Friday, 13 January 2012

Stayover Day 2

Continuing from the previous post!

Well, so I promised to do anything for Jess during the day in order to make her forgive me for stripping her naked in her sleep the previous night. It doesn't take a genius to guess that I'm gonna be in for some nakedness and exposure for the rest of the day -.-

Jess made me stay naked for the whole time while we washed up. But she was really nice and stayed naked with me too. Then, she told me go out and get the newspapers, NAKED! Jess lived in a terrace house and getting the newspaper meant that I had to walk out of the house and to the gate in order to get it. But I couldn't say no since I had promised, so I bravely walked out of the house in the nude. The neighbour's maid was hanging out the clothes and she just kept staring at me but I just did my best to ignore her. After taking the paper, I turned and intended to run into the house but to my horror, the door was closed and locked! I just ran to it and knocked and screamed loudly for Jess to open the door but she ignored me and the maid kept looking over to see what was going on.

Just then, A jogger ran past the house and he saw me naked and then I realised I should stop shouting before I attracted more attention so I went to hide behind the car. I felt really scared but a little aroused to be naked outside in the air! My heart jolted each time someone walked past the front gate and wondered if anyone actually spotted me. After 10 agonising minutes, I heard my name being called as Jess appeared at the balcony upstairs in a yellow sports bra and FBTs. She threw down a piece of clothing and told me to put it on. It was a one piece white tube dress that was really tight fitting and short. When I put it on, my butt cheeks would be seen clearly if I bent over abit. My nipples were also rather visible through the thin material. Jess then came out of the house and said that we were going to go for a morning exercise.

Before I could say anything, she had already locked the door and to my horror, walked over to the bicycles parked outside and said that we were going to cycle! She passed me a bicycle and took another for herself and open the gate. I hesitated for a while but eventually sat on the bike and cycle out. The moment I sat down, I could feel by bare buttocks touching the leather seat and the hard portion at the front of the seat was directly in contact with my vagina. Jess locked the gate and began to cycle so I followed behind. There was this park not far from her house and I could see that we were cycling toward the park, where there will be many others doing their morning exercises!

As it was a natural movement to lean forward while cycling, I could feel that the bottom of the dress was riding upward and whoever was behind us could probably see my bare butt cheeks clearly. The feeling of the hard front of the seat rubbing again my pussy was also beginning to arouse me and I felt a little wet at the bottom and I could see my nipples erecting through the dress. My legs were also spread apart my pussy could be clearly seen from the front. At some times, I tried to adjust the back of my dress but I had to remove a hand from the handles and kept losing my balance so I eventually stopped trying to adjust.

After cycling for around 20 minutes, we stopped at a pavillion for a short rest and I had already attracted much attention on the way. There was this male jogger who noticed my nudity and kept following us throughout the 20 minutes. How creepy! While we were resting, he pretended to be stretching near us. Jess was also doing some stretching exercises and slowly crept up to her form behind, grabbed her FBT waistband and pulled downward with all my might! I managed to grab the waistband of her panties at the same time and by the time she noticed what was going on, her FBTs and panties were at her ankles! I then quickly pulled her sports bra upwards to also reveal her boobs. The guy almost died when he saw Jess almost naked in front of him! Jess had a shock but quickly regained her composure and put her clothes back where they were. She gave me and angry look and I just sticked my tongue out at her :p

After awhile, we continued cycling to the Mcdonald's in the area for our breakfast. I didn't bring anything with me so Jess treated me to breakfast. While queuing up at the counter, I attracted alot of attention because the tube dress was really tight fitting and everyone could my curves clearly. If you looked closely, you could also see that I had no pantyline and that I wasn't wearing any underwear and the shape of my boobs and butt are clearly seen. To her credit, Jess herself was attracting quite a bit of attention as she was in only her sports bra and abit of her unmatching pink panties could be seen above the waistband of her FBTs.

