Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Intimacies with Jess

Someone once asked me before if I ever did anything lesbian with Jess, considering that we are so close. We've also been mistaken for lesbians many times outside before too, because we tend to be very touchy with each other.

Well the answer is... yes we have.

We've always been very comfortable being naked in each other's presence and in our naughty adventures we have definitely touched each other's most private places numerous times. Plus, Jess is so hot that it would hard to resist!

Some time early last year, both of us were single having broke up with our own boyfriends the previous year. Obviously when you're single for so long, you tend to get really horny and both of us were kind of at that stage. Of course, we continued having our naughty adventures to satisfy our desires and also touching ourselves :)

During one of our sleepovers, I woke up at midnight feeling extremely horny for some reason and started stroking my own vagina while still under the blanket. I looked beside me and Jess was fast asleep. The blanket had shifted while I was moving and her boobs were exposed as the blanket was pulled away from her.

I don't know what came over me at the time, may because I was feeling really horny at the time, I started touching Jess's boobs instead! Obviously it wasn't the first time that I was touching her boobs but it was the first time I was caressing her like this. Her large and squishy boobs felt so good and her nipples were hardening as I pinched them.

After a while of groping her, I couldn't take it anymore and starting sucking on her boob! This was the first time I was having a woman's boob in my mouth and it felt so different! My tongue was going all over her nipple and making it wet. By now, I wasn't even being discreet anymore and Jess had woken up.

She was still very groggy but she didn't stop me at all. It was obvious she was enjoying it! I didn't even stop and just carried on! Then, to my surprise, I felt her hand starting to stroke my boob as well! That shocked me and I stopped sucking on her boob and looked up, but Jess didn't say anything and suddenly started kissing me on the lips! Turns out she was as horny as I was!

Soon, we were making out on her bed in the middle of her night! I didn't even think so much or that it was weird that my best friend was stroking my nipples and groping my boobs, while her tongue was engaged in a battle with my tongue! All I could think was: "So this is what it feels like!"

You see, like I always said, Jess is really hot, and one of the prettiest and hottest girls I ever know, and I've always thought that her boyfriends were so lucky to be able to get intimate with her. I never expected that I would discover it for myself one day!

I felt so hot from head to toe and I slowly made my way down, kissing her entire body from her lips to her neck, to her boobs, her belly, and finally between her thighs. I pushed her legs apart and started licking her labia with my tongue, trying to imitate how my boyfriend used to do it for me.

Apparently I was doing it well, and Jess moaned out softly, so I continued doing it, and used my tongue to probe her nether regions slowly. She was fully into it, and for a while when I stopped to look up at her, she pushed my head back and held it down! Her juices were flowing non stop and I was having my face pushed into her pussy and my whole face was wet!

After quite a while when she decided it was enough, she let go of her hand and pushed me up, turned me over, and propped my butt up! Then, it was her turn to do it for me. Somehow she knew exactly what to do, and it felt so good! I was so aroused that I started stroking my whole nipples and pinching them.

Suddenly, I felt a funny feeling as Jess's tongue left my pussy, and started licking my butthole! I jumped a bit, but it felt so good that I relaxed again and let her do it. Her hands were kept busy too, with one hand holding my butt cheeks apart and the other fingering my vagina vigorously while she licked my anus. This was the horniest I had been in quite a while! My mouth was my only hole not occupied now and I started sucking on my fingers to get by. Her juices were still on them and I could taste it. So this is what her boyfriends felt!

We took turns pleasuring each other a few more times until both of us were so tired and covered in each other's juices, and then we cuddled and fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up, it was already 11am, and Jess was in the shower. I processed my thoughts and was actually really shocked from what had happened, but it felt so good too. Jess came out of the shower, naked as usual, and just smiled at me as though nothing had happened, and told me it was my turn to shower!

After we both showered, we changed the sheets together, and went out. Both of us never ever mentioned what happened again till now! Though both of us clearly enjoyed it, it would be really awkward to bring it up! Despite this, we would still continue teasing each other, and some times, when she slaps my butt under my skirt, I can feel her middle finger reaching out a bit further to stroke my labia, and linger for a little too long! Who knows we might do it again one day when both of us are somehow super horny at the same time again!