Saturday, 21 July 2012

Home Alone Day 5 and 6

Woke up randomly at 4am in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. After a while, I gave up trying and decided to relieve my boredom by playing with Jess! I pulled away her blanket and she was totally naked underneath. I got a small paintbrush and brushed at her nipples till they were erect,then i brushed at her bare shaven vagina clits and she started to moan in her sleep! After a while, the bristles were all covered in her female juices! I dabbed some of them on her lips and I could totally tell that she was enjoying some kinky dream! After that, I turned the brush over and inserted the wooden tip into her vagina! In and out the brush went, and Jess began to produce more and more juices and moaned louder and louder, until I stopped and she turned her body over from face-up to sideways. I squeezed her solid big ass and soft bouncy boobs and pinched her nipples but she remained asleep the whole while, probably because yesterday was really tiring. I took out my vibrator, turned it on to max, and put it into her vagina, before leaving the room to go and make breakfast. It was around 5am by then. A while later, Jess's scream came out from the room and she angrily stormed into the kitchen and told me off for waking her up with the vibrator. I could see that her pussy was totally wet! She turned all red when I pointed that out!

We had breakfast in the nude after she cleaned up, and Jess was really tired so she went back to sleep again. Fat habits! At around 10am, Jess woke up again and we got dressed to go out as we had a birthday party to attend at night so we needed to get a present. Both of us dressed normally but without any underwear and didn't try anything naughty as we were focusing on getting the present.

Shopped till late afternoon, and we went home and got changed for the party. The birthday girl was called Christie and she was one of my ex-colleagues while I was doing part time and then Jess got to know her when we went clubbing together. She can be really open too! When we arrived, there was a mixture of guys and girls around. Some of them I recognise as mutual friends from the club, while others were friends of hers that we didn't really knew. Luckily we dressed up normally for the occasion or it would have been chaotic for all those strangers to see us. Christie hosted the party at her bungalow with her parents overseas too. It was really big and had 3 storeys with a private pool!

So the party went on until around 11pm, when most of the guests left except the two of us and some of Christie's friends, both male and female. After helping to pack up and everything, it was around midnight and the girls went into one room and chased the guys out to another room. Christie's house had a huge collection of alcohol that she brought out and we decided to play drinking games. There were 6 of us. Me, Jess, Christine and 3 other girls, Denise, Samantha and Miki (Yup Japanese!). All of us were rather open people and somehow after we got tipsy, the game turned into a game of strip poker!

By around 2.30am all 6 of us were lying naked in the room with our clothes thrown all over the place. Besides me and Jess, the other 4 girls had really hot bodies too, especially Miki, who looked exactly like a japanese porn star lying on the floor fully naked with her big boobs. Jess was totally drunk by then and she suddenly stood up and said that she wanted to go to the toilet. Then she just walked out of the door naked! I was still quite conscious so I grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped myself with it and then chased out. By then, Jess had already walked down the stairs to the living room, where the guys were! Most of the guys were still awake but tipsy, and the more sober ones just stared at her as she walked past them, fully naked, into the kitchen and into the toilet. She didn't even bother closing the door! All I could do was follow behind and shoo the guys away! After she finished her pee, she just walked out and sat down on the sofa with the guys. OH MY GOD that girl is really a trouble when she's drunk! I tried to pull her up but she just wouldn't budge so I had no choice but to get one of the guys to help me. One of them was really nice and he helped me carry her up, of course inevitably grabbing a handful of her boobs and ass as he did so. He just let her down at the entrance of the room and went back downstairs because I blocked him from entering the room where there were 4 other naked girls!

While most of the people left were rather tipsy already, they weren't unconscious yet. So the girls continued to play and laugh and dance around, until around 3.15am, someone suggested that we go swimming! By then, I was almost drunk too so I didn't object or anything and just went along! So then, 6 naked girls came out of the room and went downstairs in front of the guys once more and out of the house, and then jumped into the pool. Thankfully the pool was really shallow or one of us might have drowned! Actually most of the guys were asleep already so not many of them saw us. The rest were, again, chased away by us and forbidden into the pool. We splashed at each other in the pool and made lots of noises. Wonder if any of the neighbours saw what was happening. At 4.30, Jess came out of the pool and said that she wanted to pee again! She really drinks too much sometimes. This time I didn't follow her and I didn't have the energy already. But I came up and just fell asleep on the sunbathing bench.

Well apparently here's what happened after I fell asleep. The other 4 girls came out of the pool too and 3 of them went back into the room to sleep, while Christie stayed with me and fell asleep too. As for Jess, she finished her pee and went to sit at the sofa with the guy again! This time falling asleep. The next morning, when I woke up, it was around 9am already. I quickly woke Christie up and we went into the house, still naked, where most of the guys had already woken up. They were really gentlemanly and didn't do anything to Jess while she was unconscious! Nonetheless, it was still really awkward to be naked among a bunch of guys, so me and Christie quickly went upstairs, leaving Jess behind to teach her a lesson!

