Monday, 12 November 2012

Getting Drunk

Here to share about more random encounters again.

One of the readers requested that I blog about the pool encounter. I did blog about it in one of my posts in the past but I'm going to share another one! Writing the previous post gave me ideas so last week I wore a loose strap top that showed a lot of cleavage and my whole body could be seen when I bent down just a bit and I didn't wear any bra! For the bottoms I wore the shortest skirt that I could find, which was a really old one which I wore when I was much younger, and much shorter! So it could hardly cover anything when I wore it at waist level. So I pulled it down all the way to my groin just above my vagina and even then, a bit of my butt cheeks were peeking out from the bottom. Although I just shaved, a bit of pubic hair could also be seen from above the skirt.

After that, I went to the nearby condo, where I knew there was a games room that was always booked on weekend nights. Walking to the games room, I saw that a bunch of guys were inside playing pool. Judging by the looks, they were around 17-18 years old. I was older of course but I looked quite young for my age! I knocked on the door and entered, and all of them stared at me and what I was wearing, and I asked if I could join their game of pool and they said yes so I just sat down on the couch to wait for the current turn to end. I purposely sat with my legs wide open and exposed my vagina and the guys were so distracted and kept staring, while I just acted as though I was unaware. When it was my turn to play, each time I bent over to take a shot, they will try to be somehow opposite me and enjoy the full glimpse of my naked upper body and my boobs and nipples! There were also a few shots were I was back facing the couch area and as I bent down to shoot, whoever was sitting at the couch would be able to see my butt and cleanly shaven pussy lips! It was really embarassing at first but after a while I got desensitised and even forgot that I was in such a vulnerable state and I just played without caring about my posture! After a few rounds I thanked them, and made my way home and they were visibly disappointed. The guys sure got an awesome free show that day!

Moving away from me, let's talk about Jess, whose favourite pastimes are getting exposed and getting drunk :p she likes to drink alot, even though she can't really control it so she often ends up drunk and when she's drunk, she does lots of stupid things! There was after we went clubbing and she was so drunk that she could not even walk properly! Luckily for her, I was still conscious and we flagged down a cab. On the cab, Jess started making herself feel at home, literally! She started to undress on the cab and I had to push her to behind the driver's seat so that he could not see what she was doing from his rear mirror! For much of the trip, Jess just lied on my lap naked on the cab! When we reached her house, I had to push her out of the cab and when I looked into her bag for her keys, I could not find them! Turns out she forgot her keys totally so I had to call another cab and brought her to my house to stay over instead. I couldn't possibly leave her naked at her doorstep! When the cab arrived, I was so glad to see that it was a female driver and I explained to her what had happened and she towed the naked Jess up the cab with me and sent us home. I had to drag her all the way to my door and into my room where she slept till the next morning.

Another time, in one of the most epic nights ever. She got really drunk and she told me that she was going to the toilet and I just let her go herself. After 20minutes, she still had not returned and I went to the toilet to check but she wasn't inside! When I came out, there was a commotion outside the guys toilet and out of curiosity, I went and looked what happened and to my shock, I saw a drunk Jess struggling with a bouncer! Then, I realised that her panties were at her ankles and urine was streaming down her legs! I asked a guy nearby and he told me that someone spotted her peeing in the guys toilet with the door open and the bouncer was now trying to drag her out but she keeps insisting on going back in. It was so embarassing! As the bouncer tried to drag her out, she refused to budge and sat on the floor, revealing her vagina to all the onlookers, with urine still flowing out of it! I quickly stepped in and apologised to the bouncer and he helped me to carry her up to a corner of the club. She continued sitting on the floor and refused to move so I sat there with her. Her panties were drenched and I helped her take them off and put them in a plastic bag that I had with me. I even took out my tissue, lifted up her dress to her waist and cleaned her vagina for her!

After cleaning her up, I left her there for a while and went to the toilet to wash my hands. When I came back, she was gone! I looked around and saw her dancing in the dance floor. To my horror, I had forgot to put down her dress before I left and it was still stuck at her waist, exposing her bare bottom as she was grinded by guys in the crowd! It was actually quite amusing and I was laughing really hard at her but after a while I went up and pulled her out from the crowd again and adjusted her dress for her, before letting her back onto the dance floor again and let her be. Eventually, we left the club and I brought Jess back to my home before she could do anything else stupid. The next day, I told her what had happened and she was so embarrassed  We avoided that same club for quite some time after that.

For myself, I rarely get drunk because I can hold my alcohol quite well but there was once where I really lost control! It was during a east coast park bbq at someone's birthday party. After most people left, including the birthday boy's parents, a few of us stayed and started to play drinking games at the beach. My luck was really bad that day and I ended up drinking alot. After that, when we played truth or dare. It was my turn and I chose dare. Someone just joking dared me to strip naked and run around the park. Being really drunk, I actually started stripping! Soon I was fully naked and I started to run away! At first, they just laughed at what I was doing until they realised that I kept running and didn't come back and they started to go around and find me. According to Jess, that night all of them searched everywhere for me but couldn't find me. The next thing I knew, at around early morning, I was woken up by an auntie and I was lying at the stairs of one of the HDBs at Marine Parade! The auntie asked if I was okay and I was really blur and just said yes. Apparently, while drunk, I had wandered off through the underpass to the other side of the expressway into the estate! I made my way back to the bbq pit, luckily not running into anyone, and some of them were sitll there and they quickly passed me my clothes and belongings. It was so embarassing! I'm used to exposing myself in front of strangers but that night, some of my closest guy friends saw me naked!


  1. was following ur blog for sometimes... but it seem like nothing is true... show us some photos to make for realistic..

  2. need more new ventures.. more thrill.. more adrenaline!

  3. Does it take a lot to make you drunk?

    1. Not exactly alot but I can hold my liquor quite well! Better than some of my male friend ;)