Thursday, 28 March 2013

24 hours naked challenge part 1

So Jess came over at around 11.30pm. We didn't exactly do much, just talked a while and watched TV and we slept quite early because we had plans for the next day. However, I stayed awake as I had plans for the night too! One of the favourite things I like to do to Jess is to do naughty things to her after she's asleep :p She's a really really heavy sleeper and it's always very difficult to wake her up so I could do lots of stuff to her without waking her up!

So I pretended to sleep too and waited for her to fall asleep. How do I ensure? When she's asleep she is as good as non-living! I groped her boobs hard but all she did was turn her body and continued to remain asleep! So that was the green light for me to start my fun. Jess was wearing a blue t-shirt and pink panties, no bra underneath. I started with her panties first, slowly tugging at the waistband and soon her panties were off! Next, I lifted up her shirt gradually to exposed her huge boobs, but the real tricky part was to get them off her. I had to lift up her upper body to pull it over her arms and head but luckily she remained asleep.

Finally, Jess was naked! I played with her nipples using my fingers and soon they were erect and hard! Then I slowly ran my finger down her pussy lips and I could feel her arousal! I sound like a pervert old man doing all this! But it was all in the name of fun :) I opened my room door and my house door, mustered all my energy, and carried the naked Jess up and out of the house! I carried her all the way to the stairs area. She was so heavy! Luckily I was quite strong because I actually train my muscles to improve my volleyball skills and was able to take her weight. I then went back to the house and took out 2 clothes pegs and a marker. I put Jess in a lying position but spread her legs apart to expose her clean shaven pussy, and inserted the marker, getting a loud moan from her. Then I clipped the two clothes pegs over her nipples and let them hang there. After admiring my work for a while, I left Jess there, went back to the house and locked the door, and I went to sleep! I slept on my sofa in the living room so that if Jess woke up and knocked on the door at least I'll be aware.

Well sure enough, after around 20minutes, there was loud knocking on my door! I looked through the door hole and saw a naked Jess smashing on my door frantically! I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud and I just kept quiet and continued watching her. After a while, she gave up knocking, probably because she was afraid of waking the neighbours and just sat down outside! I decided to be really mean and I went back to my room and went to sleep! I set my alarm clock to 4am and when it woke me up, I went out to check again. I opened my door and there she was, sitting outside my door asleep and fully naked! I was so amused  that I changed my mind and decided not to wake her up!

I just sat down next to her and played with my phone till around 10 minutes later she woke up and when she saw me she screamed and quickly ran into the house! I was having such a good time laughing so hard! Jess went to bathe and put on some clothes and we went back to sleep.

The next day, we woke up early as we had a date with our volleyball friends to play a match and the match ended at around lunchtime. Glad our skills were still intact! :) Afterward, we went for lunch as a team in the nearby shopping mall and me and Jess decided to stay for a while to walk around. We were just doing random window shopping when all of a sudden, I felt a tug at my FBT shorts and next thing I knew, they were down at my ankles! I screamed out loud from the shock and there I was, standing in the middle of the mall in my white panties and everyone was staring at me! Of course it was Jess's revenge for last night! I quickly pulled up my pants and continued walking as though nothing happened and Jess couldn't stop laughing! Little did she know, she had just started a war for the rest of the day!

Jess knew for sure that I would try to get my revenge so she was very cautious, making sure that I was within her sight at all times. Until at one point of time in a clothing store, she got distracted by some clothes and started browsing. I seized the opportunity, grabbed her shorts and tugged hard. I made sure I slid my figners into her waistband and pulled her panties along! With all my might, I pulled everything downward! The next moment when I looked up, I was staring at Jess's bare butt cheeks! Just like me, she screamed and that attracted a lot of attention and many people turned to look and got treated to the sight of a bottomless Jess! I quickly ran as I did not want to be caught by others as the culprit and Jess quickly pulled up her panties and shorts. Unfortunately for her, her panties and shorts tangled together and she took some time untangling them, which meant exposing her bare buttocks for a longer time while bending over! I think I even saw someone take out his phone and snapped her picture :x

Afterward, Jess just laughed it off but she was obviously angry and I was feeling quite guilty so I told Jess I would do one thing for her whatever it was.That was my biggest mistake of the day. Because the moment we went to her car, she told me to strip naked! I obliged and stripped down and she took away my clothes and said that I would have to remain this way for the next 24 hours! I protested but she stood by her decision and I could not say no as I agreed to let her decide what I would do.