All of us washed up and changed into our clothes again, and the guys left. Then I went to wake Jess up, who had a nasty shock when she woke up naked in the middle of the living room and I told her about how she flashed everyone last night. What a crazy night! But it was really fun :)

Me and Jess went home to wash up and sleep, and she went back to her own home after that. The next day, my parents returned (:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Home Alone Day 4

Next  morning, after breakfast, we decided to try a full day of naughtiness because we ran out of things to do! The rules goes like this, we leave house at 10am both fully dressed, and each hour one of us would remove a piece of clothing and continue the days activities. We would toss a coin to decide who would remove the clothing each hour and the other person would decide for her which piece to remove. Sounds fun right (:

So we left house, I was dressed in a short translucent white t-shirt that showed shades of my blue bra and a mini skirt that covered just nicely below my butt cheeks with white panties underneath. Jess was wearing a green spaghetti strap top that showed quite a bit of cleavage and a pink lacy bra with a pair of denim shorts and matching pink panties. We got onto Jess's car which was parked downstairs and drove off aimlessly. We didn't really want to go into any place where there would be many people so we drove around town instead and stopped at one of the more ulu shopping centres in Orchard. I think it was the one near the Istana.

Finally, 11am came! We tossed a coin and it was tails! Which meant that Jess had to remove a piece of clothing. I wanted her to remove her top at first :p but she protested so I got her to remove her bra instead. So we went to the the toilet and off it went, leaving her flimsy spaghetti strap as the only support left for her big bouncy boobs. I could see that she was feeling really uncomfortable as her boobs kept bouncing everywhere while she was walking. I then dragged her to the pool centre there and she immediately saw my intentions! She tried to protest but allowed herself to get dragged in anyway. So we played pool for awhile. At the beginning she was quite uncomfortable and kept looking out went she bent over but after a while she got into the game and became complacent, bending over without hesitation quite a few times to hit the ball. Each time she bent over, her loose collar will droop down and expose her bare boobs and nipples! Even for me, my panties were exposed when I bent over to hit the ball as my skirt was so short! Luckily for her, the lighting there was rather dim so other tables couldn't really spot anything but I think one of the guys from the table beside us saw her zaogeng and told his friends! Because after a while they kept staring at Jess when it was her turn to play and bend over. When I saw that, I just shot them a dirty look and pulled Jess away and we left the pool place.

Before we left the building, it was 12! So a coin was tossed again and this time it was heads. Jess wanted me to take off my panties, so I did so in the toilet. My mini skirt wasn't the tight fitting kind, but instead was the loose kind that bounces around while walking and flies in the wind. So while walking down the street, it kept bouncing up and down and everytime the wind blew, it flew up to expose my lower body parts to people around! Luckily most people weren't very observant but I think I caught some people staring at times. We walked towards 313 somerset, which was quite a distance away, and shopped around abit, Until 1pm came and the coin was flipped again. Heads again! So off went my bra. My shirt was really thin so my nipples were very visible through the white translucent material and it attracted a lot of stares. We walked into one of the clothing shops and I picked a few clothes to try out. This guy shop attendant attended to me and directed me to the fitting room while Jess waited outside.I was trying out a dress so I had to take off everything, leaving myself naked. After trying it, I took it off and just opened the door to pass the dress to Jess and asked her to get me a new size! The shop attendant was really shocked to see me opening the door naked and my bare body was in full view in front of him! After Jess got a new dress, I opened the door again to take it from her! The attendant just pretended to look away all the while! After trying on the second set, which was fitting, I put on my clothes and paid for the dress before leaving the store.

After that, we went for lunch at one of the restaurants. We quickly ate and continued shopping. Meanwhile, 2pm passed and Jess lost her panties too! I psycho-ed Jess to pull her pants lower such that it exposed her butt crack! But in return I had to pull up my skirt higher, which meant that it became even shorter than before, exposing my whole butt with just a little bendover! Before it got to 3 and any of us lost a piece of clothing that would really expose us, we made our way back to the car.

We couldn't really think of what to do, but we both agreed to drive out of town first away from the crowds. After driving for a while, we decided to go home first. Of course, when we reached home, 3 had already passed and a toss of the coin determined that I was now topless! Jess purposely parked her car all the way up to the top floor of the multi-storey carpark, and I had to walk all the way down wearing only a super short mini skirt. Luckily we didn't run into anyone all the way back to my house!

Back home, we didn't change any of our clothing and stayed that way as the rules still stood!At 4, the coin showed heads again so I ended up completely naked, while Jess still had her top and bottom! We ordered Mcdelivery for dinner, and we played scissors, paper, stone to decide who will collect the food and I lost! Really unlucky day huh. When the delivery came, I took the money out and opened the door, to the surprise of the deliveryman. It was so dangerous! I opened the door for him to pass me the food, and at that instance my naked body was just inches away from the guy!

After dinner, 5 passed and Jess went bottomless. But, we were already safe at home so I didn't really matter. For the rest of the day, we just did our own stuff. Jess brought her laptop and was talking to her boyfriend on the webcam, wearing only just a shirt as her lower body could not be seen on the cam anyway. I decided to tease them both abit by appearing naked in the background and pretending to be unknowing that I was in the view of the cam. Jess quickly gestured to me to walk away as her boyfriend could see me naked so I obliged. After a while, I reappeared, screaming to Jess to see something on the TV, and then just pulled her up, showing her boyfriend that she was actually bottomless! Her boyfriend was quite shocked but regained his composure as he actually knew our nudist habits quite well. After some time, we both went to sleep in the nude (: