Thursday 14 April 2022

Our Little Beach Trip (Day 2)

It was about 6am in the morning and rather cold. We were trying to look for Novi, who didn't come back after the party last night. Jess and I threw on some large t-shirts and headed out. 

Last we saw her (or just me I guess), she was fucking hard with Keith in the bar's handicapped toilet, at around 1am. After that, I had went back to hook up with the other guy, Jake, at his room.  At about 3am, Jess was preparing to head back to our room when she went to check on Novi, but didn't find anyone in the toilet, only her bikini on the floor.

We went back to Jake and Keith's room and knocked on their door, wanting to question Keith about where they were. After knocking hard for about 10 minutes to no reply, we both gave up and decided to go back to club to look for Novi. Hopefully we could find her before the sun (and the rest of the public) came out!

Jess and I tried to call her phone a few times as well, but nobody picked up, so that wasn't an option. To be honest at that point I was feeling a little annoyed, but also worried. It wasn't like Novi to just go missing like this, and she was usually quite conscious of her own behaviour in public, as many people outside may recognise her.

At the bar, we asked the counter staff if they saw anyone that matched her description, but they said they had cleaned up the whole bar after last night and didn't find anyone. However, one of the waitresses said she did witness a girl in a blue bikini and a guy who matched Keith's description drinking lots of shots and getting really drunk. 

She told us that it was quite common for people to get really high there, as sometimes people end up taking some forms of drugs too, so she didn't pay too much attention to it. We ended up sharing a little more with her, including the fact that we found her bikini in the toilet, so she may be naked somewhere.

She then recalled something, and told us that her colleague had told her that he had seen a man and a naked girl come out of the handicap toilet, and head towards the beach direction!

Both of us quickly ran for the beach and from far we saw two figures. One was lying on the beach, while the other was crouched over the first. Running up, we saw Novi lying unconscious near the shore, and a random man was crouched over her, groping one of her boobs and sucking on the other! 

Jess's protective nature kicked in and quickly ran up to the guy, kicking him aside. He was some middle-aged angmoh who was clearly drunk, and he tried to fight back but couldn't even keep his balance. 

Novi was lying asleep in the sand, fully naked. She had clearly peed herself as the sand around her was wet, and there was some white stuff dripping out of her vagina still. I tried waking her up but she wasn't budging. All the while, Jess was tussling with the angmoh! 

The man grabbed at her hair and t-shirt, and was almost overpowering her! While Jess was tall and strong, she wasn't able to beat a man. He pushed her to the ground and pulled her T-shirt off her, leaving her naked as well!

This was our cue to make a run. I shouted at Jess, and she gave the man a hard shove to push him to the ground, and quickly ran over. Both of us pulled Novi up, and tried to run away with her. Fortunately, the man seemed to be too drunk to get up again, and we got to escape the beach. 

Returning to the bar, the waitress was shocked to see three girls coming back, two naked and one unconscious. Fortunately she was really nice to lend Novi and Jess some blankets to wrap themselves with, and we were able to bring Novi back to the room.

She was dirty all over, and we threw her into the bathtub and left her there to sleep, while Jess and I crashed on the bed after the traumatic morning.


Finally at about 12pm, Novi came out of the toilet and woke both of us up. She recounted her experience the last night with us.

Apparently she didn't recall much, but she was drinking a lot with Keith, and she remembered going to hook up with him in the handicapped toilet. At some point, he had suggested that they go and fuck at the beach, which was empty at the time. The moment she agreed, he quickly pulled her away towards the beach, ignoring her protests that her clothes were left behind.

They had another round of sex at the beach, and she remembered sitting there with him and lying on his lap. At some point, he left her at the beach to get more drinks, and they ended up drinking even more, and started making out again. 

She gave him a blowjob on the beach, but she was getting really tipsy already, and her vision was blurring. The last thing Novi remembered was her puking over herself and Keith while blowing him, and Keith frantically pushing her onto the ground while cursing. She was too drunk to move by then, so she just stayed on the ground, and fell unconscious. The next time she woke up, she was in our bathtub!

