Saturday, 15 September 2012

Out with Jess again (:

Again, my favourite pasttime, teasing Jess, my sexiest girlfriend :) Went out with her many times this week and for the whole week, she looked so extra sexy that I couldn't help teasing her again and again! I think that's because she dyed her hair brown which made her look even more pretty!

Went to Sentosa again on Tuesday. In case anyone was wondering, both of us hang out alot at Sentosa with our friends because we were both volleyball players in school and we often meet up with teammates to play beach volleyball :) After volleyball, around the late afternoon, we had late lunch at Vivocity and both of us bade farewell to our teammates and travelled back to Sentosa.

We went onto Siloso Beach and found a empty area, put down our stuff and took off our clothes with our bikinis underneath. The beach was really empty that day since it was a weekday except for some angmohs and teenagers. We were at the end of the beach where it was sort of seperated from the rest of the beach and we were the only ones there. We laid out our mat and stripped into our bikinis. She was wearing a white one and I was wearing a red one.

Before that, we applied sunblock for each other and I felt her big boobs and nipples and bouncy butt as I applied her sunblock for her. She's really so sexy! If I were a guy I'd go for her :) I'm not lesbian though! :p When I applied the lotion to her butt, I purposely pushed her bikini bottom into her ass crack to give her a wedgie and more than half her ass was hanging out of her small bottom looking really bouncy and all! She had untied her bikini top to get a proper tan on her back and I sneaked up behind her, grabbed the two knots holding her bikini bottom together and pulled down hard! The knots came off and so did her bikini bottom and I started running away. Jess was so shocked and she immediately jumped up and started chasing but as her bikini top was untied as well, her boobs were bouncing all over and when she realised that she stopped for awhile to tie her top, and I had already ran out of sight! There was a toilet nearby and I ran there, and from the outside threw her bottom over the wall into the male toilet! Jess caught up with me still bottomless and trying to cover her pussy and butt with her hands and asked for her bottom back. I just shrugged my shoulders and challenged to go into the toilet and get it! Since she saw that no one was around, she boldly went into the toilet and searched for her bottom. As she was finding, a guy appeared out of nowhere and went into the toilet! I was outside waiting for her and I was shocked too to see the guy but he just walked in before I could do anything and according to Jess, she ran into him as he came in and they just stood there and stared at each other. Or rather, he stared at her bare vagina before she just apologised and ran out, still bottomless!

Before the guy came out, we quickly ran back to the beach, and Jess was still bottomless. Our clothes were still at the beach so Jess just conveniently put her clothes on and went back for her bottoms, and changing back into them again. We decided to go skinny dipping, and dumped our bikinis in our bags and went into the water. We splashed around and swam a bit, and while Jess wasn't looking, I crept up from behind and push her head into the water! As she came out from the water and recovered from the shock, I made use of the little bit of time to sprint towards our bags, grabbed both of them and ran away! I ran onto the main road and just kept running, looking back to see that she was chasing me at the back. After awhile, I realised that Jess had stopped chasing me so I stopped too and I realised that was because I was now in a part of the beach that had many people, playing volleyball, suntanning etc. I could see Jess crouching down and hiding her front far away, while strangely, everyone around me seemed to stop what they were doing and were staring at me. That's when I suddenly remembered that I myself was fully naked!!! OHMYGOD the embarassment! I was standing in the middle of a public beach fully naked and for the past minute I was just running and smiling like I intended to streak through the beach! I instinctively covered myself and ran to the nearby toilet, avoiding all the stares.

In the toilet, I put my bikini back on and came out again. Jess's bag and clothes were still with me, and from far I could see that she was still hiding in the empty spot naked and I just waved at her and dared to come over. Just then, a guy came over and approached me, and told me that I have a nice body! I think he was one of those who saw me naked earlier -.- He kept giving me that horny smile so I just said thanks and quickly walked away back to Jess. Jess just kept laughing at me for what happened just now, but she was still my mercy and I told her that she would have to earn her clothes back!

Firstly, I handed her a towel to wrap herself in, and she would have to approach a guy and ask him to apply suntan lotion for her, at which point she would lie down and unwrap her towel, and allow the guy to apply the lotion on her bare body. Passing her the towel, I went away to observe from far. Jess wrapped herself up with the towel and looked really nervous. There were quite a few guys to choose from, as there was a group of guys in the middle of the beach. But wisely Jess chose to approach a lonely guy not far away from them. The guy was probably in the mid 20s and was quite tall and had really nice abs. Apparently he agreed as Jess brought him back to where our mat was, and she just lied down face down and unwrapped her towel, exposing her entire bare behind and her bouncy butt! The guy had an initial shock, but Jess just smiled at him and asked him to continue, so he hesitated for a while and carried on. He squeezed a blob of suntan lotion onto her back and started spreading it, and his hands slowly made downwards. When they reached her butt, his hands were providing her butt some sort of massage that involved lots of squeezing and groping. She requested for him to apply lotion to every single part of her body, so he even went between her legs and got a touch of her vagina a few times. After that, she turned over and showed her boobs and pussy to him! Could see from far that she was really blushing already but was trying really hard to contain her embarassment. The lucky guy then got to apply lotion to her boobs and nipples and even her pussy, touching every single inch of her naked body. I'm actually quite surprised by his willpower that he didn't rape her on the spot! After he was done, she thanked him and he went back to his spot, sporting a huge erection.

