Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stayover Day 2 Night

At around 12am, we decided to continue where we left off in the afternoon! We went back to the car naked, where the clothes from this afternoon where still inside. Jess drove out of the house and I had to come down to lock the door naked! Quite scary to leave the car like that but I knew Jess wouldn't dare to drive away as I was holding on to the house keys and she would end up being the one stuck outside!

Jess drove to a HDB estate quite far away from her house and we decided that one of us will go out topless and the other bottomless. We would play scissors paper stone and the winner decides whether she wants to go topless or bottomless. I won the game so I decided to be bottomless so Jess had to go topless! Don't wanna waste those huge boobs do we (: The rules were that I could only wear one top and she could only wear one bottom and the piece of clothing would be chosen by the other party! I chose a skimpy thong for Jess. It was black and rather old and loose so it didn't really cover much! Jess was even more and made me wear the nubra!

Jess had parked her car at a multi-storey carpark's top level, so we had to take the stairs all the way down, and it wouldn't be easy to return to the car. The stairway was empty so we quickly went downward. I head to hold on to my nubra while going down the stairs as my boobs kept bouncing and trying to throw it off! Jess was fully topless so she just let her boobs bounce all over the place! Halfway down, we heard door open above us! And footsteps were approaching us so we quickly ran through the nearest door to the carpark! The carpark at that level was full and from the glass panel at the door, we saw a man walking past. Thank goodness he didn't see us!

We then continued walking down and left the carpark. The HDB estate was very quiet at this time of the night, so we walked through the void decks, occasionally avoiding some people passing by. We then stopped at a playground under a block which was really dark as the lights were off already. By this time, the adrenaline rush had made me sweat quite alot and the nubra was as good as useless! Jess's thong was really loose and it was also rather useless as her pussy could be seen clearly haha.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to pee! Jess told me to just do it at a nearby bush -.- But since there wasn't anyone around, I agreed readily and went to a bush near the playground and squatted down and started peeing. I was bottomless so I just peed readily but I held the nubra to my boobs for a sense of privacy. Suddenly, Jess grabbed my nubra from behind and started running away! I was in the middle of the pee so I couldn't give chase! After I finally pee-ed finish, I hastily got up and look around but Jess nowhere to be seen!

I just assumed that she was making her way to the carpark so I walked in that direction and when I reached the carpark, I checked the stairway and heard footsteps high up above me so I just gave chase! It's really inconvenient to run so fast when your boobs are bouncing everywhere -.- When I finally reached the top level! I saw Jess's car driving away! She left my phone at the carpark where her car was! I just cried out in shock and quickly ran back downstairs, but Jess's car had already left the estate, leaving me behind naked and wet from all the sweat! At that moment, I had no idea what to do so I just stood there for a few minutes, before deciding to wait there for Jess to come back for me.

Of course I couldn't just sit there at the entrance so I stood at a corner, my heart pounding hard all the time. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was Jess! She told me to go back to the playground and wait for her, so when I went back, I waited a while and she appeared, FULLY CLOTHED! She was wearing a singlet and FBT with bra underneath. She then pulled my hand and told me that her car was parked at the another HDB estate and we had to walk there! I had no choice but to follow so I just walked behind her. She purposely walked through those brightly lit areas and I had to keep trying to cover myself! To get to the other HDB estate, we had to cross a road via overhead bridge and thankfully we didn't meet anyone along the way.

While on the bridge, I pulled Jess's pants down from behind and to my surprise, she wasn't wearing any panties! Before she could react, I shifted my hand upwards and pulled her singlet over her, and unbuckled her bra! I then quickly put them on myself while Jess pulled her pants back up! So now, I was bottomless while Jess was topless again. Didn't take us long to reach the car, and when we went back, we had trouble deciding where to go again!

We then decided to drive up to the nearest 7-eleven and tease the cashier inside! We found one nearby, and dressed up. I wore just a hoodie that was long enough to cover till just below my butt, and zipped it up to my groin level, so that my boobs could actually be seen and also a bit of my pubic hair! Jess wore a tube top and pulled it so that the top of it was just above her nipples, which could be seen through the material anyway. She looked really sexy with half of her boobs peeking out of the tube! For her bottom, she wore a really really short mini skirt. We then walked into 7-11, and there was this guy inside sitting at the counter. He was quite surprised to see us prolly due to our get-ups. We went up to him and asked him where the drinks were, and he was trying so hard not to stare at our boobs! Jess was really daring and she pretended to stretch upwards, and her boobs just bounced out of the tube! The cashier was visibly shocked and quickly looked away, while continuing to talk to us, and Jess just pretended to be shocked and put her boobs back into the tube.

When he directed us, to the drinks, we insisted that he go with us to the back of the store to find what we want, so he had no choice but to follow. When he came out of the counter, he could see our bottoms too and stared even harder! Then, I purposely dropped my purse while it was open, and my coins flew all over the store. He immediately squatted down to help me pick the coins up and so did Jess, who squatted down directly opposite him, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy to him! I bent down too and the hoodie rode up, exposing my bare butt to him! I then kneeled down beside a shelf and looked under it, pretending to find a coin that had fell underneath. My butt was pointed upwards in that position and I'm sure he could see my pussy too! I'm surprised he didnt bleed to death on the spot hehe.

When, I stood up again, my hoodie was still stuck at my waist, and he had a good look at my pussy and butt, before I pulled it back down. He then brought us to the back of the store and gave us our drinks, and we paid for them and left the store. When we reached the car, we just laughed so hard at the cashier! We were so tired after that that we just drove home to sleep -.-

In the morning, when I woke up, Jess was already downstairs preparing breakfast, wearing just an apron. We quickly ate and I packed my stuff. I didn't bring any clothes except those that I wore to her house on the first day, so I went to her car naked, and she drove me home. I sat at the back seat so that I was able to hide when ever a car stopped beside us. When we reached my house, she dropped me off near the lift, and I made sure there was no one before taking the lift up naked and going home! There was no one at home at that time so it was okay :p


  1. juz wanted to drop a note here to make sure u know that there are people enjoying your stories. i am sitting here in coffee bean with my half erected dick ... kept pressing it down so as not to overexpose.. haha.. do write more ya. enjoy it too much... kelv

  2. nice haha so glad to have 3 blogs to read now :) please post again soon

  3. great stories! Hope to hear more. LWC, whats the 3 blogs?