So I took off all my clothes and passed them to her, which she threw into her car boot and I went into the car and she drove off. As she drove along the road, I sat as low as possible on the seat so people outside could not see that I was naked! It felt really weird for the seat belt to be across my naked body and the strap was in between my boobs and it was really uncomfortable.

Finally, Jess drove the car back to her own house! I was quite surprised as I had expected to go somewhere else. She exited the car and told me to wait inside and she went into her house. After awhile, she came out again, this time dressed in a tank top and shorts and I could see that she was wearing a bikini under her clothes and she drove off!

As she drove on, to my horror, she was headed for east coast park! Jess stopped the car at one of the more secluded areas and parked it at a carpark. Then, we both exited the car and Jess carried her bag and pulled me along by my hand towards the beach. There I was in east coast park naked! Before we crossed the path, we made sure there was nobody and we quickly ran across! I was sweating all over from the adrenaline rush!

The beach was empty thankfully as this was one of the more quiet areas without the BBQ pits. From her bag, Jess brought of a large mat that we could sit on, and she stripped down to her yellow thong bikini and we sat down. It was late evening by now and the sky was darkening so I actually felt quite safe even though I was nude!

I decided to go for a swim and pulled Jess along into the water. The water here was different from that of sentosa and it was much more dirty so I felt kind of disgusted but just as I was going to get out, a young couple just happened to walk past and sat down about 10m away from us! It was dark but I think it was bright enough to tell that I was naked if I came out of the water!

With no choice, I had to stay inside while Jess could freely walk out. So while Jess was cleaning herself dry on the shore, I had no choice but to stay in the water. After around 15mins, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to just come out! I just walked up and wiped myself with the towel, in full view of the couple. When they saw that I was naked, they stared for a while before deciding to make themselves scarce and we were left alone again!

Me and Jess sat on the mat and talked for quite some time until 11plus and we decided to get some food. Jess suggested that we walk to the macdonalds but I protested that I was naked. However, she insisted and said that we would avoid the bright areas.

So we walked along the beach and thankfully there wasn't alot of people that day in the park and no one along the shore. I was only wearing flip flops and nothing else and my body was quite sandy. There was this stretch of road which was fully deserted for as far as we could see and we boldly decided to walk on the path! Or rather I boldly decided to because Jess was fully dressed with her tank top and shorts!

Suddenly, from afar we could see a bicycle approaching! I quickly ran to the side and hid behind a tree and luckily I wasn't seen. After this incident, we decided that it was too dangerous to walk along the park fully naked so Jess took off her tank top and passed it to me. So now at least my boobs were covered but the top only reached just below my waist so my pussy and butt were still exposed but at least I felt safer.

We continued walking and whenever someone was approaching us I would pull the shirt down to cover my pussy. A few people stared weirdly at me and I believe some could even tell that I was bottomless but no one stopped us or anything so it was fine.

Finally, we reached macdonalds and of cos I couldn't possibly go inside in such a state of dress so Jess, on the spot, took of her shorts and bikini bottom and passed me the thong bikini and put her shorts back on. I was quite grateful for that!

So Jess was in a bikini top and shorts while I was in a tank top with the bikini bottom which did little to cover my ass but at least it covered my pussy. We walked into macdonalds and placed our orders. A few customers stared at us, especially a group of boys. I could feel their eyes focused on my ass cheeks which were hanging out of the thong and bouncing as I walked.

We ignored them and ordered our food and found a table and we ate and talked for quite a few hours again till 2am and we decided to walk back.

By this time, the whole stretch of road was already deserted so Jess made me go naked again. She herself took off her bikini top and freed her big boobs to freely bounce in the cool night air. It was quite a smooth journey and Jess eventually even took off her shorts and both of us were naked!

Finally, we reached the carpark we hopped into Jess's car and she drove us back to her house. Her parents were asleep in their room and I was able to simply waltz into the living room naked and sit at the sofa watching tv! Both of us bathed and Jess changed into her pajamas while I stayed naked as promised and we went to sleep in her room till next morning.