After breakfast, we cycled back to Jess's house, attracting even more attention on the way. When we left the park area and turned into the terrace house area, Jess suddenly stopped and told me to take off my dress! I protested but she managed to convince me that the remaining distance usually had no one at this time of the day as everyone was at work. Before I took it off, I demanded that Jess also go naked, but she only agreed to take off her sports bra. We put the clothes in the bicycle's baskets and the two of us, one fully naked and one half-naked, cycled down the road to her house. After getting over the initial embarassment, cycling naked is actually quite an enjoyable experience as you feel the wind blowing onto every single part of your body, including the parts that usually do not come into contact with the wind. I could tell that Jess was also enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing against her naked boobs.

All of a sudden, a car drove past out of nowhere! We could not react in time and could only cover our private parts as the car drove past and I could see that the driver was really shocked too haha! After the car drove away, we just laughed and continued cycling. Finally, we reached Jess's house and showered. Of course, she didn't let go of the opportunity to 'forget' to hand me a towel, while I myself did not realise, so I had to walk out of the bathroom fully wet to the second floor to get a towel from her room. WHICH WAS LOCKED! I knocked at the door to the bathroom at the 2nd floor and asked Jess for a towel and then she told me that I could get them from behind the house where they were being hung out to dry -_-

So once again, I find myself naked outside and this time dripping wet. Luckily no one was around this time, including the maid. I made my way to behind the house and took a towel from the hangers. For the thrill, I wiped myself dry on the spot, all the awhile standing outside the house in the open air. Then I walked back into the house, where Jess was already sitting on the sofa naked waiting for me with a pile of clothing beside her.

She suggested that we play black jack, with rules. The game goes like this: Each of us begin with 50 points and take turns to be the dealer.The challenger would decide on the number of points to bid on for each round, and the game will go on for 20 rounds. At the end of 20 rounds, we will use whatever points we have to get the clothes that we want and we will wear these clothes to go out later. So exciting right! The clothes had different number of points allocated to them based on skimpiness. Skimpy clothing such as thongs and nu-bra cost 10 points each, while more protective clothing such as a hoodie or jeans cost 40 points! Some items were really useless such as nipple tapes costing 5 points. Some other clothes on auction that I remember include a really thin white tube for 20 points, a normal bra and panties for 30 points each, and a scarf for 10 points.

So the game began, and I started quite well, at the end of 5 rounds I had 70 points while Jess was left with 30. However, at the 7th round, Jess got a black jack! And I ended with only 40 points left versus her 60. The tables kept turning from then and at round 15, she was leading with 80 points against my 20 points. It was my turn to bid at round 16 and I went all in with my 20 points and I won! So it was back to 40 versus 60. We then decided to raise the bids. The loser would have to run naked around the estate once! At round 19, Jess was losing 60 to 40 and it was my turn to bid! I didn't want to lose my useful lead so I bidded a small 10 points. Guess what I got a black jack! Jess lost 20 points to me and she was left with 20 while I had 80! Finally the tables are turned for the day (:

Before she began her run, Jess cheated and said that I still owed her favours for the day and she wanted me to run with her! Well, do I have a choice? So the two of us naked girls walked out and Jess locked the gate. We were fully naked except for our running shoes and the estate was rather huge! Jess started picking up pace and I followed along. Without a bra, it was really inconvenient to run as your boobs will keep bouncing up and down freely. For me, it was okay as it was already my third time naked outside for the day. But I could see that Jess was a bit shy and nervous and kept looking for people. Her hands were near her boobs in case she needed to hide them or anything. As we were turning round the first corner of the estate, we heard voices approaching and quickly sprinted backward and hided behind the potted plants of a neighbour! It was a middle-aged couple who didn't notice us and walked away. Such a close shave!

After the close call, we decided to sprint all the way to the 2nd corner. It was really long and our boobs were bouncing all over the place as we sprinted! At around half the distance, I was already tired and stopped to walk while Jess still continued to sprint and stopped around 50m in front of me. Both of us were tired from the sprint so we just walked the rest of the way. Our bodies were covered in sweat and we were fully naked in the middle of the road and Jess's house was really far away. At one of the houses, a dog ran to the gate and barked loudly at us and we tried to hush it before it attracted too much attention. When we fialed to do so, we could only run quickly away from that house and turn the 2nd corner. Now Jess's house was at the other side of the estate! There's no way to escape! We continued to jog slowly along the way, and thankfully did not run into anyone and turned at the 3rd corner. At the last stretch, we ran into another car but the car just drove past us quickly and we made for the 4th corner and back to Jess's house.

