Sunday, 19 August 2012

National Day Tasks

Here are the national day tasks I was challenged to do!
1) Jogging or gym braless
2) Tube dress/Mini skirt without panties on MRT
3) Flash something written
4) Bus/Train ride with vibrator
5) Nude Jog/ Nude in bus
6) Flashing a kid

Not easy! Yesterday, I decided to try out a combination of tasks 1, 3 and 5. I found an old white singlet that was really small and cut away its bottom so that it looked like a sports bra and put it on. It was really tight on me and my nipples protruded through the thin material and the dark brown shade of them could be seen if you looked clearly. For my bottom I wore a short pair of red FBTs without panties and left house!

I walked to the nearby sports hall that had a gym there and on the way, people kept staring at me, or rather my nipples. I went to the gym there, and the woman at the counter kept staring at me but she could not ban me from going in as my clothing was allowed in the gym and I had my towel! When I went in, I kept my stuff in the locker and went over to the running machine and started jogging. The singlet was not a sports bra after all so it didn't help to support my boobs although it was tight and they kept bouncing up and down as I ran and the guy beside me kept staring at them! As I started sweating, my white singlet also started becoming more and more translucent to show my skin colour and nipples more clearly!

After around 15 mins, I came down and went over to the machines and started using them. Some of these machines were so awkward to use! There was this one that required me to pull my arms back, chest expansion or something. As I did it, my singlet would be stretched even tighter and the shape of my boobs became even clearer. And another machine involved spreading my legs apart to push 2 parts of the machines apart to train my thigh muscles. I think that everytime I spread my legs doing this, my pussy was exposed to whoever was in front!

At the weights section, I saw this hot guy doing bench presses, so I decided to try something bold and went up to him and asked him if her could teach me how to bench presses! He hesitated for a while, probably because he was shocked to see such a scantily-clad girl at the gym that came up to speak to him but he agreed nonetheless. He taught me how to position myself properly, which involved lying on the bench with my legs widespread, exposing my bare pussy to the whole gym! The guy was really patient and nice even though he was constantly staring at my boobs! I could see that he was having an erection too! After a few reps, I was really tired. Bench presses are tough! I thanked the guy and I decided to leave the gym!

I took my stuff back from the locker and went to the nearby bus stop, and boarded the first double decker bus that came along! I went up to the upper deck and sat at the back. The upper deck only had 2 people up there, an auntie and a teenager. The teenager just stared at me as I moved to the back of the bus. At the back, as the bus moved off, I slid off my FBTs stealthily as well as my singlet! I kept them in my bag and just sat naked at the back. After a few stops, a couple came up and sat around the middle. My heart jumped when I saw them approaching! Luckily they didn't choose to sit at the back. At this time, I was pretty aroused already so I took out the vibrator that was in my bag and inserted it into my pussy. As it turned on and vibrated, I got more and more aroused and started getting wet but I was careful that my face didn't look too engaged in my act or I would give myself away. After a while, I replaced the vibrator with my own finger and I was now totally engaged and for a while I forgot that I was on a public transport! There was once I let out a moan but luckily nobody heard me!

Before I hit climax, I stopped and put my clothes back on and alighted the bus and took it in reverse to go back home as I still had to go out after that. Short incident but it was fun :)


  1. You've got more balls than most of the guys do. Wow. And any chance you'd fancy a friend, with benefits? ;)

    1. Hey thank you! Nope I don't actually believe in sex before marriage :) I just enjoy doing all these kinky stuff that's all!

  2. i like girls with kinky ideas. hope to hear more from u.

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