Now that the scare was over, we were all relieved. We didn't want to dwell too much on what exactly happened to Novi between the time she fainted and woken up either, so we quickly changed the topic on what to do for the day. Novi was still feeling hungover and tired from the night before, so she decided to just wash up and take a nap.

As for Jess and I, we were well rested and decided to go check out the rest of the resort! 

We were both naked at the time, and lazy to pick out clothes, so we decided to just throw on our bathrobes and head out!

The resort was a pretty good one, with many amenities included, such as a gym, it's own pool area, a bar, a restaurant and many other services! Jess and I were happily discussing what to do for the rest of our trip the whole way! 

We decided to walk out on the beach as well to check out the other side which we have not been to. This side of the beach was a lot more quiet than the one we had went to, and we soon found ourselves at a corner that was deserted. 

At this point, Jess suddenly disrobed and dropped her bathrobe onto the ground, walking towards the shore in her full naked glory! The afternoon sun shone on her slightly tanned skinned and she was glowing! Her full and ample D-cup breasts were bouncing slightly with each step she took and for a slight moment I myself was mesmerised by the beauty of my best friend!

I quickly stripped too and joined Jess as we walked towards the shore, dipping into the shallow water for a while. it was so cooling and refreshing!

I was enjoying my dip in the pool when Jess suddenly challenged me to a race!

"I bet you can't swim over there," she pointed to a buoy quite some distance off the shore. Jess was a really good swimmer, but I wasn't poor either, so I immediately took up the challenge.

We both counted down to three, and I quickly swam with all my might! My best stroke was freestyle, so I allowed myself to float and kick hard, even though the water was rather salty. I wanted to win the challenge! As as I paddled hard, my gaze was fixed on the destination. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally touched the buoy and cheered out in joy! Jess was not anywhere near me, I had won!

Hold on.

Why had I won by so much though. Jess was a really good swimmer. She wouldn't lose to me by so much.

I looked back at the shore that was almost 50m away, Jess was not in the water with me at all, and not on the shore. Our bathrobes were missing too! 

I had been tricked!

I quickly swam back to the shore, this time taking much longer as I had expended most of my energy on the first swim. By the time I reached, Jess was probably really far away. I walked towards the general direction of the resort where we came from, but there was no sign of her.

A group of angmoh men in their 30s were nearby and they saw me, and they started cat-calling and whistling. I looked in their direction and gave a smile to act like I was just comfortable being nude on the beach, and quickly walked away. We had left our phones in our room, so calling wasn't an option either!

I was already nearing the resort, and the busy part of the beach, and many people were staring! I was kind of turned on by the experience and I could feel my nipples getting hard as the sea breeze blew on them, but I was also in a dilemma!

Should I continue walking confidently to act like I meant to be naked anyway, or should I attempt to cover myself with my hands!

My dilemma was quickly solved as a lifeguard approached me.

"Excuse me Ma'am, this is not a nude beach, you are not allowed to walk around like this." A lifeguard who looked to be in his 20s looked me from head to toe, and spoke to me. He also had a clear erection and I could feel his gaze all over my body through his sunglasses.

In that moment, I was caught so off-guard that I didn't know how to react, and just stared back at him!

"We would like you to come with us, if you don't mind Ma'am."

I just stuttered and followed the guy, because I didn't know how to explain myself! Just then, Jess came running over out of nowhere, and apologised to the lifeguard for my behaviour, throwing me my bathrobe and asking me to quickly put it on!

She was observing me nearby the entire time!

Honestly, I didn't know how to feel at that point of time! I was angry at Jess for tricking me, but also relieved to have been saved. Who knows what would happen if I followed the lifeguard back!

Both of us got a stern warning and we apologised, and decided to head back to our room after the exhilarating experience.