As we walked to the gate, Jess suddenly turned to me in horror and said that she lost the keys on the way! I freaked out instantly and screamed at her so she suggested that we go look for the keys. I would go one direction while she went the other and search thoroughly in places such as drains etc. So we parted ways and I went along the route that we took while Jess took the reverse journey. I was really panicking now and I kept looking at the ground for the keys. This time I had no time to look around for people anymore and was only focused on finding the keys. But it was nowhere to be found! It was not in the drains nor behind the potted plants were we hid at earlier! As I was looking on the ground, I couldn't see where I was going and when I looked up, I saw a maid walking towards me with a weird look on her face. I just ignored her and covered myself with my hands and continued finding the keys. I felt like a homeless beggar! After the 2nd turn, I was still unable to find the keys and I did not see Jess anywhere, so I assumed that she was still finding it at the first turn. I checked slowly through every spot and I'm quite sure a few people saw me that day without me realising. After the 3rd turn, Jess was also nowhere to be seen! But I didn't suspect anything in the moment of panic and continued looking around. Eventually, I had made a second round around the estate and still couldn't find the keys nor see Jess anywhere. Her gate was still locked but then I realised that the lights were on!

Suddenly, I realised what was going on and I felt really pissed and started shouting at Jess! The door then opened and Jess, still naked, stuck out her tongue and opened the gate for me. I was really angry with her for tricking me and she agreed that she owed me a favour for me the day. Though I still owe her unlimited favours for the day -.- Then, I was bidding time as we used our points to exchange for clothing. I gave Jess an additional 10 points in exchange for another favour. So now I had 70 while she had 30. With her pathetic 30 points, Jess chose the scarf for 10 points and a really short mini skirt for 20 points. She tied the scarf around her boobs and tied a knot at the back so that it looked like a bikini. I'm quite surprised by her creativity at times! But, the scarf wasn't very long and Jess has really big boobs so the knot was visibly unstable. The mini skirt was very short and any movement by her would exposed her butt from the back.

With my 70 points, I chose the jeans for 40 points, the translucent white shirt for 20 points and the nu-bra for 10 points. So I was effectively covered while Jess was in a really sexy get up! The jeans were really low-rise and a bit of my pubic hair and butt crack could be seen and from behind it looked like a wasn't wearing any bra. The nu-bra belonged to Jess and it was too big for me so it was pretty unsecure too.

We had no idea where to go actually so we threw all the clothes into Jess's car and got onto it and drove into town. Halfway on the expressway, her scarf came off loose and fell off! But she could not put it back as she was in the middle of the expressway and her hands were on the steering wheel so she just continued driving topless! Until we left the expressway and there was a red light did she stop to put the scarf back on. Jess stopped at a petrol station to refuel her car, and told me to go down and pay for the fuel. I refuse and told her to go instead. She then demanded that I would have to give her my shirt before she would go down and I would have to go down afterward if we made another stop. I agreed and took off my shirt and passed it to her, which she put on and went down. So there I was, left alone in the car in only a nu-bra and jeans. After paying, Jess came back into the car and continued driving. I asked for my shirt back but she just said no and there was nothing I could do about it since she was driving!

She then stopped at an obscure 7-eleven in a street and told me to get some drinks! She reminded me that I owe her favours for the day anyway and there was no one else in the 7 eleven except the guy cashier. So, I picked up my courage and stepped out of the car. When I went into the 7-eleven, the guy cashier just stared at me but I avoided his gaze and walked deeper into the store to get the drinks. It was really cold! Jess had beforehand given me instructions to get 3 1.5 litre bottles of pepsi and I was not supposed to ask for a plastic bag! So I went in and got the 3 heavy bottles and went to the counter to pay. The guy just couldn't stop staring! Because I was panicking, I started to sweat and the sweat made me nu-bra slip off! The guy got a pleasant surprise as he saw my nipples right in front of him but he was professional and continued scanning the drinks. I acted like nothing happened and picked it up from the ground but it was difficult to stick back on as my boobs were sweaty so I used my hand to press it against my boobs. Just then, the cashier passed me my 3 bottles and I could only hold them with 2 hands! With a burst of courage, I just took off the nu-bra and clamped in with my armpit and carried all 3 bottles with both of my hands, using them to block my nipples.

