Saturday, 25 August 2012

Crazy chalet

Since that day at Miki's party, I've been going out with Jason quite a lot. He's a really nice guy, but really horny too and likes to touch me all over which I really enjoy (: On Wednesday we went out shopping at Orchard Road and he drove me home at night. At the carpark, before alighting, we just started making out in the car! We started kissing each other all over and taking off each others clothing. However, before going out, we had agreed not to have sex until we took it one step further, so we just stopped after a while. I put my clothes back on but left my panties behind for him to keep ^^

Yesterday, Miki again invited me and Jess over to a chalet that she booked at NSRCC, and asked us to bring our boyfriends over. So Jess brought her boyfriend, Kevin along and I brought Jason with me. When we arrived, Miki introduced us to her boyfriend Joseph, who we had actually seen that day at the party. We had a small BBQ for dinner, after which we helped to wash up. Me and Jason went out to the beach for a stroll after that. It was around 11pm by then and the beach was really quiet and dark, especially at the shore. We sat down together at the shore at chatted for a while. Then, I suddenly had an urge to pee, but it was really far to walk back, so I just went over to some bushes nearby, took off my panties and pee-ed. After finishing, I kept my panties in my bag, went back to Jason who was waiting at the shore, walked in front of him and lifted up my skirt at him! He was shocked at first but reacted quickly by grabbing me and pulling my skirt off, and then rubbing my pussy with his fingers on one hand, and putting his other hand into my bra and rubbing my boobs. Just then, my phone rang! What a wet blanket! It was Miki, who was telling us to go back and she had games planned in store for us. That girl has really crazy things up her sleeve so I couldn't possibly miss out on them! So I adjusted my clothing, wore back my panties, and we both made our way back to the chalet.

Back at the chalet, the other 2 couples were in one of the bedrooms, and we joined them to sit in a circle. The curtains were drawn so that the neighbouring chalets couldn't look in. Miki then announced that we were going to play some games. That was something really new to me but Miki assured us that she will guide us along. She said that to begin, we would have to get into the mood first, so we used the iphone bottle spin app and whoever the bottle pointed at, his/her partner would have to take off a piece of clothing for him/her. This would continue until a girl in the group is topless or anyone is bottomless. So the first spin went off, at it pointed to Joseph, and Miki readily took off his shirt to show his toned body. The next spin pointed to me! Jason just looked at me and thought for a while what he should do with me, then he reach for my t-shirt and pulled it up and off me, revealing my white bra. The next spin was for Jess, who lost her shorts and exposed her pink panties.

After that, Jess got it again! This time, Kevin chose to take off her shirt, so Jess ended up only in underwear in the group! This was followed by Miki, who lost her top, but it turned out that she wasn't wearing any bra! So the round ended as she was now topless! Well, before this we agreed that the person who ended the round would do a forfeit, as well as do the opening round of the couple games.Her forfeit was to go out of the chalet naked and clean the leftover charcoal off the bbq pit! So she went out alone while the rest of us stayed in the chalet which had the curtains drawn on every window so people outside could not see us. She took a small broom and dustpan along with her and started sweeping. There was another group of youngsters in the chalet beside us, students I think. They saw Miki outside sweeping the bbq pit naked and were all staring at her! However, Miki was really bold and ignored all the attention, calmly swept up the coal and came back into the chalet.

Then we started playing the couple games! Miki and Joseph started the games. The tasks to be completed were written on pieces of paper and put inside a bag for us to draw. The first task: Joseph had to be blindfolded and would squeeze the boobs of the 3 girls and he would have to figure out which one is Miki's! So he put on his blindfold and all 3 of us took off our bras to expose our bare boobs and Joseph groped us one by one. When it was my turn, he squeezed my boobs hard and tickled my nipples a little and I was so aroused! And I could also see that Jason got a little bit jealous :p It wasn't hard for Joseph to guess which one of us was Miki, as her boobs were far bigger than any of ours (yes, even Jess's!). So he got it right and then next up was Jess and Kevin's turn!

They got a really simple task! Which was for Kevin to strip Jess naked with only his mouth! Jess was already in underwear so he didn't have much work to do. He first took off the two shoulder straps of her bra and the tricky part was to unhook it at the back but he somehow managed to it. Next up were her panties, which made things really difficult. He just bit at the side of her panties and tugged it down along her legs bit by bit for around 5 minutes until it came off and finally Jess was naked! She was not allowed to put her clothes back on so she remained naked as the game carried on.

Next was for me and Jason :) Our task was the hardest! Not fair! Jason had to lick whipped cream off my body while blindfolded, which Miki and Jess would place on me. So the guys went to blindfold Jason, while Jess and Miki stripped me naked and then put whipped cream on me! They put the cream on my nipples, and between my legs all along from my vagina to my butt! Then, they tied up my hands together behind my back and grabbed my feet so that I could not adjust myself for him. Then they brought in Jason and he started licking and I could only talk to him to direct him. He just stuck out his tongue and went down on me and he touched my stomach first so I directed him upwards, I could feel his cold saliva on my body as he did lick up to my boobs. The part on the nipples was easy and we quickly cleared that, leaving my nipples wet and erect. Then I directed him downwards all the way to my vagina and he started licking the whipped cream off it. I was so aroused as his tongue went in and out of my pussy and I was getting wet down there, not sure from his saliva or my juices. Then, his tongue continued probing downwards towards my butt and I even moaned out at one time because I was so turned on! Finally, he was done with his task and I was untied and that concluded the round of couple games!