For her bravery, I returned her bikini top, but she was still bottomless! I couldn't think of anything at the moment that was appropriate so I told her that she owed me one, and returned it to her. But for letting her off this time, I adjusted her bikini for her, revealing her right nipple as I made it look like she had a nipple slip, and also pushed her bikini bottom into her butt crack, revealing alot of butt cheek and turning her bikini bottom almost into a thong. Walking down the beach, she attracted alot of attention! We settled down at another part of the beach, and after a while, a guy from the group before came over and asked the two of us if we would like to join them in the their game. While Jess hesitated, I immediately agreed and dragged her along as we played beach volleyball with the guys. The same group saw me naked just now, but now their attention on me was diverted away by Jess's hot body and her exposed nipple, as I noticed that none of them bothered telling her about it. I just pretended that I did not see it at all and continued playing.

After around half an hour, we stopped playing. Jess had sneakily adjusted her bikini top to hide a nipple already, but she couldn't possibly pick her wedgie in front of so many people so her butt was still pretty much exposed. We sat down together with the guys and started talking, but their eye contact was apparently on our boobs rather than our eyes. I could see that many of them were ogling at Jess's large chest, so I decided to just satisfy them. I reached out to her bikini strap from behind and untied the knot at her neck, before quickly untying her knot at the back. The next thing she knew, her bikini top was on the floor! The guys were so shocked but I could also see that they were really satisfied and horny by now. Jess kept her cool as usual and just laughed it off, putting her bikini back on. She just smiled and said 'You guys think I'm really sexy but I'm certainly not sexier than this!'. With that, she suddenly grabbed my waistband and stood up, tugging it along with her. She was really strong and my legs got pulled up along and off came my bikini bottom! Before I could recover, Jess ran off and I gave chase, but she just threw the bottom to one of the guys and then suddenly we were in a game of monkey, where I was the bottomless 'monkey' trying to catch my bottom back while covering my vagina and butt! Now that Jess has the upper hand, she would not give in so easily! It had been a while since I shaved so my pussy was rather hairy which was so embarassing!  One of the guys even got to smack me on the butt while I went near him. Finally, she gave it back to me and we talked awhile more before bidding farewell to the guys. Some of them tried to exchange numbers with us but we just rejected them! We are both attached after all.

It was evening by then and we walked to the the nearby Mcdonald's for dinner. We just put on our t-shirts, and went in pantsless, just wearing our bikini bottoms. Jess was not allowed to pick her wedgie, so her thong-like bottom was still attracting much attention, especially from the parents who gave disapproving looks. Dinner was quite agonizing because the cold aircon kept blowing at our bare legs and we were shivering! After dinner, we went back to the beach and enjoyed the sea breeze. We stripped naked again and lied down on our mats. This time the beach was much more empty so we were quite safe. I just closed my eye and allowed myself to fall asleep :)

When I woke up, it was 9+ already and Jess was also asleep beside me naked. Of course how could I let the opportunity go to waste! When Jess falls into a deep sleep, its really difficult to wake her up because she's so lazy, which also makes her really fun to play with while asleep! Firstly, I grabbed her bikini that she laid out beside her and kept it in my bag, then it was the usual routine of fondling her boobs and pussy, and I even dug my fingers into her a bit to arouse her further. Then, I picked some shells from the beach and used two small shells to cover over her nipples, and inserted one into her vagina! She was still asleep and I dressed up, took both our bags and went away, leaving only her handphone behind! After that, I strolled along the beach, carrying the two bags and waited for her phone call. Consider it as payback for last time! I contemplated going back to Vivocity myself with the two bags but decided that it was too mean and she would not have any possible means of returning.

A while later, I finally received her call. She sounded so frantic and told me that she was woken up by a couple that was strolling on the beach and that she was now hiding in the toilet and asked where I was. I told her that I was back at Vivocity already and she totally screamed at me! From her voice I think she was crying a bit too. I felt really really bad but I didn't want to give up the fun yet! So I told her that I would wait for her at Vivocity while she makes her way back, and suggested that she approach people to borrow clothes. Before she could reply, I just hung up the phone. Meanwhile, I made my way back to where she was and observed from far. She slowly came out of the toilet, covering her privates with her hands. She then walked out onto the beach and along it, to the central area where the Mcdonalds and the train station was. Still naked, she sneaked around aimlessly, and eventually settled down in the nearby bushes, squatting down and wondering what to do.

It was actually quite funny to see her so frantic, but I also felt quite bad. Still, I continued looking from far. While she wasn't aware, two guys actually walked past from behind, and approached her. When she noticed them, she quickly stood up and tried to run away but it was too late and they asked her if she was okay. According to her afterward, she just told them that it was a dare and that she was okay but apparently it wasn't very convincing as she was obviously tearing. One of the guys was nice enough and took of his shirt and offered it to her but she was so embarassed at that moment and rejected his offer, so the two of them just walked away. After that, she ran away and hid somewhere else nearer to the beach, and the look on her face was obvious regret that she rejected the guys offer, as she now had to remain naked!

After being stationary for a while, she decided that it wasn't a solution and tried calling me again, but I deliberately hung up. Really really mean of me! She then stood up and went onto the empty main path and walked along it, though I had no idea what that was for as there was nowhere she could go. I just slowly followed her from behind. As she walked, she covered her vagina with one hand and covered her nipples with the other arm but it wasn't very useful due to her big tits. Just then, as she walked up to a corner, she ran head first into a group of 5 guys!


  1. Gosh this sounded too good to be true. Did it really happen? If it did i really admire the bravery of you two! :)

  2. when will you come to KLCC park dears?

  3. What's KLCC park? Jess was so much more brave than me, I wouldn't have known what to do in that situation!

  4. how about posting pictures of your body ;) and jess maybe. us readers will be pccing more then we do now. does she have blog too? i am typing this with my left hand ;)

  5. haha, u seem to be the more mischievous one!

  6. Jess doesn't have a blog! She's too lazy to keep one anyway. No pictures as usual! Too risky already. Just let your imaginations run wild :)

  7. hmmm any clue as to which part of singapore u'll appear next?