Saturday, 22 September 2012

Out with Jess Part 2

As Jess turned the corner, she bumped into the first of the group of guys and she was so shocked! But not as shocked as they were as they ogled at her. Once again, one of the guys asked her if she was okay and offered her a shirt. As usual, she replied that she was okay but this time she accepted the guys offer of a shirt and put it over herself. The shirt just covered her waist and her butt and vagina were still exposed. the guys then offered the bring her back to their chalet where they could get her dressed and send her home. Now that sounded really dangerous, and thankfully Jess was smart enough and rejected that offer. However, the guys seemed to not want to leave and told her that they would stay with her in case anything happened, which would be a really nice offer if not that she was bottomless! At this point, I decided that it was time for me to show up! Jess was quite surprised to see me but obviously happy. I told the guys that it was just a dare and thanked them for their kindness, taking off her shirt for her and returned it to the guys, at the same time giving them a good look at her huge chest once more. Then, I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her away back to the beach, where I returned her clothes. She scolded me for tricking her but I could tell that she was really relieved and happy that I wasn't as mean as I pretended to be.

We had a good laugh about what happened and she claimed that she wasn't scared at all, before I pointed out that she obviously cried. That girl has such a huge ego! We quickly caught the train back to Vivocity and went to the carpark to Jess's car. In the car, we took off all our clothes and threw them into the car boot at the back out of reach and drove off, both of us naked. Driving down the expressway naked was really quite an experience, to know that we were surrounded by so many cars and people but no one would bother looking in clearly and noticing that we were naked.

We decided that the night was still young so we just drove around, and Jess turned out at an exit, turned into a HDB carpark near a 7-11 and told me to go and get some food and drinks. Then, she came out from her side and open the door at my side, unstrapped my seat belt and tugged me out of the car. Before I could react, I was pulled out of the car and fell to the ground! Jess quickly went in and locked the door, and crawled to the driver's seat and drove away, leaving me behind naked and even barefooted! Revenge is scary thing.

This time I didn't even have my phone with me as it dropped on the car as I was being tossed out so there was nothing I could do. I just picked myself up, instinctively covered myself with my hands and wondered what to do next. Jess had left me behind in a HDB carpark where the wasn't anyone nearby, and all the shops were closed except for the 7-11 as it was around 11 already. I walked out to the exit of the carpark and suddenly, a car drove in! I quickly ran off and took cover in a corner and thankfully I wasn't spotted. Then, I quickly ran to the sheltered walkway under the HDB. It was quite brightly lit but thankfully no shops were open and it was quite far away from the road so people who drove past couldn't really see me. However, I was still stuck naked in this unknown neighbourhood without any means of contact! The walkway led me to a nearby hawker centre which was deserted by now so I went inside and sat down on one of the tables, thinking of what I was going to do next.

I decided that I would have to go up to the HDB units and hopefully I would find someone hanging out their clothes that I could 'borrow' for the time being, so I picked the nearest block and climbed up. Being naked in public is really scary experience. However, after you get over the initial shock, it's actually quite an exhilarating experience! I climbed the building floor by floor and walked through the corridors to find some clothes and luckily no one was in the corridors to see me. By the time I reached the 6th floor, I was sweating alot from the climbing and also the excitement. At the 8th floor, I finally found some clothes hanging outsdie one of the units! I was so happy and quickly ran towards it but they turned out to be children clothing and was too small for me. My boobs would probably burst through those t-shirts. Feeling disappointed, I turned back and made my way to the stairs. Preparing to climb up another level, I heard footsteps coming down! I quickly ran back and hid in a corner, and saw a guy walking down but he did not see me thankfully.

Upstairs, I found another piece of clothing, which was a white singlet. One of those old, loose and thin one that old people wear. I didn't really have a choice so I just took it and put it on. It was so loose that I just had to turn a little bit for my boobs and nipples to peek out through the armholes and I was showing a massive amount of cleavage. It was also really short and only covered till half butt length. Still, it was better than being fully naked. I went to the lift and pressed down, and at the first floor, I ran into a girl that probably just came home. She just stared at me and my singlet but did not say anything, and went into the lift.

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind! I quickly stopped the lift door from closing and asked the girl if I could borrow her handphone. She looked so scared and I think she thought I was a madwoman but she lent it to me anyway. I thanked her and quickly called Jess on her handphone. Jess picked up the call and when I told her what had happened, she just laughed non-stop and told me to go and return the shirt and wait for her at the bus stop outside 7-11 and she would come for me. I returned the girl the handphone and she asked me if I was okay and I just said yes and I took the lift up with her. On the way, I even contemplated snatching the girl's clothing but that would be a crime already. The girl alighted at the 5th floor while I continued to the 9th floor and returned the singlet, and made my way downstairs again.

I had to walk back to the 7-11, and the walk felt so long but I finally reached and went to the bus stop, which was empty at this time. I sat there, thinking that Jess would arrive anytime now. However, 15 minutes later she still did not appear. The neighbourhood was quite quiet at this time but every now and then a car would drive past and I would quickly run and hide behind the signboard in case I was seen. Finally after a long long wait, Jess's car drove by and she picked me up. She was still naked in the drivers seat and she threw a long t-shirt at me and told me to go and get some beer from 7-11. This time I had clothing with me so I boldly went down and bought the beer.

After that, we drove to Jess's neighbourhood area, which was a terrace house estate, and sat at the playground drinking. It was quite late by now and there wasn't anyone in the area. After 3 fast cans of beer each, both of us got rather tipsy and high and we started stripping naked! I was really high that day for some reason and I ran to the nearest household and threw my bra and panties over the fence! Both of us couldn't stop laughing either and kept drinking. Once again, Jess outdoes me in everything and she totally went crazy and threw her clothes everywhere and ran around the playground in only her panties. I just ran up to her and pulled down her panties as well, and ran off with them while she gave chase down the estate.

Imagine the sight! 2 naked girls running down an estate on the main road in the middle of the night. I wonder if anyone saw us that day! She managed to grab her panties back eventually but she didn't bother them back on, but instead threw it into her car when we went back to the playground. We just continued drinking and talking until both of us eventually fell asleep at the playground! At around 6am in the morning the next day, an auntie woke both of us up, and we were so shocked and quickly ran back to the car, still naked! We drove back to Jess's house, were we got dressed and went to her room to sleep till the afternoon before I went home :)


  1. oh my! hint us where u girls will be next! north south east west?

  2. come over to msia!

  3. Malaysia is too far! I'm thinking of going somewhere central the next time! Maybe in town or along the red line!

    1. just 1 hour flight using maa

    2. try green line (: chinese garden is empty at night. go jogging in bra please. hope to spot you one day. while jogginh :P

  4. How about doing something where you two just go someplace secluded and enjoy being naked! Like go hiking naked or something!

  5. sounds of you moaning maybe?(: please