By then, it was around 1plus already. Miki chased the guys away to the other room while the 3 of us stayed in this room. Miki drew the curtains open so that people from opposite could see into our room clearly! However, the chalet right beside us had its curtains drawn already, so we just didn't bother looking there and continued talking in the nude among ourselves. After a some htht, Miki suggested that we go out of the chalet, naked! It was almost 2am by now, and since it's not a school holiday, the usual crowd of students were not around so the place was quite empty at this time so the 3 of us just walked out of the chalet naked.

Our chalet was in the deepest part of the chalet but we just walked out on the main path and made our way to the pool and jumped in! Splashing in the pool for awhile, we then came up and walked to the gate that leads out to the beach! Now we were in the middle of a public park, 3 of us fully naked! We went down to the beach and walked along, the whole park was empty except for one lone cyclist who cycled past at one point of time but he was rather far away so he did not see us. We just kept walking and walking, until we reached one part of the beach, where a couple was making out! When they saw us, they immediately stopped what they were doing and just stared at us, wondering why we were naked but we just continued walking. Until around 3.30am, we stopped walking and just sat at the beach and continued talking. We talked and talked till I fell asleep on the beach unintentionally.

When I woke up, I realised that I was all alone on the beach! The sky was much brighter now and I checked my watch time, which said 6.30am! OMG how many people had walked past while I was asleep here alone! It must have Jess's idea to leave me alone here! I refused to call her or Miki since I would lose face so I decided to make my way back myself. From the spot where I was at, the chalet was totally out of sight. I quickly picked up my phone and made my way back to the chalet. At this time, I could see that on the main path, there were already increasing numbers of people walking or cycling around, and the sun was gradually rising and soon I would not have the protection of the dark anymore. With that thought, I started running as fast as I could until I was so tired that I could not run anymore, and my whole naked body was covered in sweat, and still the chalet couldn't be seen! I could only walk as I was so tired. Until around 7.15, the sun was rising and I could now clearly see the faces of the people on the main path, which meant that if they looked my way, they would also see me, perfectly naked! It was now impossible to walk around, so I went down into the sea , hiding my body in the water and continued walking along the shore. At one point, I passed by a family of 5 who were sitting at the beach just around 5 metres away from me! They just stared at me as I walked along, as the water still left my shoulders exposed so I looked topless at the very least. Finally, after a long long walk, I reached the point where the gate to the chalet was. However, the gate was really far from the sea and although I could not see any people, I would have to go onto the path in front of the chalet where people far away might see me!

I took a deep breath, mustered all my courage and ran as fast as I could toward the gate! Suddenly, as I approached the gate, a bicycle appeared out of nowhere! My first reaction was to stop and luckily the cyclist didn't look my way and continued cycling. The, I continued running to the gate. Through the gate was a carpark, and I immediately found a car to hide behind. The carpark there was beside the basketball court, and I was crouching in between a car and the basketball court and slowly making my way into the chalet. From the front, a group of people walked past! I just stayed still and thankfully they didn't see me as they walked past the car.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud 'LOOK!' from behind me! I was so shocked and turned behind, and saw that beyond the basketball court was another group of people, all of them now staring at my bare butt! I ignored them and quickly continued moving and thankfully they did not come and find me, but instead continued to where they were going. I moved slowly from car to car and the next obstacle was the open area at the swimming pool. There was no point hiding behind the cars at the other side since behind them were the chalets and people inside would be able to see me clearly. I checked the area and saw that the playground beside the swimming pool was empty so I quickly dashed there. The were some bushes there and I hid behind them to prevent people from the chalet opposite to see me. The next path was the main path, with chalets on either side of it, so there was no way I could walk there without being seen! The swimming pool was beside the playground so I made up my mind and quickly turned around, ran and jumped into the big pool! There were some people in the pool but they were all minding their own business so I swam along the pool to reach the other end. Luckily there wasn't any lifeguard on duty or I would have been caught. As I swam through the water, a guy swam past me and from under the water, he saw my entire nude body, from my boobs to my pussy to my butt! He just kept staring but didn't say anything, so I continued swimming quickly. When I reached the end, where the jacuzzis were, I knew that there was a hole in the bushes there where I could move to the chalet area then I would make my way back to our block through the back, instead of walking on the main path. I quickly climbed up the pool and ran through the hole in the bushes, and banged right into a topless guy who was going the other way! My boobs bounced off his body and as I looked up, I saw a shocked face looking back at me. He asked me if I was okay and I just replied that I was doing a dare so he didn't say anything else and went through the hole to the swimming pool, not forgetting to get a last eyeful of my bare body.

I followed the fences at the side and made my way deep into the chalet, walking behind the blocks and hoping that no one would see me. Finally, after many stares and glimpses from people in their chalets, I reached our block. Jess and Miki were sleeping on the sofa already dressed waiting for me, and I knocked on the window to wake them up and they finally let me in. I chided them a bit but actually I really had fun so I wasn't really angry! I went up, took a nice cold shower and dried myself. The 3 guys were still asleep upstairs, Kevin and Joseph in one room while Jason was alone in one room. I crept in, still naked, lied down beside him and wrapped my arms and legs around him and fell asleep next to him :) When he finally woke up, he had a pleasant surprise! Checked out of the chalet after that, and Jason sent me home where I pleasured myself till I fell asleep on my bed!

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