When we returned to our room, it was still only 2.30pm, but we decided to rest a little. Novi was still unconscious on the bed, sleeping soundly under the blanket. Pulling the blanket aside, it was revealed that she was still naked, and Jess and I decided to prank her!

We both took turns to nudge at her, but the combination of alcohol and fatigue had gotten to her and she was not waking up easily. 

Novi looked really beautiful, even was she was asleep. her whole body was rather tanned, but she had no obvious tanlines. Her boobs were not as big as mine or Jess's, but they were a nice perky shape, with big dark nipples at the end. As she worked out alot, she also had a really toned body, with slender legs and nice defined abs. Finally, her pussy was always clean shaven, ready for her all her commando tendencies.

I licked my index finger and ran in along the line of her pussy, and she moved a little, but was still unconscious. Next, I tried to pinch her left nipple slightly, but Novi was still showing no reaction. As I started pinching and flicking her nipples harder, both of them became hard!

I went to my bag and pulled out two wooden clothes pegs, and clipped them on Novi's hard and erect nipples. She frowned a little in her sleep and looked slightly uncomfortable, but quickly continued sleeping. 

Jess was way crazier than me, and she started stroking Novi's pussy! Her finger went slightly inside, and a string of her juices went on it was she withdrew her hand. Then Jess put her finger into Novi's mouth! 

She then went to her bag, and pulled out a small vibrator! Only this crazy girl would bring something like this on a trip! She turned it on to a low speed, and started running it along Novi's pussy, gradually inserting it!

Novi was now squirming a little in her sleep, and moaning lightly! Jess turned it on to a higher speed, but Novi was still sleeping! With the two pegs on her nipples, it was such a funny sight! Jess kept going at it, and soon the vibrator was at full power, but Novi was still asleep, despite her pussy being so wet!

We were both struggling to hold back our laughter by this point!

At our room, we had an open area beside the private on-suite pool that was facing the back part of the other rooms. We decided to carry Novi up, and place her on a bench, and left her sleeping at the open area, with the pegs and vibrator still on her! 

Jess and I then went to skinny dip at the pool, and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

Not long after, Novi finally woke up, and we both got a stern scolding from her!

Monday 28 March 2022

Beach Party! (Day 1 Night)

Sorry for the late update! Been a busy few months at work because moving between jobs.

Resuming the story about our beach holiday with Jess and Novi.

Last we picked off, we were on a trip to Bali, and we decided to pick out clothes for each other. I was wearing a super tiny green one-piece that belonged to Novi which was giving me a terrible wedgie, and squeezing out lots of side boob.

Novi was in Jess's blue two-piece bikini that was too big for her, and they were opening up and sliding off at all the wrong places.

As for Jess, she was in my one piece swimsuit with a deep-V cleavage design, and a high waist cut, showing almost her entire ass and lots of cleavage!

We had made some friends from Singapore while playing volleyball at the beach with them, and we were invited to join them at a party at the beach resort club at night. 

Already, we had quite a few drinks, and we were tipsy enough to agree immediately. One of the guys had already made a table reservation for the night, so we decided to share tables with the 5 guys, and they ordered so many drinks that I was worried for my liver that night!

I was sitting between two of the guys — Jake, the tall and buff one that had caught my eye earlier, and Winston, a leaner guy who was also rather tall, and had a bright smile. Novi was still chatting with Keith, and I could see the both of them getting touchier with each other as time passed. The other two guys, Jonathan and Nicholas, were sitting with Jess, and chatting happily with her while sneaking glasses at her gigantic boobs.

The party itself was alright, the drinks were cheap and the guys were paying anyway, so I had no qualms about drinking. The DJ was just okay, but enjoyable enough. Once it was around 9pm, the music was getting to us and we all headed to the dance floor and started dancing.

I was so high by now that I was jumping up and down, dancing crazily with Jess and Novi. Jess is a really good dancer and she was swaying so hard, and twerking her huge ass for all of us! At some point, her left boob popped out, but she either didn't notice or didn't care, and continued dancing away.

