Friday, 24 February 2012


So we went to Genting a few weeks ago! Before we went on the trip, me and Jess agreed to not bring any underwear! The third friend is called Gina, her boobs are less big, around B only, and she's around 163cm tall. But she's really cute and popular with guys! She's more shy than me and Jess so she was reluctant to leave her underwear home, so we agreed to let her bring them!

We boarded the bus early in the morning, and it was quite empty so we moved to the back, me and Jess sat together while Gina sat beside us at a single seat. Me and Jess were both wearing dark coloured tops and shorts to be more discreet as we didn't want to attract too much attention to us since we weren't wearing any underwear. We didn't do anything naughty on the bus first, as we very soon alighted at customs but when we entered Malaysia, most of the passengers on the bus went to sleep! Me and Jess challenged each other to take off our bottoms, which was simple as no one in front would be able to see that we were bottomless! Gina was quite used to us doing such things, so she didn't say anything. We tried to urge her to do the same, but she refused to and only agreed to unzip the shorts that she was wearing to expose her yellow panties, and she also pulled down her panties for a split seconds to show some pubic hair! But she just turned red and pulled her panties up again :p

I then dared Jess to take off her black tank top too! Jess couldn't reject a dare of course so she just push the back of the seat down and sat lower down the seat and took off her shirt! She was now fully naked on the bus full of strangers! Gina looked really shocked and even I was rather surprised she agreed to do it! She dared me back, so I couldn't reject since she had already done it right! So I did the same, and the two of us just laid our jackets over our bodies as blankets, and laid back down!

After a while, Jess and Gina fell asleep! I took the opportunity to remove the jacket from her body, leaving her fully exposed, and I put my clothes back on, so that I could stand up and move closer to Gina, who was wearing a red checkered buttoned shirt, and her shorts still unzipped. I carefully unzipped her shorts further, and pulled them down slightly, and then started to unbutton her shirt! Everyone else on the bus was asleep so it no one could see what I was doing, Slowly, I unbuttoned all the buttons of her shirt, and exposed her body and her turquoise strapless bra! Slowly, I tried reaching to her back, and unbuckled her bra! This way I could remove her whole bra, and her cute little nipples were exposed! I admired my work for a while, before buttoning her shirt up again! Then, I left the two of them as they were, put Gina's bra on her lap, and went to sleep too!

Soon, we reached Yong Ping, where we were supposed to have our lunch break. Both of the girls woke up only when we reached. Jess was quite frantic as she was still naked, and only had time to grab her jacket before I pulled her down the bus! Gina was shocked too to see her bra on her lap when she woke up, and let out a small gasp when she realised she was braless now! We quickly went down for our lunch after that! Jess could only wear her jacket, so she zipped it up and it covered her boobs well, but it was difficult to cover her pussy and ass as the jacket wasn't long enough! Gina was quite uncomfortable without her bra but at least she was well covered! The moment Jess stepped in, she received alot of stares! She just stuck close to us, and we visited the toilet first. After peeing, we sat down at one of the tables to have our lunch.

The moment Jess sat down, her butt actually peeked out from the bottom of her jacket! People who walked past just stared at her but she just pretended that nothing was wrong and ate her food. After lunch, we went back to the bus and continued the trip. Didn't do anything naughty during that time, as we were all quite tired so we just slept the whole journey.

Finally, we reached Genting and went to the lobby to check in. We got a room at the 8th floor, which was quite far away from the lift and the water dispenser. It was already around 3+ in the afternoon when we reached, so we just put down our luggage, went down to the mall area and explored the place, before going back to our room at around 5. It was still too early for dinner, so we decided to just slack around first. Then, I suggested that we play strip poker!

Each of our clothing would be worth different points. Underwear are worth 5 points each, and outer wear such as top and bottom are worth more at 10 points. Jackets are worth 15 points! Each of us wore a top and bottom and a jacket. Gina was not allowed to wear a jacket since she was wearing underwear! The outer wear had to go first before the inner wear, and each bet would be in multiples of 5! So the first round started, I didn't get a very good hand, from what I remember, but apparently Jess did, and she immediately put down 10 points!