When I walked out of the 7-eleven, I got a nasty shock as I saw Jess's car driving away! I freaked out and did not know what to do at that moment! I just held the drinks tightly against my chest and stood at one side. A few people walked past but I stood against the wall and used the drinks to block my body so I think it wasn't very obvious that I was topless! Just then, my phone rang and I had no choice but to put down the bottles to pick up my phone. It was Jess and she told me to walk down the street and I'll find her car parked there. So I walked down the street hugging the bottles, but anyone behind could see my entire bareback! Quite a few people who walked past me just stared but didn't say anything and  just picked up my pace until I saw Jess's car and faster ran in. In the car, she gave me my shirt back and drove on.

Earlier on, we put all the 'auction' clothing on the back of car, so that we can actually experiment with different kinds of clothing :p I stripped naked in the car while Jess went bottomless with only the white t-shirt so that anyone outside the car would see that she was wearing something. So we drove on with me sitting at the back of the car naked and occasionally, I would open the window and feel the breeze flowing in. It was almost 2pm by then and we had to find somewhere to have lunch. Well where else but fast food for lazy people like us :D

As usual, it was 30 points of clothes for Jess and 70 points for me. She chose the same scarf and mini skirt while I opted a change as I chose a long white plain t-shirt that was really translucent but could cover till around one inch below my butt for 60 points (it was really expensive as it covered the whole body as long as I didn't bend over) and a black thong for 10 points. The shirt provided enough cover but my nipples and the thong could be seen through it! And yes Jess does own alot of translucent white clothing for some reason :o

We went to a KFC (I wouldn't say where) and sat a secluded corner that wasn't facing the counter. A group of schoolboys were seated at a table not far away and it was really obvious that they were staring at us. Little boys and their raging hormones. Jess pretended to drop her wallet and she bent over to pick it up, exposing her butt to the group of boys! They didn't even bother hiding their excitement -_- I decided to tease them too by pretending to stretch upwards, which showed my boobs through the shape even clearly and the shirt of course moved upwards, showing my thong!

We then sat down and tried to ignore their stares. To make things more exciting, me and Jess decided to take turns to buy our food. Jess went first and I was left alone at the table with the boys staring at me. I just pretended to be oblivious of them and decided to tease them further by raising up one of my legs onto the chair. I was facing them and so they could see my whole thong and pubic hair! It was actually quite embarrassing so I just pretended to be concentrated with my phone. Finally, Jess came back and I went to the counter leaving Jess behind at the mercy of the boys.

At the counter, the queue wasn't very long but there were quite a few people staring at me which I just ignored and quickly ordered a two-piece meal, the same as Jess. When I went back, Jess had already started eating and I saw that she had forgotten to take any serviettes. I threw my serviettes away and put down my tray at where we were sitting and with a quick action, undid her scarf knot! Her scarf fell off immediately but luckily she was back facing the boys so they could not see her boobs but could see her bare back! She gasped and I just sat down opposite and continued eating. It was really funny to see her so helpless as she could not adjust her scarf back as her hands were so oily and she had no serviettes to clean them on! Well, Jess, being Jess, simply calmly reached under the table for my shirt and pulled it upwards to use it to clean her hands! After that, she wore back her scarf and continued eating.

We quickly finished our lunch and went back to the car to continue our day. Jess still owed me two favours while it was obvious she was not done having fun with me for the day. It was afternoon and many people were around everywhere so we could not do any naughty stuff, so we decided to go shopping. I donated 10 points to Jess as she needed something proper to go shopping at least. So she wore the same mini skirt for 20 points and the white t-shirt for 20, while I just wore that long white tee for 60 points. This way, both of us were effectively covered but still showing our stuff as Jess's boobs could be seen clearly through the shirt and I looked as good as naked with that translucent shirt. The fun thing is, no one can say that we were exposing ourselves indecently as we are wearing clothes!