At some point, I had moved to the pool area with Jake, and before I knew it, we were making out! I was so tipsy by then that I did not care anymore, and soon his hands were all over my body.

His hand travelled down from my face to my boobs as he squeezed them gently over my extremely tight swimsuit. I don't he meant it, but the back of his hand brushed on the hem of my suit, and one of my boobs popped out! He took the opportunity then to start groping me harder, and suck at my nipples as subtly as he can without being noticed by the people around us!

I was feeling so horny now that I guided his hands to my pussy down below, and after rubbing me over the suit a little, he tried to pull it aside. But my suit was too tight! 

We both laughed out at that instant, but the moment was gone! At that point, I could see the lifeguard looking over, so I quickly kept my boob and told him that I needed to go to the toilet.

There was a really long queue at the ladies, so I went round the corner to check the handicap toilet. No queue!

I quickly ran up to it and swung it open, and I was not prepared for what I saw.

Novi was fully naked, sitting on the sink, with one of her legs raised up by Keith, and he was plowing her so hard. I could see his dick going in and out of her pussy quickly, and he was caressing and sucking on her boobs at the same time.

Novi was moaning so loudly, and her eyes were closed so neither of them noticed me. I quickly closed the door and went back to queue for the ladies' toilet...

After I was done, I went back to the table and continued drinking with the rest. Jess asked me if I saw Novi and I told her what I saw, and she just shrugged.

I don't recall much from the rest of the night, but here are some of the main highlights of what went down.

Basically, we started drinking alot more again, and I remembering making out with Jake once more, and having sex with him back in his room, waking up there the next morning. His roommate for the trip was Keith, and he had not been back the whole night.

As for Jess, she stayed somewhat sober that night as none of the guys were her type (she likes angmohs). She knew I was into Jake, so she didn't stop us from going back to his room. When the night was done, she was about to head back and she went to the handicap toilet to check on Novi. She wasn't there but her bikini was, so Jess picked those up and went back to her room, assuming that Novi went off to Keith's room.

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of the door opening, as Keith had came back to the room. He saw me naked on the bed with Jake sleeping next to me, and I was too awake by then. I quickly jumped up and apologised, and grabbed by swimsuit and left. I was too lazy to put it back on so I just went back to my room, which wasn't too far away.

Since Keith was back, I assumed that Novi went back too. So I was surprised when I went back to my room, and only Jess was sleeping in bed, naked as day!

Jess and I traded accounts, and we realised that none of us knew where Novi was, and she was probably naked somewhere as her bikini was with Jess!

We got dressed and headed back to knock on Keith's room, but there was no response. Now we had to go out and look for Novi!

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Beach Holiday (Day 1)

 The skinny dipping really did its job to help us warm up, and we were all ready to get started! 

After a while of splashing water at each other, we decided to go get dressed up and explore the resort. As per the assignment, we would select a beach outfit for each other, and throw on our bathrobes and head out!

I didn't have high hopes at all for whatever Novi would choose for me, because I know she is a sucker for tight clothing, and whatever she gives me would be super tiny on me. She picked a green one-piece swimsuit for me that was figure-hugging for her, so you can only imagine how it would look on me.

The suit was super tight and I had trouble squeezing into it, and the material was being stretched so thin. My boobs were spilling out from the middle and sides, and I also noticed that Novi had removed the padding, so my nipples were poking out through the material! The bottom part was also giving me the most uncomfortable wedgie, with the back part almost disappearing between my butt cheeks, and my pussy lips almost falling out from the bottom.

Well, karma's a bitch, because she didn't have it easy either. Funnily enough, Jess had actually picked one of her more modest bikinis, but it was giving Novi problems. The blue bikini was a strapped cut, and not a string cut, which meant that it was one size only. Novi had no option to tighten it in any way! When she put it on, it looked fine at first glance, but the oversized bikini on her was clearly not supporting her boobs at all, and they were bouncing freely, while every move she made would reveal a huge gap from the top and sides of the bikini. It was so easy for her to zaogeng!

