Saturday, 15 June 2013

Solo trip to Thailand! (Day 2)

The next day, I woke up early, brushed my teeth, put on a long baby pink t-shirt and went down for breakfast. Breakfast was buffet style and was really good! My t-shirt was only until mid-thigh length and I think my butt was exposed when I sat down but I was too tired to care about people staring.

After breakfast, I went back to my room, took a light shower and changed into my bikini. I locked up, dropped my key off at the counter and went for the beach, all the while in my small bikini. When I was taking the lift down, there was a guy with me and he was staring at my ass that was spilling out from my bikini bottom! I think that after yesterday's dip in the swimming pool and subsequent washing, it now felt smaller than before! My nipples were poking through the thin top and I could feel the tightness of it. The bottom went between my butt cheeks as I walked and soon it looked like a thong and I could see my cameltoe. My butt crack was also peeking through the top.

I walked to the beach which was just beside the resort. At this time, the beach was quite empty except for a few tourists here and there. I found a quiet spot, stripped bare and went swimming in the water. I swam for awhile before coming up and I lay down the mat that I brought along and just lied down in the nude to suntan! Since I was overseas I figured out I might as well do whatever I want because these people will probably never see me again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun's warmth on every inch of my body, getting rid of those ugly tanlines. Very soon, I fell asleep!

When I woke up, I checked the time and realized I had snoozed for around half an hour. The beach was more packed by now but no one seemed to care what I was doing since I was at the very extreme end of the beach where it was still deserted! 2 angmoh girls probably could see me from where they were but they just ignored me. I think it's a normal thing for them where they came from.

I was really drowsy and blur when I woke up so I just sat there and stoned for quite some time, and I got up and went into the sea once more and this time, I went all the way to the crowded part! My whole body was submerged but the water was quite clear so people could actually see me naked! So I actually did not dare to go too near anyone and I'm not sure if anyone saw me that day! After a while I quickly swam back to where my bikini was.

I put my bikini back on and headed for the water sports. I went for the banana boat straight and paid for it and deposited my purse in the locker and went on it with 4 other people, 3 guys. and another girl.

The ferry dragging the banana boat accelerated quickly and we kept getting thrown off as it made sharp turns! At one time, my bikini top went all the way up to my neck and I splashed heavily into the water! I did not notice at first and climbed up back onto the banana boat before one of the guys told me and I quickly adjusted it while everyone else was staring at my bare boobs.

The ferry continued to show no mercy and went even faster! This time, it made a really sharp turn and all of us got thrown off the ferry and I hit the water with such strong impact! I actually landed quite far away from the ferry and I quickly swam back to it.

This time, when I climbed up, my whole bikini top was gone! I quickly covered my boobs with my hands and looked around and saw it floating not far away from the ferry. The guy controlling the ferry drove the ferry near it and helped me fish it out but it was torn into two pieces. It was already very very tight and coupled with the heavy impact of landing in the water I think it actually snapped into two! It was made of poor material after all!

I got onto the ferry and they sent me back to shore, all the while with me topless and trying to cover my boobs. When we returned, they gave me a towel to cover myself and I made my way back to the hotel. Walking halfway, I decided to try something bold. I found a secluded spot, slipped off my bikini bottom and threw it away as well! Now I was naked but for a towel!

I wrapped the towel around my body and it barely covered my private areas. The top half of my breasts were exposed at the top while the bottom of my butt cheeks peeked out the bottom. Plus, I had to hold the towel while I walked and could not walk too quickly if not it would drop!

I made my way back to the hotel and took the lift upwards. There was an old angmoh couple in the lift with me and they were totally judging. The moment I got out of the elevator, I let the towel drop to my feet and walked back to my room naked! When I went back, I took a quick shower and watched a bit of tv, before heading out for late lunch.

For lunch, I wore a white sundress with nothing underneath. It was very windy and my dress kept blowing upwards but it was long enough to maintain my modesty. The material was thin and as I walked under the sun, it turned slightly translucent but I didn't really attract too much attention.

After lunch I went back to my room for a nap till around 8pm. I had noticed that beside my room are 3 teenage guys who were around my age and I decided to tease them. I walked out of my room naked and just let the door shut behind me!

My heart was beating really fast now as I walked up to their door and knocked! After a while, one of the guys opened the door and he was so surprised to see a naked girl standing at his doorstep! I told him that I had accidentally locked myself out of my room and asked to borrow their phone to call room service!

He hesitated a while but eventually let me in and the other two guys were inside too and they just stared at me. If they decided to rape me on the spot there was nothing I could do! I quickly went to the phone and called room service. The receptionist spoke really bad English so I took a long time to explain to her what had happened, and all the while the 3 guys were right beside me seeing my naked body at close range.

After that, I had to wait for them to send someone up and while waiting, I tried to make things less awkward by talking to them and they were trying really hard to avoid looking at me but I caught them sneaking glances every now and then. Turns out they are From Malaysia and were also here on a holiday!

Around 15 minutes later, room service came and the male receptionist, who couldn't keep his eyes off me, helped me to open my door and let me in. I thanked the 3 guys and went back to my room, where I pleasured myself till I was covered in sweat.

They had invited me to play cards with them so later at night after I bathed, I put on the sundress and went to their room! We were sitting on the floor and everytime I uncrossed my legs, the guy sitting opposite me received a full view of my bare crotch. He was having a great time indeed!

We played till around 3am, and I went back to my room, got naked and fell asleep almost immediately after a long day.