Sunday, 19 October 2014

Long time no see

Been really busy for the entire year with hardly any time to do anything naughty, let alone update this blog. Got attached as well at the start of the year and my boyfriend doesn't really approve of all these naughty things, so I have been really inactive.

Of course, I really miss the naughty days with Jess and the other girls. Finally couldn't take it anymore last Wednesday after a night of clubbing. Got a bit tipsy and my boyfriend dropped me off downstairs, and I refused his offer to walk me up.

When I went upstairs, I realised I had forgotten my keys. I just decided to walk downstairs to find somewhere to sit down while I wait for morning. As I walked, I took off my uncomfortable heels, and my bodycon dress was feeling so uncomfortable as well so I took it off. And there I was, walking down the stairs in only my light-green panties (I didn't wear a bra that day).

It was so long since I did anything like that and it felt so exciting to be almost naked out in the public again and I was so aroused! I wanted to just throw all my clothes away but I couldn't because they were expensive ones.

When I reached the void deck, I just sat down at the benches and called my boyfriend to pick me up to his house. While waiting, I took off my panties as well and enjoyed the night breeze on my naked body and fell asleep.

When my boyfriend arrived, he nudged me awake and I could tell he wasn't very happy to find me sitting there in the nude but I was too drunk and tired to care. He tried to make me put my clothes on but I refused to so he had no choice but to help me up the car in my state and leave my clothes at the back of the car.

 The next morning, I woke up on his bed still naked. Had to put on one of his big t-shirts in order to go down afterward and he drove me home :)

A really short incident but once I felt that exhilarating feeling of naughtiness again I am craving for more! Will ask the girls out soon for more naughty stuff!