Friday, 6 January 2012


Happy New Year (:

Last week, Jess's parents were overseas, so she invited me over to her house for a stayover. Time for naughty things!

When I reached Jess's house in the morning she had just woken up and she opened the door and came out naked to open the gate for me since nobody was at home and she had the habit of sleeping naked just like me! I was quite shocked at first but she went back to her room and put on a green thong and a white T-shirt which didn't really help since her huge nipples were rather visible through the thin layer of the shirt.

After settling down, I took off my jeans too as it was rather uncomfortable and the two of us just sat in the living room in our shirts and thongs watching tv. After a while we got bored and decided to go out. I suggested that we choose for each other what we are going to wear outside from the clothes in her wardrobe and she agreed. What a chance to get back at her for the other day!

Jess was nice and she chose for me to wear the black thong that I was already wearing and light pink tube top  plus a really short mini skirt. She made me remove my bra too! I then chose for her a really small pair of mini shorts that she usually only wears at the beach and the white top that she was already wearing and I told her that she wasn't allowed to wear any underwear! Of course she protested and she only agreed when I took off my thongs too.

After a while I realised it was a big mistake since me and Jess were not exactly the same size. I was taller then her so the skirt became even shorter on me and I could see my butt and pussy rather clearly when I bent over. Also, her boobs were actually bigger than mine plus I wasn't wearing a bra so the tube top was quite loose and kept slipping down. But I couldn't go back on the agreement and Jess was having her own problems as her white shirt was actually quite translucent and the shorts were so small and tight that u can see abit of her butt crack coming out abit of her butt peeking out from the bottom of the shorts.

To take it further, we decided to take the MRT along the green line to town. On the train, many people we staring at us, especially the older ones with their disapproving looks and the teenagers who opened their eyes wide and were enjoying themselves. It was so embarassing! But we just tried our best to ignore them and talk among ourselves. There were two available seats at the corner of the train and we went to sit down. I got a shock at first when I felt the cold seat touch my bare butt! but after awhile it's actually quite comfy (:

Soon, we reached City Hall while enduring the stairs and made our way out. Since it was a weekend, the place was really crowded and we were able to keep out of the spotlight. But when the crowd dispersed, the stares started coming back. We walked along Citylink to Suntec and the usual stares from random people. Jess was actually blushing while I was secretly enjoying it hehe.

We then went for lunch at a restaurant and the waiter couldn't stop staring! Especially at Jess's big boobs that were peeking through her top. I didn't forget to take my revenge for the other day! I pretended to reach over to her side of her table and 'accidentally' knocked over her glass of water onto her shirt! That made her white shirt totally transparent and the cold made her nipples erect. The sudden shock made her scream too and people around us turned over to see her boobs and nipples in full view :p

Jess was red all over! And I immediately felt bad so I quickly brought her to the nearest toilet to avoid all the attention. Jess was so angry with me but soon laughed it off and we went back to the restaurant for our lunch, her shirt more transparent than ever. I knew she always secretly enjoyed it!

After lunch, we continued to walk around window shopping but there wasn't much to buy so we just sat down at a cafe to talk. My skirt was really short and I could see a guy sitting opposite staring between my legs as I sat down with his eyes wide open. So I decided to tease him a little more by sitting with my legs apart, exposing my bare pussy to him and his friends! So dangerous haha. But after a while I got shy and closed by legs together again. While buying drinks, my coin pouch actually fell! My first instinct was to bend over and pick up the coins, which exposed my butt to everyone behind me and someone even gasped! Then I realised what happened and frantically picked up the coins and then acted like nothing happened.

After the long day, we decided to head back to Jess's house. On the MRT, it was really crowded and there were no seats available. As I had to hold on to the handles on the ceiling to keep my balance, I forgot to check my loose top and it was slipping down slowly without me noticing. After a sudden jerk by the train, my boobs just popped out! But my one hand was holding on to the handle and the other was holding on to the shopping bags so I couldn't do anything at all! I just quickly held up the bags to hide my boobs and tried to adjust my top.

We finally reached home and it was already 6 plus, we took turns to shower and changed into normal clothes.  We ordered pizza for dinner and watched TV till quite late. After that, we were both very tired and decided to sleep. OF course I had plans of my own >:D

I waited till I was really sure that Jess was fast asleep, then proceeded with my plan. The plan was to strip Jess in her sleep! She was wearing a one piece spaghetti strap dress and a blue thong underneath without bra. Of course her usual habit was to sleep naked but she didn't today since I was around so I shall help her with that (:

First I slowly removed her blanket over her. This was quite difficult as part of the blanket was under her and I had to very slowly pull it out without waking her up. Thankfully she was sleeping really soundly probably because of the long day we had. After that, I lifted up the top of her dress and i could see her huge breasts clearly! So exciting hehe. I pulled down her left strap slowly along her shoulder and exposed her left boob, followed by the right. It was so tempting to squeeze her big boobs hard but I had to resist it!

Then, I began to lift her dress up from the bottom. Had to do this slowly and carefully because the back part of the dress was under the weight of her big butt tsk. Slowly but surely, I lifted it all the way up to her waist above her belly button and even squeezed her butt without her noticing! Her thong had already ridden up into her butt crack and I could easily shift it between her legs to see her pussy haha.

To remove her thong, I had to first pick it from between her butt crack so that she wouldn't feel it being tugged downward. Then I slowly pulled down the sides as her butt crack got gradually exposed! Suddenly, she moved and I freaked out! But she was still asleep and she changed from a foetal position to face the front of her body upwards. I took the opportunity to slip the thong off her legs and to complete the job, shifted her crumpled up dress downward in the same way. I had to also remove the straps from her arms and eventually she was fully naked!

After a silent cheer of accomplishment I decided to tease her abit hehe. I slowly spread her legs apart and expose her pussy! Apparently she had shaven not long ago and I could clearly see her lips and I played with them for awhile and saw Jess getting slightly aroused in her sleep. I was getting a little aroused myself and I went to get a cigarette and pushed it into her vagina! But I didn't push it too inside as I lighted it after that. Didn't want to burn her pubic hair :p I then went to take a few pictures of the naked Jess asleep and her vagina smoking.

The long day and adrenaline rush was beginning to get to me and I decided to go back to sleep. LEAVING JESS NAKED! I removed the cigarette of course or it would burn her.

In the morning, I was woken up by an angry Jess who was still naked and tugging at my clothes trying to remove them. By the time I realised what she was doing, I was already naked and proudly showed her the pictures that I took the previous night with my handphone hehe. Well, that made her more pissed and she only calmed down when I agreed to delete the pictures. But I secretly kept the clearest picture as a sexy souvenir of what happened :p I also promised to do anything that she requests for the rest of the day. Will post about what happened in the next day the next time!

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