Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The night everyone got dead drunk

Last week, I had one of the craziest nights ever.. Miki, our dear Japanese friend, invited me and Jess to go over to her house to drink. When we arrived, our mutual friend Christie was there as well. There were also two other of Miki's friends, Carrie and Joey, making 6 of us. Miki didn't invite any guys over given what happened the last time we got drunk at her party.

What happened as stated below is a story that I figured out from everyone's point of view as we all had a different account of what actually happened.

At the start, it was just light drinking as we talked and watched TV. Somehow we started playing drinking games and I could see Jess and Carrie getting increasingly high. As I always said, Jess is horrible with her alcohol tolerance and she gets drunk really easily and does stupid stuff all the time. She was already spouting nonsense.

Someone turned on the music and we all got really high as we drank. Even myself, who is usually careful with my drinking, got really drunk and high! Someone that I couldn't remember then suddenly suggested that we play strip wrestling. Bad idea. Soon enough we were all rolling around the floor tugging at each other's clothes and laughing. I remember tugging at Miki's shirt and grabbing her huge boobs and pulling down Christie's panties, while my own thong was at my ankle all the while.

Eventually we got tired and sat down, adjusting our clothes back to normal. Joey told us that she would be going to toilet and I went with her. We had difficulty finding the toilet and somehow ended up outside the house. Being drunk, we just went outside the gates, took off our underwear and peed into the drain. Afterward, I just fell asleep on the pavement and Joey went in after she couldn't wake me up.

Meanwhile, the girls continued drinking in the house and Miki ordered late night delivery. Thankfully, before the deliveryman arrived, they remembered me and went out to discover me asleep with my thongs on the floor beside me. They carried me in and started having fun with me! Probably my retribution for all that I've done to Jess, this time it was my turn. They stripped me naked and started drawing on my body with crayons. With their art, my nipples became eyes for a cartoon cat! They even played with my vagina and Miki put her vibrator into it and turn it on at max till I woke up and removed it myself!

When the deliveryman came, Miki went out to collect the food. At the time, she was topless and her gigantic boobs swung all over the place with every step she took! The delivery man probably had the best assignment of his life. Jess went out to help Miki carry the food, wearing only her underwear and showing the deliveryman and ample amount of her large ass in her tiny pink panties.

We ate afterward and drank even more! The toilet was stinking with puke! At one time, Carrie puked in the toilet bowl and just fell asleep over it, her long hair was inside the puke and she had vomited all over her body. We went in, removed her clothes and dumped her in the bathtub, where we washed her up and after that, we carried her out of the house and dumped her at the backyard to dry!

Jess got really mad and started taking lewd pictures of herself and sending them to her boyfriend! Thankfully she didn't upload them onto Facebook and her boyfriend was used to her craziness. Halfway through the night, they decided to get some snacks at the nearby 7-11. I was still unconscious at that time and it was Joey and Christie who went after they drew lots. They just grabbed some clothes and dressed up, but as they were really drunk too, it was disastrous.

Joey was a tall skinny girl so her boobs weren't exactly huge and it was a huge mistake as she grabbed Miki's tube top and Jess's mini skirt. Both were much too big for her and the tube kept slipping down to expose her boobs while her butt crack could be seen the whole time as her small butt tried to keep up the skirt that was meant for Jess's big booty.

Christie was slightly luckier as she was of an average build but she picked a white top that couldn't hide her nipples. When they reached 7-11 the cashier stared at these two skimpily dressed girls who just stepped in. But he was professional enough to just serve them. On their way back, Joey's skirt actually dropped to the ground! She just left it behind and walked back bottomless.

When I woke up, I couldn't find my clothes anywhere and they told me I would have to find them. I was told that I had to first run to the nearby basketball court down the road and back again naked! Being drunk and half awake, I stupidly agreed and stepped out of the house naked and started running. The road was a super long stretch and I finally found the basketball court and made my way back.

However, on the way back, I got lost! I couldn't remember which was the route Miki's house as they all looked the same! After a long search, I found myself back at the basketball court, where I just sat down under the hoop and waited till I succumbed to the alcohol again and fell asleep! Luckily Jess thought of me and they came to find me after I disappeared for about an hour and they brought me back! Imagine if a pervert had chanced upon me instead!

The sun was coming out by then and we all just collapsed in living room and fell asleep till noon. As for Carrie, she woke up to find herself naked outside the house which was locked! She  knocked on the door loudly but no one answered it and she couldn't make a call to anyone as her phone was inside so she had to resort to crouching beside the plants to hide herself from the people walking past and she also got a bad sunburn all over her body for being naked under the sun for so long! She finally got in when we woke up in the house and opened the door when we remembered about her. Poor girl!

We helped to clean up the mess afterward and sorted out the clothing and put our own ones back on. Jess's skirt was left behind on the road by Joey the previous night so she was bottomless except for her panties! Luckily for her Miki lent her a pair of shorts that turned out to be really right and sexy on Jess.

It was a really crazy night and we were really lucky nothing bad happened to any of us!

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  1. you girls are so wonderful.. I love your nude run. really love to read your stories & pls do share more & often.. thks baby!