Sunday, 5 August 2012

Crazy Party!

Miki, Christie's japanese friend that we met that day, was living alone in Singapore as most of her family was back home in Japan except for her mother who happened to be back in Japan also. So 2 weeks ago, she threw a party at her house and invited the 6 of us from that day, as well as her other friends.

She's really really rich like Christie and lived alone in a 3 storey bungalow similar to Christie's, with a private pool and garden. Me and Jess went there together at around 6pm in the evening. When we arrived, there were already alot of people there, around 20 people. Most of them were strangers so we quickly found Christie, Denise and Samantha and stuck together with them. After a while, Miki arrived and introduced us to some of her friends, who were mostly Singaporeans but we also got to know a few Japanese people.

There was a bbq outside the house so we went over to get some food. We were all dressed quite well for the occasion, I was wearing a black dress with bra and panties underneath. Pink and lacy ones! After dinner,   we just hung around for a while and talked to some people and made new friends! Until around 9pm, Miki disappeared into her room and reappeared in a set of blue bra and panties. Then, she announced that the party would now officially turn into a lingerie party and turned on the music! None of us expected this so we all hesitated for quite a while. These japanese really think different from us! I readily joined in and stripped off my black dress into my pink underwear. Christie and Samantha stripped quickly too. Christie was wearing a set of white underwear while Samantha's was yellow. Denise and Jess were hesitating very long for some reason. After much persuasion, Denise finally took off her dress and revealed a skimpy red bra and a red thong that hardly covered her vagina and was just a line along her butt crack! No wonder she hesistated for so long! As for Jess, she still refused to take off her dress, and then I realised that her dress was bareback and she wasn't wearing a bra! Being a bad friend, I persuaded Jess to just go along with everyone else and me and Miki went up to her room to get 2 pieces of masking tape for Jess to cover her nipples so she finally agreed to take off her dress! So there she was, topless except for 2 pieces of tape covering her nipples and wearing a pair of white panties. That girl is really daring actually! There were guys around too and they were in their boxers or underwear and I could see that many of their penises were erected already in the presence of so many scantily clad girls!

For the night, Miki turned her house into a club, music and all. Christie also brought along lots of alcohol and once again, people got tipsy. By the way, Miki probably has some Japanese pron star blood in her or something. She looks extremely sexy and her boobs are so big! I think they might even be E cup. They were totally threatening to burst out of her small bikini top and were bouncing madly with every move she made. The party was really crazy, I've never seen such a large gathering of open-minded people before but the girls were zaogeng-ing here and there without realising, or without bothering to cover themselves. Denise's thong had totally gone out of place and her ass crack and pussy were exposed but she just ignored that and continued dancing with the rest. Jess's masking tape was slowly peeling off. One of them had already dropped off and she was running around with one exposed nipple without herself realising.

I decided to try something funny and crept up behind Jess while she dancing to the music. I put my hands round her waist, grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down as hard as I could till her ankles! She just screamed out and for 5 seconds she just stood there completed naked except for a piece of masking tape covering one of her nipples! She quickly pulled up her panties when she recovered from the shock and just carried on dancing with the rest.

Of course she didn't just let it rest like that, that competitive girl. It was quite silly of me to let my guard down. After a while, I was dancing in the crowd too, when suddenly I felt my arms being grabbed, followed by my legs. I turned around and saw Denise holding on to my arms and Christie holding on to my legs and they were lifting me up! Jess then came along and quickly stripped me of my bra and panties before I could retaliate! Then, still grabbing on to me, the just threw me into the middle of the swimming pool! When I realised what had happened, I was already naked in the pool, with everyone staring at me. I was a little tipsy at that time already, so instead of feeling scared, I felt bold and aroused, so I just climbed up the side ladder and emerged from the pool nude and wet in front of everyone! Some of the people looked shocked, while the rest were just smiling. I looked around and there was no sign of any of the 3 girls!