It was the same situation at the bottom, and you could glance in through the gap that her bikini bottoms were creating in between her pussy.

For Jess, I already knew from the start that it'll be too easy for her, because my size is only slightly smaller than hers. I had to make use of my superior height, and find my most revealing stuff to make things difficult for her.

For this, I picked out one of my most revealing one-piece swimsuits, a colourful striped one with a high waist cut and deep cleavage, and shows a lot of side boob. This worked out! As Jess was showing way more side boob and ass than I usually would when I wear this, and because I am taller, the suit was tight at the top but hung loose at the bottom, threatening to let her pussy fall out!

Finally dressed in our swimwear, we threw on our bathrobes and headed out!

The resort was a big one, and besides our private pool, it also has a large pool area for public use, and a club by the beach area that threw nightly parties. There was also a gym, a spa, and a few restaurants where we could dine at!

We already had a quick meal on the plane, so we did not need to it. So off to the beach we went!

Once we were at the beach, we quickly took off our bathrobes and started chilling in our beachwear. With all our personal problems with our new swimwear, we obviously attracted a lot of attention at the beach. A group of boys actually came up to us, and said that they were Singaporean as well! (I guess they could tell from our looks). They invited us to play volleyball with them, and we obliged.

Fun fact: Jess and I were both volleyballers back in school. That was how we met and we are actually quite good at it, so we were owning them!

Throughout the game, the three of us kept having nip slips! For Jess and I, the tight tops squeezed our boobs out every now and then, and we had to laugh it off. For Novi, it was a completely different problem, as her bikini bottoms kept sliding down when she ran or jump, while her top would hang loose everytime she bent down, showing a full cleavage and her two dark nipples for everyone nearby!

The bunch of guys obviously had a great time looking at our plight, and I even peeped an erection or two on a few of them.

After the match, we chilled together with them too and had a few drinks at the bar. There was 5 of them, but I'm not going to describe them all. One of them, Jake, caught my eye. He was about 185cm and a typical jock type, with nice abs that and a lean physique. Apparently he played football too! Another guy, Keith, was hitting it off with Novi. He was slightly shorter, at around 175cm, but he had a tanned look just likely Novi, and apparently they both go to the same gym, so they had a common topic.

Meanwhile, the other three guys were taking turns to hit on Jess, but Jess was clearly not interested. I even caught them checking out Jess's spilling boobs every now and them!

Halfway through our drink, I was having a fun conversation with Jake when I noticed that he kept looking down. The swimsuit had shifted and my entire left boob was out! I blushed and quickly adjusted it, and we laughed it off. 

As the sun slowly set, the guys told us that there would be a party at the resort club that night, and invited us to go together.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Beach Holiday (Day 1 Part 1)

I'm going to be updating in shorter parts since I don't have a lot of time to sit down and write a long chunk at one go. That way I can hopefully keep up more regular updates!

We had finally arrived at our destination and we made our way through checkout. I had decided to keep my white hoodie on rather than wear Novi's tight crop top instead. It was quite a thick material, so while my boobs were bouncing freely and I was showing quite a bit of cleavage, there wasn't any obvious pokies.

Thankfully it was also a long-ish hoodie, so I had opted to remove the tights as well. The hoodie now reached somewhere above mid-thigh, but just below my butt cheeks. Anyone who has won a long hoodie would know — they have the tendency to keep riding up. So I had to keep adjusting it and pulling it down. At one point, when I was busy with my bags and walking at the same time, it rode up all the way to my waist! Luckily Jess saw it and was feeling kind, so she quickly pulled it down for me before the airport saw my bare bottoms!

I won't bother going into detail with Jess's clothes because she wasn't struggling at all hahahahaha.

Novi was wearing Jess's black tube top, which was literally hanging on her nipples. I really think they were the only thing keeping the top up. Half her boobs were hanging out from the top, and her areolas were definitely visible. Each step she took threatened to pop her boobs out and I could see her keeping her arms close to "kiap" her top together.

