Monday, 11 June 2012

Home Alone Day 3

The next morning when I woke up, I quickly took a bath to get rid of the alcohol stench on my body and went out to meet Jess. We were going to visit Wild Wild Wet! Jess would also be staying over at my house for the next 3 days to keep me company (:

When we reached there, we changed into our bikinis. Jess wore a yellow bikini set while mine was white. Before I came, I cut away the inner layer of the bikini bottom to increase the excitement :p Even crazy Jess was shocked by my boldness! We started with the Shiok river, where we just slowly drifted along for some time and talking. The moment I stepped out, both of us got a rude shock! My bikini bottom had become almost transparent! A large black patch could be seen at my crotch area and my butt was fully visible from the back. However, I just ignored it continued playing (: By then I was attracting many stares already haha. So moving from place to place I carried a tube with me to cover my lower body.

We then went to take the water slides. At the U-lah-lah, we couldn't bring a tube up so I had to endure quite alot of stares from the people there, especially a group of guys in front of us, who couldn't stop staring but I did my best to ignore them. It was a six-seater, so we had no choice but to share the tube with four of the guys in front of us. I sat opposite one of the guys and decided to tease him abit by sitting with my legs spread apart facing him so that my vagina was exposed to him through the thin material of my bikini bottom. At the end of the ride, I could see clearly that he had a hard-on!

Next, we visited the wave pool, or tsunami i think. Me and Jess went all the way to the deep end with our tubes and waited for the waves to start. Jess wasn't sitting on the tube but instead leaning her arms on it and treading water. I slowly crept up behind her and pulled down her bikini bottom with all my might! The moment it came off it slipped out of my hands and floated away! Jess got a shock and screamed out a little, causing some people to look our way but it was okay since her lower body was in the water.

Just then, the waves started! Suddenly we were being tossed around and we saw Jess's bikini bottom floating up and being washed away and into the crowd! The pool was damn crowded and no one realized that there was a yellow bikini bottom being washed around them but Jess was tried to push through the crowd to retrieve it. Finally she got it and put it back on and we both had a good laugh about it.

To take the thrill further, I shifted by bikini top such that my left nipple was exposed, so that i had a little 'zaogeng', and we went to lunch that way! Could see people staring at me on the way to KFC with my nipple zaogeng and exposed lower body but no one was kind enough to come and say anything ): After lunch, we started with a slow float in the shiok river since we just ate. My left nipple was still exposed but in the shiok river, everyone was too busy having fun to notice anything.

After a while, we went to the playground to play. There were many kids there and I had a hard time enduring the disapproving stares of some parents about my state of exposure.There was a large pail at the roof of the playground that would pour water down at the people underneath. Me and Jess waited there for it to fill up and as it poured the water down upon us, I reached for Jess's neck and untied her bikini! The impact of the water was really strong so she did not realise what had happened at the start but awhile later, she got a nasty shock to see her bare breasts exposed!

Well the rest of the day went on quite normally besides the continued stares, and eventually this sweet guy came to tell me about my nipple slip (: After changing out, we went to e-hub for dinner and went home early since we were both quite tired. Went home, bathed, and both of us went to sleep (:


  1. interesting.sounds fun :)

  2. Will we ever get a sneak peek of your body at least? :}

  3. hope to hear from you again soon

  4. Heyyy haha nope no pictures as I wanna keep my privacy and it's too risky (: But thats much more to share recently! Will post more if I have the time (: