Saturday, 4 May 2013

Solo trip to Thailand! (Day 1)

Last week, I went on a solo trip to Thailand. Not that I was being emo or antisocial. Just wanted some alone time to getaway and enjoy myself, as well as do some crazy things in my own privacy!

While packing, I decided not to bring any pieces of underwear, and I packed the sexiest clothing that I have, as well as my sexiest bikini. I was headed for a beach resort in Pattaya and I was looking forward to the trip for so long!

On the first day, I went to the airport in the early morning, dressed in a black hoodie with nothing underneath and a pair or shorts that were quite modest. I didn't want to get into trouble at customs! I lowered the zip to half-chest level and a bit of cleavage was shown but it wasn't really obvious that I had nothing underneath unless a person stood in front of me and looked down to observe. At the checkout counter, the guy at the counter was staring at my cleavage and as I bent down to pick up my luggage I think he saw more than what he should! After checking in my luggage, I just went into the waiting area and walked around.

I went to bookstore to see if there was anything interesting to read and I squatted down to check out the books on the lower shelf. There was a guy standing behind me looking at the books at the higher shelves and I could feel his gaze on me as my shorts were quite loose and from above he could see directly down at my butt crack! I wonder if he could tell that I wasn't wearing panties.

Soon, the plane was ready for boarding and I was given a window seat. I adjusted my hoodie so that one of my boobs were hanging out, looking like a zaogeng and I pretended to be asleep. I was really tired from packing till late the previous night and I actually fell asleep for real!

The next thing I knew was when I was woken up by the air stewardess to buckle my belt for the take off. There was now two guys in their 30s sitting beside me and I wonder how long they've been staring at my exposed boob at close range and how many people have seen me already!

I adjusted my hoodie back and zipped it all the way up because it was rather cold and slept through the whole journey. When I reached Thailand, I called for a cab to the resort and checked in.

When I went into my room, the first thing I did was to strip naked and lie on my bed, even before closing the door! I went out to the balcony to admire the scenery. My room was at one of the higher levels and I had a great view of the beach from the balcony. I realized that people on other balconies could see me perfectly clearly but I did not care since I was overseas! Nobody would ever see me again!

I took the flask and walked out to the water dispenser near the lift lobby. It was quite a long walk as my room was quite deep in. As I was filling the water into the flask, a young Asian couple came out of the lift but I just ignored them. I think being in a stranger place makes me alot bolder! The guy kept staring at my naked body and his female companion was glaring at me! I just filled up my water and slowly walked back to my room.

I put on a white singlet and a mini skirt and went downstairs to the store near the beach to purchase a cheap bikini. I chose a really small white one, and brought it back to my room, where I tried it on and it was really small! It was a really cheap one so the material wasn't good and it was very thin. My boobs were threatening to burst out of the top with every big action my nipples were protruding through the thin material. The bottom could not go all the way up to my waist and I was showing alot of butt crack! Thankfully I shaved before the trip so my pubic hair did not peek out from the front. Just dressed like that, I locked up and went downstairs to the swimming pool! Before going there, I went to the concierge and passed my key for them to safeguard. The girl at the counter was staring at my skimpy clothing but I just ignored her.

When I went to the pool, I immediately jumped in and when I stood up, I looked down and saw that my bikini was now translucent! I could see my nipples colour through my top. No one had noticed me yet so I just minded my own business and swam. Now I was beginning to attract attention to my bikini. My top was only capable of covering my nipples which were still rather visible and my bottom was slowly sinking into my butt crack and it now resembled a thong! Furthermore, it was only at half butt level! I climbed out of the pool and went over to the slide! There were quite a few people queuing up and behind me was a teenage guy that I could see him checking me out as we queued, staring at my butt from behind and the long crack peeking out from my bikini bottoms.

Finally, it was my turn and down I went, crashing into the pool with a big splash! My bottoms had slid all the way down from the impact but luckily was still on and I quickly pulled them up underwater. I then had to quickly move away for the next person to come down so I swam to the edge of the pool when I got the shock of my life.

I saw at the bottom of the slide, a small white bikini top floating around! I immediately looked down to see my bare breasts under the water! No one had seen me yet but I was already beginning to attract attention for not leaving the pool and blocking the way. I wanted to swim there to collect my top but people kept coming down and I could not get close, while each pact of a person landing brought my top further and further away till the other end!

I decided to just pluck up my courage and I climbed out of the pool, covered my boobs with my two hands and walked all the way to the other end and retrieved my bikini top and put it back down. I was now the centre of attention and I was blushing so hard! It was so embarrassing. I quickly left the pool after this incident.

I went back to the resort lobby and collected back my key, inviting yet more stares and I went upstairs back to my room. Back in my room, I stripped off my bikini and laid it out to dry, I would need it again the next day for the beach. And then I stepped out of the room naked and locked the door! I decided to explore the place naked!

I walked along the corridor to the edge where I could look out a window and I stood there to admire the view for a while, and I went to the stairs and made my way upwards all the way to the top floor! From the top floor, the view was breathtaking and I could see the whole stretch of beach and the sea clearly. I couldn't wait to go there the next day!

I then walked along the corridor to the other end to see the scenery from there. On my way, one of the doors opened and an elderly ang moh couple stepped out. They were scrutinizing me but I just carried on walking as though it was a normal thing to do.

I once again took the stairs down. This time all the way to the ground floor. From the glass panel, I could see alot of people outside at the lobby! It was exciting to know that I was naked while I was so near to so many people! If I walked out now it would probably be chaotic.

I climbed back up again before anyone entered and back to my own level. Before exiting, I sat down on the steps and started digging myself with my fingers shamelessly. As I got increasingly pleasured, I lied down on the floor and dug profusely, finally letting out a long moan. My body was wet from the sweat from climbing and the excitement and my pussy and finger were covered with my juices.

After lying there for a while, I stood up and made my way back to my room for a long bath in the bathtub as well as round 2, if you know what I mean ;)

I changed into a pink tshirt and FBT shorts and went downstairs for dinner. Then I explored the hotel's proximity and facilities to see what I could do the next two days.

Finally, I went back to my room and slept in the nude. Crashed really hard as I was really tired from the travelling and I slept through the night.