Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

Merry Christmas everyone!

The other day on my day off I decided to go shopping by my own for Christmas gifts, and at the same time give my body a good breather from wearing so much clothes at work.

In the morning after I showered, I slipped on a one piece light blue dress. The bottom of it was slightly above half of my thighs and I tested it in front of the mirror. If I bent over too much or twirled around my butt would be seen but otherwise it was okay. I just hoped that the day wouldn't be too windy. 

When I went out, it was so cooling! The dress was made of really thin cotton and I was showing quite a bit of cleavage with the loose straps. However, my nipples weren't too obvious unless someone really stared hard. 

I decided to take the train to town this time. The mrt stations nowadays have these huge fans on them that generate a lot of wind. When I took the escalator up to the platform, to my horror, my dress got blew upwards! I quickly held it down but when I held the front, the back would blow up! I looked around and I saw a guy near me staring. I think he saw that I was not wearing any panties! 

When the train finally came, the guy went up the same carriage at me and stood beside me and he kept sneaking glances at me. I just ignored him and focused on my phone. Suddenly I realised what he was staring at! My dress straps were really loose at the top and he was much taller than me so when he looked down he could see into my dress and look directly at my braless boobs! 

I was quite disgusted but at the same time quite aroused to know that I was exposed like this to someone in public! After a while though, it became a little creepy and quickly moved out of the train when my stop came. Thankfully he didn't follow! 

First thing I did was to go get a Starbucks. While paying for my drink, something embarassing happened! I was taking my coins to pay when I fumbled and some of the coins dropped into my cleavage! Some dropped on the floor too and made quite a bit of noise so the people around all turned to look as I tried to retrieve the coins from my cleavage! The guy at the counter was totally staring! After I got the coins, I absent-mindedly bent down to pick up my coins and only after a while did I realise that whe bending down, my loose dress had a gaping hole at my chest and my bare boobs were being exposed to the people! It was so embarassing and I quickly paid for my drink and went out.

I went shopping for my own stuff first and as I went up one of the long escalators at orchard, I decided to tease whoever was behind me! I let my coins fall out from my purse once more, this time purposely and bent over to pick them up! I couldn't see but I knew that whoever was behind me on the escalator and looking up would get a full view of my bare ass and shaven pussy! I didn't dare to look back to see who was behind though! When I gathered my coins and reached the top, I was about to quickly walk away when a guy tapped me on the back and I jumped! He passed to me two coins and told me that I had missed them and I could see he took a quick glance at my lower body and I knew instantly what he had saw! I muttered a quick thank you and quickly walked off. 

At one of shops, I was looking at some accessories when I noticed a guy with his  girlfriend but he kept looking at my direction! Specifically he kept looking at the floor beneath me! That's when I looked down and realised that the shop's floor had been so well-polished that it was very reflective! He must have been looking up my skirt through the floor the whole time! I instinctively made a move to cover myself but decided to not be so obvious and just continued my shopping, feeling deeply excited that I was flashing myself again! Before I left the shop, I saw him still looking at me and I decided to tease him abit by doing something super unglam! I stuck my hand up my skirt to scratch my butt and in the process I lifted up my skirt hem to flash my bare ass at him! I didn't turn to look at his reaction though as it would be really obvious so I hurriedly left the shop.

I was actually quite aroused by now and my pussy was getting wet. At one of the shops, I was trying on a pair of shorts and I accidentally left a wet patch on the crotch area! I quickly returned it to the worker at the shop and hoped she would not notice it till I'm long gone. After looking around, I finally got myself a black thong bikini that I purposely chose one size smaller ^^ for Jess I got a similar thong bikini but this one was white and I made sure it was two sizes smaller! Got my parents some gifts too but decent ones of course!

By the way before I gave Jess the bikini I removed the padding inside! I made her promise to try out the new bikinis with me soon after the new year! She'll have a good shock when she puts on that tiny and thin bikini haha!


  1. merry xmas. i didnt get to see any lol

  2. what did u buy for me? nothing? then i thing ur clit will do hihihi