I decided to play along and both me and Gina followed, and in the next round, Jess raised it to 15 points! I folded so I lost 10 points immediately, while Gina followed! In the end, Jess raised to 20 points and Gina followed again, but Jess won! So Gina lost 20 points, which meant her top and bottom both had to come off, leaving her with her turquoise bra and pink panties! By rights, her top and bottom should have went to Jess, but to save time, we just removed them from the game! The first person to end up fully naked will have to do do a forfeit! After a few rounds, Both me and Jess had lost our jackets. I was 5 points away from losing my top, while Jess was already topless in her denim shorts. Gina was only left with her panties! She kept trying to hide her boobs with her arms as she played!

So in short, I had 15 points, Jess had 10 points and Gina had 5 points, Suddenly I was winning! My next hand was quite bad, but Gina looked really confident this time, and put out her 5 points. She jsut followed all the way, and me and Jess lost 5 points each, which meant that I was topless too now, only wearing my FBT shorts. Still I had 5 points more than the other two! In the end, Jess actually lost! She was now nude, while me and Gina had to remain in our present state of nudity while we were still in the room.  Jess's punishment was to fill up our water cooker with water from the water dispenser outside naked! We quickly pushed her out, and closed the door, but left the ledge on so that the door didn't lock her out.Our room was quite far from the water dispenser, and after she turned over at the empty corridor, we quickly pushed out the ledge and locked her out! A while later, Jess came back and she started pressing the doorbell and knocking on the door frantically. It was really funny to see her panicking and being fully naked outside through the hole in the door! We opened the door a bit but kept the ledge locked, and Jess kept shouting at us to let her in, but shutted up when we reminded her that her shouting might attract the neighbours!

We let her in eventually, and luckily for her no one saw her at all. When she came in, we put on our clothes and went down to the mall to shop and have our dinner. By the end of the day, we went back to our room, bathed and went to sleep. However, me and Jess already had secret plans of our own! Jess came up with the idea after my stayover at her house the other time that when Gina falls asleep, we would strip her! So me and Jess pretended to be sleeping and when we made sure that Gina was asleep, we got to work! She was sleeping in between the two of us, and wearing her pajamas, a buttoned shirt and pants with bra and panties inside. Firstly, we slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled off her pants. Her pants came off really easily as it was the kind of loose fitting pajamas and very soon she was left in her pink bra and panties. Gina was still sound asleep! She was facing Jess in her sleeping position so I was able to unclip her bra from her back, and we removed it to expose her boobs. Jess even played with her nipples for a while! Then, we started working on her panties. Slowly, we tugged at the waistband as her butt and pussy were gradually exposed, and she was fully naked in front of us, fast asleep. Unlike Jess, her vagina wasn't as clean shaven and was covered with pubic hair. I adjusted her legs so that they were spread apart, and tickled her pussy for awhile, but not too hard in case she woke up!

Then, we wrapped Gina up in a blanket, so that only her head was revealed, and lifted her up! We had to do this carefully so that she would stay asleep and we carried her outside the room all the way to the stairs! Thank goodness she was really light. The stairs are really quiet since no one uses it usually and it was the middle of the night. We took a pillow with us to rest her head on so that she would feel like she is still on the bed, and we just left her there! Of course, we didn't leave her alone, but we went outside the stairway to observe her. After a while, she woke up and we quickly ran back to our room and locked the door! A while later, we could hear frantic knocks on the door and we saw a naked Gina holding her blanket outside. We waited for 5 minutes before we opened the door and Gina quickly ran back in to dress up!

Would like to say that we did more naughty stuff, but we didn't really end up doing much because the whole of the next day was spent at the theme park and we went home the day after. Will try to do other things next time!

Thursday, 23 February 2012