 50 points to 20! A tails came out next to give me 30 points and I was feeling relieved since probability would assume that the next two would likely be tails! However, the next two flips turned out to be heads! So at the end of the 10 flips, Jess had 70 points and I had 30. She totally couldn't hide her satisfied smirk!

With my 30 points, I settled with a white strapless bra for 20 points and a skimpy pathetic black lacey thong for 10 points. It was the only way to cover myself top and bottom, though the thong was translucent and my ass was spilling out from it.

Jess had 70 points so she was spoilt for choice, choosing a pink crop top and a denim mini skirt for 30 points each and even having 10 extra points for 2 nipple pasties so her nipples wouldn't stick through her top. The other clothes up for choice were thrown in the back of Jess's car. 

We had no idea where we wanted to go so we decided to just hop on Jess's car and drive around. On the car, I hugged a cushion in front of me so that people outside couldn't tell that I was in my underwear. 

It was actually quite late at night, because we had agreed that it would be safer to do our stunts at night when less people were out. It was about 10pm already and we had not had our dinner yet so Jess drove us to a macdonald's to buy our food. 

When we were there, I told Jess to go and buy the food because obviously she was more modestly dressed. But she said that it wouldn't be fair to her and she forced me to play scissors paper stone with her to determine who goes out to buy the food! Thankfully I won, so Jess went to buy the food. 

We had our dinner at a random park, which was very dark and empty by now. We were seated at an empty pavilion and I decided to challenge for more points. I challenged Jess to a dare, and I bid 20 points on it, so if she did it I would surrender 20 points to her and if she couldn't she would have to give me 20 points. 

With so many points, 20 points didn't really matter much to Jess and I expected her to be nice and let me have them. I dared her to take a pee in the bushes naked, which wasn't really hard. Jess just stripped immediately, went to the bushes and peed! She did not wven hesitate! When she came back, she put her clothes back on and stripped off my bra and put it on. I was left with only 10 points! I felt like an idiot and Jess couldn't stop smirking. 

After eating, we made our way back to the car and on the car, Jess gave me a chance to redeem myself. She pointed to a lamppost far away and told me to run there naked and touch and she would give my 20 points back. I jumped at the chance and quickly took off my panties and ran there. Second stupid mistake of the night. 

As I ran, my boobs bounced everywhere and it was really uncomfortable but I only had the dare in mind. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car's engine starting and and turned to see Jess driving away! My heart immediately dropped. I always fall for that. Now I was stranded in the park fully naked! 

I expected Jess to come back quickly and I waited at the carpark, just standing there in my birthday suit when I saw a car coming in! I quickly ran to hide behind another in the carpark and the car parked opposite the car that I was hiding behind. From my position, I could see a couple inside and they actually started making out! 

The guy unstrapped his seatbelt and crawled over the girl and they started kissing while taking each other's clothes off! It was actually quite dark and I could only see their figures moving in the car but I could clearly see their actions! Watching them made me really horny and I started to touch myself, groping my own boobs with one hand as the other hand wandered down to my nether regions as I slowly stroked my vagina. 

As they got more vigorous, so did I as I inserted a finger into my pussy and started masturbating at the carpark! I had no regard for my surroundings anymore and was engrossed in pleasuring myself, and I let out a moan when I climaxed. Thank goodness I was alone! 

With my pussy juice all over my hands, I had to wash them or I would have a hard time explaining to Jess why my hands were covered in pussy juice so I got up, sneaked away and left the couple to their own and tried to find a nearby toilet. I went to the map and the nearest toilet was actually nearby so I quickly went over. On the way, I ran into someone so I had to quickly hide behind a bush and luckily wasn't seen! 

When I reached the toilet, I decided to be bolder and just went into the male toilet! When I walked in, I actually saw a bangla worker peeing in one of the urinals! He was back facing me and had not noticed me so I quickly ran into one of the cubicles and shut the door! I was quite scared now and hoped for him to leave the toilet faster. I crouched down on the floor and looked from underneath to see his feet still there. While I waited, I decided that I might as well take a pee and peed in the toilet bowl and cleaned my hands and vagina with the toilet paper. Finally, he was gone and I quickly went out to wash my hands and left the toilet hurriedly. 

My mind was fixed on getting back to the toilet quickly and I wandered into a pavilion and got a shock when I saw another bangla worker lying there! I let out a small squeal and wanted to make a run but I realised that he was asleep and drunk! So I just slowly waltzed around him with my naked body. I was afraid that he might suddenly wake up so I didn't stay for long and went back to the carpark. 

The couple were still at it but I saw that Jess had come back for me! So I quickly went into the car and joined her. I scolded we for tricking me but she just laughed and gave me my panties and bra back. I had to find a way to get Jess naked! But she had so many points! As we drove out again, I had an idea...


  1. cant wait for part 2... pls update fast huhuhu

  2. Great! Love to see you get nude in public.. please continue that make us hard on..thks

  3. Can tell you get excited writing your own stories ;)