Same for the pants, they kept sagging and she would reveal some butt crack every now and then before she pulled it up!

After much turmoil, we were finally at our beach resort!

Our room was SUPER nice! It was a suite, so we had a giant bed that we can share, a bathroom with a huge bathtub, and even a private on-suite pool! 

The first course of action of course, was to get naked. I couldn't wait to get out of these tight clothes!

I quickly pulled off my hoodie threw it aside, and realised that I was the only nude one in the room. Then it stuck me.

Jess and Novi were both very used to seeing me naked, and being naked in front of me. But they have not seen each other naked!

I had to find an excuse, so I quickly suggested to go skinny dipping in the pool. Reluctantly, they slowly took off their clothes. Novi had definitely prepared for this trip. Her tanned body was sexy af as usual from her working out. It was so toned with her B-cup boobs and large 50-cent coin dark nipples, while her pussy was fully clean-shaven — two supple lips separated by one clean line that connected up to her perky ass.

Jess of course, will always command the attention in the room with her double Ds, even Novi couldn't stop starring! Jess was more fair and her giant boobs bounced with every step she took. Although she doesn't wear bra much, her boobs were still quite perky and had not started to sag. She had small reddish-pink nipples, which meant that she was able to show off a lot of boobs from her clothes without having a nip slip. She had kept her pussy clean too, with only one strip of hair on top of her lips.

As for me, I'm a C-cup with average-sized brown nipples. My boobs do sag a little, I hate to admit. But I'd also like to think that they look very attractive. I usually keep my pussy clean shaven, so that wasn't an issue. My squatting had been paying off too, and I was very proud of my ass which stretched any pants I put them into. Not as a big as Jess's of course! She has natural talent.

As we skinny dipped, the two quickly warmed up to each other, and we were all ready to start our crazy trip!

Sunday 29 August 2021

Beach Holiday (Flight)

 The time for our flight came pretty soon and we boarded, being seated around the back of the aisle. It was an area I preferred to be honest, as it meant less people could see us (unless they headed to the toilet at the back). 

Three of us filled a row of seats just nicely, with me in the middle since I'm the "mutual friend", Novi on the window seat, and Jess on the aisle seat. 

At this point I was feeling extremely uncomfortable with the tight clothes on me. I could hardly breathe! Meanwhile, Novi was having a different problem of her own. Her tube top kept threatening to slide off, and her sweatpants had sunk to become extremely low waist! 

While waiting for the other passengers to be seated, I couldn't take it anymore, and I asked Novi if she had a jacket or cardi of any sort. After all, I had to abide by the rules and only wear her clothes! Thankfully, she had a hoodie that was in her bag! Novi managed to squeeze her way out to the aisle and as she reached upwards to grab her bag, Jess and I saw her boobs pop out from her top as it slid down! 

She quick let out a soft yelp and covered her boobs! Luckily for her, we had not many people around us yet except two aunties behind us, who gave her a disapproving look. She quickly pulled her top back up and took out her jacket. Jess was nice enough to help her put the bag back into the upper deck this time. She'd never be this nice to me!

I took Novi's jacket and went to the toilet to take off the crop top and put on the jacket instead. It was tiny too, like all of Novi's clothes, but at least it gave me more breathing space. It was a hoodie that zipped up from the front, but zipping it all the way would make it uncomfortable again, so I decided to leave the zipper a little lower than the halfway mark, just below my boobs, and fingers crossed that the zipper wouldn't slide down.

Finally the flight started! It was a pretty short flight, so there was no food to be expected, and we decided to catch up on sleep instead.

To be honest, the entire flight was a blur for me, and I was asleep for most of it. All I remember is, when I woke up towards the end of the flight, I was in a daze and I looked around. Jess and Novi were still sleeping. Jess was sleeping very soundly in my comfortable clothes, while Novi was curled up in her seat with her legs up. It was obvious that her top had slid down all the way to her waist by this point, and she looked topless in her seat!