So we made our way to one of the shopping centres in town (shan't say where :p) and Jess parked her car at the basement. There, we just shopped like how we did normally and ignored the awkward stares casted at us by some passers-by. As both our t-shirts were really thin, they became almost transparent as when we stood under strong light! After shopping for awhile, we got tired of the stares and decided to go and watch a movie. We decided to catch We Bought A Zoo as it was about the begin and quickly went into the cinema. We chose the backrow seats so that nobody could see us clearly. The moment the movie started, I took off my t-shirt and sat naked, Jess followed suit and both of us stayed naked at the back, watching the movie.

The movie turned out to be really really boring and after the first hour, Jess fell asleep. I took this opportunity to take away her clothes from her hands and hide them at the corner of the row under the last seat! As the movie was about to end, Jess woke up and panicked when she couldn't find her clothes. Then, she realised that I had hidden them so she just snatched my t-shirt away from my hands and put it on! Now I was the one in trouble. The movie ended at that moment and the lights came on! I quickly ran to the last seat and put on the clothes as fast as I could. So now, I had switched clothing with Jess -_-

Of course the change in clothing wasn't good for either of us. Jess had bigger boobs and a bigger butt so her curves could be seen even more obviously in the long t-shirt. As for me, I was taller than Jess and the skirt proved to be really useless as my butt cheeks peeked out from the bottom. So now, we attracted even more attention. We quickly went back to the car, and discussed where to go and what to do next. The problem was that it was evening already and everywhere would be crowded so we couldn't do anything naughty without attracting too much attention! So, we decided to go home first and save the naughtiness for the night!

Back at Jess's house, we showered again and this time I remembered to get a towel first. After that, we just sat in the living room naked and watching TV. We decided to order pizza in for dinner. While waiting for the pizza, we decided to strip wrestling! The loser would have to collect the pizza naked! So each of us would be fully dressed in t-shirt, shorts, bra and panties and we would 'wrestle' and aim to strip the other player. The loser would be whoever ended up naked first! And biting, scratching etc were not allowed.

So both of us dressed up in bra and panties and t-shirt and FBT shorts, and brought down the mattresses from her bedroom and laid them in the living room to form an 'arena'. And the fight begins! Jess just went straight for a dive at my shorts but I managed to dodge in time so she fell onto the ground. I took the opportunity to grab the waistband of her shorts and tugged them downward! The shorts went to her knees and she pushed me away, grabbing my shirt and trying to pull it over my head! I kept my head down to prevent the shirt from going over and continued working on her shorts and I managed to pull them off! Round one to me :) But, there was no time to celebrate and I immediately targeted her panties. I had to reach further to her waistband and that gave Jess the opportunity to remove my t-shirt! I did not have time to care as I tugged as hard as I could at her panties while she tried to kick me away. At the same time, I could feel that she was trying to undo my bra at the back! In a bit of cheating, I tickled her and she flinched so I quickly pulled her panties off her feet! Now Jess was bottomless! However, she immediately retaliated by finishing her job and taking my bra off. So now I was topless while she bottomless. This was a problem as tops are harder to remove than bottoms.

I then went for a tackle on Jess to make her fall down and lifted her legs up above her body so that her butt and pussy were now in the air! She just kept holding on to my shorts waistband and tugging. I put my hand into her shirt from the bottom and tried to unhook her bra from within. Suddenly, Jess just pushed me off and before I could recover, grabbed me by the legs. She lifted my legs and bent down to grab my shorts and panties at one go, removing them! I had lost! Jess did a celebratory cheer and we just sat on the sofa to rest. Within 10 minutes, the doorbell rang and we knew it was the pizza man. I took the money and went out to get the pizza. The moment I opened the door, I saw the pizzaman at the gate and he was quite shocked to see me naked. I then opened the gate for him! So dangerous haha. He passed me the pizza and I passed him money but it wasn't over as I still had to stand there and wait for him to count the money! After he counted the money, I just smiled and thanked him like nothing happened and locked the gate and went back into the house. We quickly had our dinner and continued to watch TV.