Saturday, 19 May 2012

Home Alone Day 2

The next day, I woke up at 11.30am, brushed my teeth, put on a large t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, I went back home and used the computer for awhile and decided to go for a jog at the nearby park.

I changed into a pink sports bra, and found a old pair of FBTs from my closet, which the waistband had become loose, and I cut away the netting and put it on without panties. While standing still, it looked quite normal except that the waistband was loose and was being supported by my hips. Every step that I took threatened to let it drop! The waistband was around 7cm below my belly button. Luckily I shaved myself not long ago, so no pubic hair peeked out from the top.

To test it, I climbed the stairs down, and as I 'bounced' along the steps, the FBTs dropped lower and lower until it suddenly just dropped to my ankles! There was nobody at the stairs so it was okay but my heart started beating very fast when I realised how loose it actually was! When I walked to the park, it was rather empty except for a few aunties and uncles strolling around. So, I found an empty path and started jogging. After a few steps, I could already feel my shorts dropping and I had to keep pulling at them to keep them up!

After jogging around 2km, I got sick of having to keep pulling up my shorts so I just let it drop to my ankles, stepped out of it and continued running bottomless with my shorts in my hands! The wind was blowing against by my sweat-covered pussy as I ran and it was so cooling and comfortable! I found a patch of grass where there wasn't a single person around in the area and then lied down on the grass and enjoyed the damp grass against my bare buttocks. In a moment's madness, I took off my sports bra too and threw it one side and closed my eyes, enjoying the warm sun on my naked body. If somebody came along I wouldn't have been able to dress up in time!

I had to open my eyes every now and then to check my surroundings, and also to prevent myself from falling asleep! Really dangerous haha, so after a while I had to put my clothes back on and make my way back home. When I reached the void deck of the neighbouring block, I look around and saw that there was no one. So, I took off my sports bra and pressed the button for lift and just stood there and waited. After a while, the lift came and I stepped in, leaving my sports bra at the stairs. The lifts at my area were old models and did not have cameras so it was okay! In the lift, I was feeling really naughty and tried to press the lift button with my nipples. I had to press my whole boob against the row of buttons before I managed to do it and the life made its way up to the 9th floor while I rubbed my nipples from the pain of pressing the button. At the 9th floor, I stepped out of the lift and checked the corridors, which were empty as it was a weekday. So I stepped up the game and took off my FBTs as well!. Now naked, I dropped my FBTs to my ankles and took them off as well!

After that, I walked along the corridor of the 9th floor to the next flight of stairs. You know that HDB stairs have this hole between their railings then goes all the way down? For the kick, I dropped my FBTs into the hole and turned away while it fell downstairs so that I would not know where it landed! So now my sports bra was at the bottom of a flight of stairs, while my FBTs were at an unknown place and the other end of the block! The units along the corridor all had their windows closed so no one saw me. Then I walked up the stairs to the 11th floor, and crossed the corridor again. This time, one of the units had a maid inside cleaning and I think she spotted me walking past but I didn't stop to notice her reaction but instead just continued walking and I once more proceeded upstairs! This was getting really exciting walking around fully naked except for my shoes and socks! When I reached the top floor, I looked down and admired the scenery for a while while enjoying the wind blowing onto my naked body.

After a while, I went back to the lift and pressed for the ground floor. As the lift arrived, I saw through the glass window that a guy was inside! He was checking his phone so he had not seen me yet but the door was going to open! I panicked and quickly ran towards the stairs to hide downstairs! I could hear the guy walk past the stairs, and go into his house, before I went back to the lift and pressed for the ground floor. I decided that it was already impossible to find my FBTs, so when I reached the ground floor, I quickly put on my sports bra and ran to my block bottomless! The trip was quite smooth as I reached home without running into anyone.

At home, I showered and decided to try something! I let two of my bras hanging outside at the window drop down, one of them dropped all the way downstairs, while one dropped onto the hanging bamboo stick thing of one of the units downstairs! I lived on the 12th floor, and by looking down I estimated it to be around the 7th floor. Wrapping only a short towel around myself, I stepped out of my house and locked the door! The towel wasn't very long and just barely covered my nipples and almost half of my boobs were outside, and it was only around 5cm below my vagina. I took the lift down to the ground floor, and went I came out, there was an auntie waiting for the lift and she stared at me. I just ignored her and went to the back of the building to retrieve my bra. There was no one around, so I boldly took off my towel, and went back to the lift and up to my unit, all the while naked! I left my bra at my door, put on the towel again, this time making it more loose, and made my way to the 7th floor for my 2nd bra.

At the unit on the 7th floor, I knocked on the door, and this secondary school student came to the door, still in uniform. Judging from his looks, he was around sec3 or 4. He just ogled at me as I explained what had happened and opened the door to let me in to his kitchen. Apparently he was the only one at home and I believe he just came back from school. As I reached out of the window to grab for my bra, I think my butt was exposed and I could feel his stares all over me. Then, I made a sudden move and allowed my towel to drop to the floor! There I was, standing in front of this stranger guy fully naked and in his house! If he decided to just rape me on the spot I wouldn't be able to overpower him! He had quite a shock and quickly looked away, but not before enjoying an eyeful of my naked body and I could see that he was still trying to sneak glances at me despite looking away. I pretended to be shocked and picked up the towel to cover my boobs, but made no effort to wrap it around me again. I then picked up my bra and turned around to walk to the door, exposing my whole bare back and butt to him. I thanked him and he locked the door as I walked back to the lift, still showing my entire bareback to him. Back in my house, I put on some clothes and went to have a late lunch, and came back for a nap.

I woke up around the evening, went out for dinner, used my computer, and went out to club with my friends at Butter Factory. Had a wild and crazy night (: At around 3am, I decided to go home and flagged down a cab. I was a little tipsy already, and wanted to try something naughty. I got the taxi driver to drop me off 2 streets away from my house. I was wearing a black dress with white bra and panties inside. I took off the dress, and started to walk home. The streets were empty at this time already and I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings, and I proceeded to take off my bra and panties as well, carrying them in my hands as I walked home. I climbed the overhead bridge to cross the road, and on it, I sat down and almost fell asleep! Thankfully I didn't or something would have happened! When I finally reached home, I just collapsed on the sofa naked and fell asleep till the next day (:


  1. WOW that was a great story! That sec 3 guy must've felt very lucky lol. Hopefully will get to hear more of you!

  2. All that and no fap? :)

  3. Thats for me know and for you to find out (:

  4. Oh you! :}

    So when can we expect a new post from ya?

  5. Still working on it! Have been quite busy recently so I'm trying to find time to type out my posts but I've already sort of listed down what happened so that I won't forget them after such a long time (: Yall can help by giving me suggestions of what I can do next time!

    1. Suggestions eh? Well, honestly it's always interesting to read about public-fapping experiences.
      But to be even more honest, I might just like to be there witnessing this experience, or maybe even getting involved. Just maybe :)

  6. This was already very daring. Maybe you can find a quiet field somewhere and just lay down nude? like to suntan or something!

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  8. why can't that lucky dude be me! ):