I looked down at myself, and noticed that my hoodie had came open, and one of my boobs were out too! Either I moved alot in my sleep, or one of the two girls did it to me! I wonder how many people who walked past had already seen me and Novi's boobs! I adjusted my hoodie and zipped it back up, and patiently waited for the other two to awake. 

And very quickly, we were at our destination! Nothing super eventful, besides the occasional nip slip from Novi as her top kept slipping and my butt crack hanging out from my tights and my extremely visible cameltoe. 

Jess may have won this round, but the trip has only just started!

Sunday 22 August 2021

Crazy Beach Trip (Part 1)

Recently thought about one of the most memorable trips I've had a few years back with my best naughty sisters Jess and Novi! I actually know them from different places (Jess from sec sch, Novi from JC), but I knew they would definitely get along as we all had similar interests.

We are planning a trip to a nearby beach island resort as a getaway, and we were all really excited about it! We planned for a 5-day trip, and each of us would take turns to plan one of the days (minus the first and last day as those won't be very eventful).

To spice things up, we decided on a challenge: We will all swop clothes! For the entirety of the trip, Novi will wear Jess's clothes, Jess will wear my clothes, and I will wear Novi's clothes! We will all pack for whoever we are assigned to, and only when the trip begins will we find out what clothing options we will have!

Also another rule: No underwear beside bikinis! It'll be weird for us to wear each other's underwear anyway.

Fast forward to Day 1: we met early in morning at the airport, ready to set off for our adventure!

I wanted to dress comfortably for the plane ride, so I put on a tank top and a pair of FBT shorts. Reaching the airport, I met with my friends and saw their clothings of choice — Jess was in a pink tube top that was hugging her boobs comfortably, but her pokies were super obvious. For her bottoms, she options for a loose pair of sweatpants that looked really comfortable. 

Novi loves to look glamorous whereever she goes, so this was no different. Though she had a specs on for the ride, she was dressed well for the occasion, with a tiny crop top and a pair of tights that reached mid-shin. 

This was when I suddenly remembered that we had to swap clothes with each from the start! I had almost forgotten about but Jess was so kind to remind all of us. After we checked in our luggage, we went to the toilet and changed clothes with each other.

I've seen both of them naked quite a few times, but this was the first time they were seeing each other naked! Novi was a little shy, but Jess being Jess, had zero shame about it. As we quickly changed into each other's clothing, we began to notice the real challenge...

We all had very different body shapes!

Starting with myself — I was much taller than Novi (almost 10cm), and my boobs were bigger as well (Novi is around a small B, while I'm a large C), as well as my ass. The biggest problem for me? Novi loves to wear tight clothing. This meant that her super tiny crop top was almost bursting by the time I squeezed into it, I was feeling so uncomfortable. The worse thing was her tights, which I had difficulty pulling up all the way, meaning that almost half of my butt was still sticking out of the tights! Anyone walking behind me could see my butt crack!

For Novi, she had other problems. Jess was a double D, and her clothes were all built to contain her giant boobs, boobs that Novi had none of! Putting on Jess's tube top, Novi was having a lot of trouble trying to keep it on. As she is much skinnier than Jess as well, the pants were extra loose on her, meaning that for every step she took, she had to keep pulling on her top and her bottoms to keep them from slipping off!

I was beginning to suspect that Jess had chosen these clothes intentionally!

Surprisingly, Jess had the most comfort, because of the loose clothes I chose. While my tank top and shorts still looked rather tight on her, our boobs and butt were closer in size, and I was taller than her.

With our "new clothes" all set, we made our way to board the plane and begin our journey!

Thursday 5 August 2021

Midnight Drive (Part 2)

 Last I left off, I was sitting naked in my car in the middle of the night, parked in a corner of a private estate. Only 5 metres away from me, a couple was making out and starting to touch each other! Because my car has privacy windows, and it was not turned on yet, they thought that my car was empty.

