Monday, 29 July 2013

Solo Trip to Thailand (Day 3)

Woke up late in the morning, almost in the noon and I put on a tank top and a pair of FBT shorts and went down for brunch. The tank top was quite thick so it wasn't very obvious that I was braless so I did not attract much attention but my shorts were a really old pair and they were too short and tight so my butt peeked out a bit from underneath. But overall, I did not attract much attention.

After breakfast, I went back to my room and change into my bikini, a bright yellow one that was one of my favourites. I only put on the top and kept my FBT shorts on with nothing inside it and headed for the beach! I just wanted to enjoy the sea breeze on my second last day here and I sat at the beach and closed my eyes as the breeze blew into my face and hair.

Didn't do the strip and walk around thing as this was not a pair of bikini I was prepared to lose. An angmoh came up to me suddenly and asked if I wanted to join him and his two other friends in a game of volleyball and I accepted.

It turns out that they were from America and were here on holiday. They weren't very good at volleyball and I was sort of owning them! However, my shorts were really tight and when I made a big move to get to the ball, something horrible happened!

I had opened up my legs wide to dig the ball, almost a split and the next thing I knew, I heard a loud rip and there was a large, gaping hole on my shorts where my crotch was!

The 3 guys saw my bare hairless vagina and they were laughing loudly! I quickly covered the hole with my hands and was blushing so much! I enjoy nudity but such unexpected moments still get me panicking.

The angmohs offered to bring me back to their room where they could get me something to wear but I declined as it sounded really dangerous and I made my way back to the hotel myself.

On the way everyone who walked past me stared. Because I was looking really weird with a hand on my crotch and closer inspection would show quite obviously that my shorts had split and I had gone commando!

I got back to my room and changed out of my shorts into my bikini bottoms and went out again, this time to the swimming pool! Would be weird to see those angmohs again. I found a nice bench and lay face down, untied my bikini top and allowed the warm sun to shine on my back as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was that my face felt very uncomfortable pressing against the bench, so I turned myself over face up, covered my face with a towel to keep the sun out from my eyes and fell back asleep. When I woke up once more, I felt someone tapping at my shoulder and I removed my towel to see who it was, and I saw a pool attendant looking down at me, telling me that topless sunbathing was prohibited at the swimming pool! I was about to argue that I was not topless when I realised that while turning over, I did not put my bikini top back on and I had been sunbathing topless all the while! My bikini top was beside me and I quickly put it back on and apologised.

I went into the water for a short swim, before returning to my room. I decided that since I could not sunbathe at the pool, I would do it at my balcony! I stripped naked and sat down at the balcony, and just enjoyed the warm sun on every part of my bare body. People standing on other balconies would probably be able to see me but I didn't really care. At least I was at a high level so people downstairs probably wouldn't notice me. I allowed myself to fall asleep and it felt so peaceful and satisfying!

It was evening when I woke up and I wanted to make good use of my last night here!I put on the bathrobe with nothing underneath and went downstairs to the lobby to pay for my wifi. The bathrobe was quite loose and from the side my boobs could probably be seen. I went to the counter to pay and leaned forward and the guy at the counter could see my left boob and I could see his eyes darting towards them every now and then while talking to me! To tease him, I put my right hand into my robe to scratch my back as we were talking, exposing my left boob! But I just carried scratching and talking to him and trying really hard not to laugh at him trying his best to not stare.

Afterward I returned to my room again and changed into a tube top and mini skirt and went for dinner, after which I took a walk alone down the beach. There was still a lot of people so I didn't do anything funny. Afterwards when it was later I decided to visit the disco! There were a few Caucasians there and also a group of Asians, probably from Singapore. I'm not the kind to approach people, especially if they are in a group, so I just went over to the bar and ordered a drink for myself.

Quite soon this angmoh came over and asked me if I wanted to join his group. They were probably around the same age as me so I agreed to join them and we started to play drinking games! I got a little too drunk and was really high while dancing. One of the guys who was dancing with me was groping me all over but I didn't even care since I was so high. For a while I even pulled down my tube top and flashed my boobs at everyone until someone helped me pull it back.Thankfully I wasn't drunk enough to lose consciousness and I refused one of the guy's offer to bring me back to his room. Who knows what would have happened! I made my way back to my room, took off my clothes and collapsed on the bed.

I was anticipating something like that to happen so I had set my phone alarm earlier and the next morning it woke me up. I packed my stuff, took a quick shower and checked out of the room and officially ended my trip!

Really crazy trip but I don't think I'll travel alone in the future again as it can be really boring at times and there is no one to look out for you when you get into serious trouble!

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