Now I was beginning to feel a little worried, but I just covered my privates with my hands and walked into the house, where I saw the 3 of them laughing at me. Jess said that they had hidden my underwear somewhere in the house and I had to find them myself! Although I was really scared to be naked in front of many strangers, I couldn't turn down a challenge, especially from Jess, so I agreed and started looking up and down for my underwear, while everyone looked on. Well, at least Jess was still nice enough to shoo the crowd out of the house while I was looking around, leaving only a few girls inside, and the guys were all trying to peep in through the windows.

After a while, I gave up finding. I most probably won't meet any of those strangers ever again anyway! So I just walked out naked and continued partying, and I dared the others to do the same! Miki was the boldest among all of them and she was first to take off her bikini top and bared her huge nipples to everyone. Denise and Christie then followed suit and took off their bikini tops too, while a few other girls also did the same. Jess was, well, already topless. The guys were abit shy since they would not be able to hide their erection, so none of them stripped. Although many of the girls were now topless together with me, I was still the only fully naked one amongst everyone! So throughout the party I kept getting targetted and I felt my bare butt being grinded several times. It was so arousing!

At around 3.30am, Miki brought up the stakes, and somehow conjured up a set of twister! The Japanese really have crazy ideas in their minds! We drew lots to play and Jess had to play with Miki and this girl called Emily who had nice boobs and was wearing a pair of red panties. She was one of Miki's friends I think. A few moves into the game, the 3 girls were all entangled together in what looked like a porno scene. I grabbed Jess's panties and pulled them down till her shin and she screamed. But she couldn't move her limbs away from the mat or she would lose! So she was on the mat on all fours with her panties down, and her bare butt and vagina stuck up into the air! Eventually, Miki lost, and the punishment for the loser was to drink        up, as well as remove her bikini bottom! She certainly did not disappoint as she stripped off her bikini bottom to show her equally voluptious butt and cleanly shaved pussy.

I got picked for the next group together with 2 of the guys! After a few moves, I was in a really awkward situation. My legs were widely spread apart and one of the guys head was right in front of my crotch, getting a full view of my shaven vagina lips that were beginning to get a bit wet. My face, on the other hand, was in front of the crotch of the other guy. Suddenly someone pulled down his boxers and his huge, erected dick just flung out at me! The shock of it made me lose my balance and I fell over and lost! So, I had to do a forfeit decided by the others.

After a while it was decided that I do a lap dance for one of the guys! My god! The guys drew lots and the lucky guy sat down on a chair that Miki brought out, struggling to control his excitement. Lucky he was rather hot and had nice abs! I took a deep breath, mustered up my courage and sat onto his lap, wrapping my legs around the chair. My breast my bare boobs against his chest and rubbed my nipples against his, while my vagina rubbed against his penis through his pants, which was really hard already. Then, I stood up and pressed his face into my boobs, rubbing my nipples along his lips. He started sucking at them! I was getting so aroused. If not for the fact that we were in the middle of the living room with everyone watching and taking photos we might have had sex already! Then, I grabbed his hand and ran his fingers along my bare body, including my erected nipples and wet vagina, and then I grabbed his other hand too and put his palms on my boobs and he started to squeeze them. Well, before any of us reached the climax, I decided to just stop and I could tell he was a little disappointed. His boxers were rather wet, don't know from my juices or his :p

The party continued throughout the night, and I sneaked into the toilet to dig myself as I was so aroused, before coming out again. As the time passed people started getting tired and fell asleep all over the place. Miki was lying on her couch with her legs spread apart exposing my vagina to anyone who walked past. A few of us decided to tease her and played with her pussy and squeezed her boobs but she still didn't wake up! We even took a few pictures. As the sun began to rise, people began to leave one by one. It was such a mess and everyone had to look around the place for their clothes. Before the guy that I lap danced left, I exchanged contacts with him :p his name was Jason! Jess helped me find back by underwear, and both of us put on our clothes and left Miki's house after she woke up and we helped her to clean up. We went to Jess's house where I bathed and slept for a while before going back home!

The party was really crazy and I can't believe I was involved in something like this and I was really lucky that I didn't end up having any sex but it was really really fun to be able to expose myself like that without having to hide anything. Miki promised us to hold more parties in the future so I shall look forward!