Both of them looked to be around their early 20s, the guy was wearing a shirt and jeans, while the girl was wearing an off shoulder top, with a knee length flare skirt. The guy was groping her boobs under her top, while her hands were rubbing his dick through his jeans!

As I watched the couple making out, something flew towards me suddenly! The guy had took off the girl's bra from under her top, and had threw it aside, with it landing right in from of my car! He grabbed the hem of her off-shoulder top and pulled down hard, letting her small B-cup boobs pop out. From far, I could tell that she had cute little boobs with brownish areolas that were quite big. My view was short-lived though, as the guy started putting his face towards her boobs and sucking them.

The guy was getting busy! One of his hands were groping her boobs and pinching her nipple as he sucked the other, while the other hand was fiddling under her skirt. Suddenly, he did a quick pulling action, and her grey panties were at her ankles! The guy quickly bent down and picked it up, gave it a strong whiff with his nose, and threw it towards the direction of my car again! 

It was now her turn to fiddle with his jeans as he fondled her boobs with one hand and rubbed her clit under her skirt with another. Soon, his jeans were at his ankles, and both myself and the girl could see a huge bulge through his boxers.

She squatted down, and pulled down the hem of his boxers, and his dick sprang out, hitting her face! As the girl started giving the guy a blowjob, I found my hands starting to wander down my own pussy as well, as I started touching myself while watching the couple go at it!

Soon, the couple were fucking right in front of my car, while I was inside digging myself! My engine was off and I couldn't turn it on for obvious reasons, so I was sweating profusely while I pleasured myself. My whole body was wet! Side note: the cleaning afterwards was a nightmare.

The guy was holding up one of the girl's legs, and fucking her hard in the pussy, while she grabbed his neck and moaned loudly. I was surprised they didn't wake up the whole neighbourhood! All this time, I was moaning softly in my own car as well.

The next thing shocked me. The position they were in was obviously not easy and they lost balance a few times. So they found the nearest thing they could fuck on for support. My car!

They walked over to my car bonnet, the girl sat down on it, and the guy started fucking her missionary style! My whole car was rocking! In this position, I'm sure the guy would be able to see me if he looked hard enough despite my tinted glass, but he was obviously distracted, and they continued going hard at it. 

I didn't let up as well. Since they were rocking my car, it meant that I could go harder as well, so I dug myself hard and fast, pretending that I was the girl being fucked. 

As they fucked, they got really carried away, and the guy took off his shirt, and even stripped the girl naked! They even picked up all their clothes and placed it on my bonnet as though my car was their personal sofa!

Once they finished, the guy came all over the girl's body, and some of his cum even landed on my car. To be honest, I was quite pissed off about that, and that took me out of the zone a little. The couple continued to make out and touched each other even though he had finished, and I noticed something.

All of the girl's clothes, and the guy's top, were still sitting on my car bonnet in a pile, and the two of them were standing to the left side of my car. I decided to "take revenge" on them. 

I sat up, and made a quick move to start my engine. The moment my engine revved up, I could see the couple jump and their expressions were one of shock, having realised what they had done. They didn't even know who was in the car! Was it a hot chick or a creepy uncle? Was their act of passion filmed? I could see all that realisation hit their faces in the moment.

But I didn't have time to savour that. I quickly stepped on my accelerator, and drove away with their clothes still on my car! I could hear a loud scream from the girl, which will definitely wake some people in the estate up, and the guy started to give chase! But his boxers and jeans were still at his ankles, and he could hardly run. The girl tried giving chase too and I could see her boobs bouncing as she ran desperately after her clothes, now that she was stranded naked. However, they had no hope of chasing after my car! Within a few seconds, I had made a turn and that was the last I saw of them. 

I felt kind of bad but I was also slightly amused, I wonder how they dealt with it in the end! 

Regardless, I continued with my night. I stopped at another nearby carpark, and took the clothes into the car. I'm gonna keep them as a souvenir! 

The adrenaline of the whole encounter had left me panting and sweating, and I decided to drive somewhere to get a drink and maybe some food.