Friday, 8 November 2013

Zaogeng on purpose

Recently been very busy and hard to find time to do naughty things. So sometimes when I really have an urge to do something naughty, I would just purposely zaogeng and tease people. It's very funny sometimes to see people's reactions and you can really find out who are your true friends. 

I work part time as a waitress so once at work, I purposely left my top button unbuttoned. Our work attire was already quite low cut and loose at the top to begin with, so leaving the top button open meant that my bra was pretty exposed. Yes I wear a bra at work cos I don't want to get into unnecessary trouble, but sometimes I will leave my panties at home! I was wearing a green strapless bra that day and I tested my attire out in the toilet. When the top button was left open, the top was still decent when I was just standing still but the moment I start to move around, my cleavage and bra would become very obvious!

Of cos I didn't start work like that, me and a few of my colleagues went to work early to have lunch first. When we met, I could see one of the guys notice my problem immediately, but he did not say anything and for the next 20 minutes he kept stealing glances. The other guys soon took notice too but no one bothered telling me about it! So disappointing.

At one time I decided to tease them by pretending to drop my stuff and bending down to pick them up, giving them a huge downblouse view! That was also when my female colleague, the only other girl in our group, saw my exposed bra and boobs and she quickly came over and told me about it. I pretended to be shocked and buttoned up my shirt! 

Often when I take the mrt and have a seat, I would also sit very unglamly, opening my legs wide and allowing the person opposite to have a clear view of my panties, or more if I wasn't wearing any. It would always be so funny to see their reactions, trying to not look blatantly so sneaking peeks every now and then. Sometimes I would even stare back at them to scare them when they realise that I know they were staring. 

Sometimes, it would actually happen by accident and not on purpose. I tend to wear inappropriate attires for activities which results in lots of zaogengs. Once, I went to wild wild wet with my friends and I wore newly bought red bikini. I had never really tried it on before and only until I put it on in the toilet did I realise that it was too big for me! This was not the string kind so I could tighten it but I had no choice and just went along with it.  Jess was with me at that time and I think she noticed but she just kept quiet.

After putting it on, I looked at myself and saw that the bottom was really loose. I could see abit of my butt crack already! I tied the top as tightly as possible but my boobs were not big enough to fill up the cups so it was still rather loose! 

I just went ahead with it anyway and it was all fine actually. Just that I had to keep pulling up my bottoms. We went to the tsunami pool and went to the deepest spot. When the tsunami came, I had to keep jumping up and down to get my head out of the water. As I did that, I did not notice my bikini bottom slipping downwards and off my legs! I just continued having fun and at one point I decided to climb onto the float. One of my guy friends helped me hold the float while I lifted my leg up to climb up and I exposed my bare vagina to him! I didn't even notice and continued climbing until I got up and realised that everyone was staring at me! 

When I realised what had happened I quickly jumped back into the water! My whole face was red from the embarrassment but at the same time I was rather aroused and scared. I looked around for my bikini bottom but couldn't find it! 

After 10 mins of looking, one of my friends found a kid playing with it and managed to get it back for me! I was so relieved! When I put it back on, we continued playing but this time I was more careful. 

That's all I have for now! Maybe will share more next time since I tend to zaogeng a lot anyway with my skimpy clothing!

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  1. very naughty experiences! well done & looking forwards for more. Thks for sharing dear